who moved my cheese?

Feng shui is about constantly analyzing where we are in life, what we are evolving into and utilizing our environments to effect positive change in each area of our lives as appropriate at that time. The idea is to spot change as it approaches, and go with the flow rather than swimming against the tide when the current changes and wondering why things suddenly seem to have gotten more difficult!

I read a terrific little book last week called “Who moved my cheese?” by Dr Spencer Johnson. It takes 1 hour to read and is an absolute gift to yourself if you are going through a time of change that you are finding difficult.

In this little book you get to view four characters and how they adapt (or not) to change. The wisdom in these pages is profound. The idea is that the quicker you let go of the old (way of being, relationship, job, family situation etc.), the sooner you will find the new. The idea is to enjoy the adventure of the search rather than resisting letting go of what is no longer appropriate.

who moved my cheese?
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