Feng shui courses 2011

Watch out for upcoming courses and conferences – see a selected list below:-

January 15th “ 9 star Ki, Feng Shui and Creating the Year Ahead”
To mark the beginning of the new year – Jan 1st in the western world and Feb 3rd (this year) in the east, we are taking a look at what to expect from the year ahead.
During this class we will look at our individual energy signature and the way we enter into a different type of energy each year over a cycle of 9 years. Learn what your personal energy is for this year and how to ride on the wave of that energy—going with the flow rather than swimming against the tide.
We look at how we can enhance specific areas of your home to energize particular areas of your life using your 9 star ki as our guide.
Finally we create a vision board to copper fasten our intentions for the year ahead. Create clarity for yourself on what would bring you joy and ignite your passion for life and then literally draw it in!
February 5th 2011 WORLD FENG SHUI DAY. This is a world-wide event aimed at enriching and empowering millions of lives throught the awareness and application of feng shui. Join me for a feng shui coffee morning at my home where you can bring along your feng shui queries and have them answered and discussed by fellow feng shui enthusiasts.
February 6th 2011 Feng Shui and Soul Coaching Day. Join Edel Cleary of Feng Shui Design and Paula Hughes of Oak Whispers for this unique opportunity to explore the ancient wisdom of feng shui and the powerful tool that is soul coaching. For the very first time these two extraordinary fields are presented in one life changing workshop. Venue- Dunboyne Castle. Your investment €95 for full day incl. lunch and refreshments. For further details see below
Feb 12th 2011 Space Clearing—learn how to cleanse and enhance the energy of your home. Remove any negative or draining energy and create an enlivened and enlivening environment. Includes making your own space clearing mist
April 9th 2011 Feng Shui for entrances and bedrooms—find our your best directions to face while sleeping and working and how best to enhance these very important areas of your home. the importance of symbolism and furniture placement in your home, including the use of colour in feng shui, colour psychology and colour and health.
All Courses:-
You will need:- a plan of your home, your date of birth and those of your immediate family (for certain classes), pen and paper to take notes and a sense of adventure!
Venue:- 4 Shielmartin Drive, Sutton, Dublin 13.
When:- Saturday mornings unless otherwise stated above 10am to 1pm. Limited to 8 participants.
Your investment:- Saturday morning classes €40 including notes and light refreshments

Feng shui courses 2011
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