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A place to call home – Edel’s new book

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A full colour 256 page guidebook which covers all aspects of holistic feng shui design: Layout, orientation, colour, lighting, feng shui and living in harmony with nature, scent, natural living and space clearing. Asking the question what makes a house a home? In this book, Edel teases apart the theory to uncover practical and very accessible ways to deeply connect to our own innate sense of what home means for each of us, our own perfectly unique expression. Blending feng shui with modern interior design is the way to cultivate a space where you can be you – a place that truly feels like home.

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Feng shui foundation training and workshops

Edel runs FSS UK approved foundation level courses in feng shui design. She also offers various morning classes to focus on particular areas of feng shui and discovering your own elemental signature and personalising the application of feng shui to your home and workplace. Her courses are available both online and in-person. Edel provides presentations to groups offering insight into how feng shui, colour, holistic design and healthy homes information can be applied in a practical and easy way to your home and workplaces.

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Feng shui consultations in Dublin, Ireland
Edel provides holistic feng shui design consultations taking in feng shui, healthy homes, feng shui astrology, space clearing and geopathic stress clearing, where necessary. She makes a full analysis of your space, consulting with you on what is working and what needs adjustment and provides a full written report as your guide to implement her recommendations afterward. Whether you wish to have a full holistic feng shui design consultation or a simple colour consultation, Edel is very happy to work with you to create a home that supports and uplifts your energy.

Edel is a fully accredited feng shui consultant FSSA IFSG.

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Feng shui blog

Feng shui design blog
Edel writes a regular blog on feng shui design focusing on various aspects from colour, healthy homes, application of feng shui for specific areas, space clearing, clutter clearing and natural living. Keeping the energy of her posts light and informative, there is always a take-away that you can apply straight away to your home or office to achieve a greater sense of harmony and balance. Sign up for Edels regular newsletter for the latest news courses, recommended reading and much more.

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Feng shui benefits for you: for working and living

Feng shui offers many benefits for your workplace and home

Feng shui design incorporating both feng shui and modern interior design like the lucky feng shui 9 fish image above, always seeks to achieve a balance between yin and yang: abundant activity and space to breathe and be calm. Using colour, material finishes, imagery, ornamentation and furniture placement, feng shui design involves a more detailed balancing of the energy of the occupant with the energy of their living and working environments. The intention is to achieve dynamic balance, which can grow and evolve as you do. Find out more about benefits of feng shui

Your feng shui interior designer

Edel Cleary (FSNI, FSSA) is a fully qualified and accredited Interior Designer and Professional Feng Shui Consultant.

Edel trained in Interior Design at the Dublin Institute of Design and is a graduate of the practitioner's programme of Feng Shui at the Feng Shui Network International in London, U.K.

Edel has more than 20 years experience working in interior design and feng shui.

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