Holistic Home – Space Clearing

Holistic Home

I am  currently reading “Holistic Home” by Maxine Fox, published by Findhorn Press. It is a thoroughly excellent read. In it the author discusses the connection between us and our homes “the subtle yet profound impact that the home environment has on our physical and emotional being tends to be overlooked by many,….in truth it is in the realm of interaction (rather than aesthetics) that the alchemy of turning a house into a home really happens”.  I held a space clearing and clutter clearing class last week, in which the participants  were led on  a guided meditation/journey during which they developed their awareness of the energy of their spaces. All were very much taken by this deep intuitive connection between each of us and our environment. How some spaces feel immediately comfortable and others make us feel like leaving again. This first step of acknowledging how we feel in a space, is fundamental to the application of feng shui and space clearing to our space. First analysing what is and then deciding what needs to change. A great morning was had by all, and everyone left with the tools necessary to make positive changes to their environments and as a result their lives when they went home.

Holistic Home – Space Clearing
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