The subject for this month is CHANGE.

It’s a peculiarity of the human condition that we experience such discomfort around change. Most of us don’t like it—even when we know it will bring much needed relief from our current situation, we have a “better the devil you know” mentality about it!

Yet, the one certainty in life is that everything changes. Dawn will change into morning, into noon, into evening, into night and so, back to dawn again. Childhood into puberty and adulthood and so on….We have no control over it, it simply is a fact of life.

Feng shui is based upon the teachings of the I Ching—the book of change—a 6,000 year old text which studies man and nature over time. “Essentially the I Ching identifies patterns of universal energy at work within the world. It reflects the belief that the world is in a state of ceaseless flux or change. Everything is constantly evolving, being born, growing, reaching maturity, decaying and dying. The world is always changing, in complex but orderly and rhythmic patterns.” The I Ching workbook by Roger Green.

The aim with feng shui is to mirror the dynamic balance found in nature i.e. ever-changing and moving balance—the dance of life.

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