A place to call home, feng shui design, a guidebook for design, connection and belonging


What makes a house a home? Is it the location, the building proportions, the furnishings, colours, smells, the people who share the space? Or could it be something deeper – a sense of belonging, of the space feeling like it’s made for you?

As an experienced interior designer, feng shui practitioner and health therapist, Edel has found that even in the most “picture perfect” settings people can feel alienated or disconnected from their environments. “I don’t feel like the house is mine” or “I can’t put my finger on it, but something doesn’t work here” is often the refrain.


Feng shui design - designing a place to be you

A place to call home, feng shui design, a guidebook for design, connection and belonging

With chapters on : 

  • Creating a space to be you with a sense of belonging and acceptance; what does “home” mean to you? Does your own home reflect and support every aspect of that?
  • Harnessing the energy of your home; looking at all aspects of its design – location, form, orientation, layout, proportion, scale, balancing unity and variety to create interest. 
  • Hidden in plain sight; imagery, mirrors and ornamentation – how everything we surround ourselves with in our homes is in constant conversation with us, impacting on our energy.
  •  Work the room; a room-by-room analysis and advice including special attention to the home office in terms of layout, furnishings, colour, clutter, stressors and atmosphere. Outdoor spaces are also included here. 
  • Flying colours. Colour energetics and colour in interior design; our emotional response to colour, colour and health, how colour effects how we experience spaces, its visual “weight”. We run through the seven colour spectrum exploring each colour in turn. Finishing with exploring colour in interior design, colour and light and how each colour impacts an interior. 
  • The scent of home. The intentional use of scent to cleanse and uplift atmospheres; from incense to essential oils, scent has been utilised over the millennia to purify and enhance living and working spaces. To imbue them with atmosphere and also to improve the general health and well-being of the occupants. We take a detailed look at how this works and how we can easily harness this very powerful sense to create balance and harmony in our homes and our lives. 
  • Living in harmony with nature; Feng shui examines the harmony and balance found in nature and mirrors this into our built environments by creating a flow of the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal throughout. This mirrors the cyclical flow of energy in nature, ensuring that there are spaces to expand our energy and be joyful and creative and others to feel more relaxed, tucked-in, calm and enfolded. 
  • The Balanced home; Practical application of feng shui- feng shui provides us with an energetic prism through which to view our homes. There is an energetic connection between each area of our homes and the various energies in our lives. For example relationships harmony, creativity, life-path, family, abundance, recognition and clarity and health and balance. We go through the application of this process with a practical, easy to apply approach. 
  • Healthy home=healthy body; in our modern world there are many aspects of our built environments which our bodies find stressful. We run through some of these and easy practical remedies to mitigate for them. Space clearing; Over time everything that happens in a space builds up an atmosphere which hangs in the air like psychic cobwebs. In this chapter we explore practical and easy to follow methods to cleanse and uplift the atmosphere of our homes so that they feel supportive and uplifting. 
  • Connecting heart and home; Creating a home to feed all of the senses; sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and our sixth sense of connection and belonging. 
  • Natural home; recipes to get you started!
The balanced home mirroring the balance and harmony found in nature.

Mirroring the dynamic balance and flow of energy visible in the cycle of the seasons into our homes allows us to feel a deeper sense of connection and belonging.


In this book, Edel teases apart the theory to uncover practical and very accessible ways to deeply connect to our own innate sense of what home means for each of us, our own perfectly unique expression. Blending feng shui with modern interior design is the way to cultivate a space where you can be you – a place that truly feels like home.

Earth kind 256 page full colour book printed in Dublin on 100% recycled paper in matte finish.

Book Reviews

“We are all spending more time at home than ever (thanks, Covid!), so it makes sense that we create a space that helps our souls sing. This book, by Edel Cleary will help you do just that. First off, it is stunning in design (perfect Xmas gift!!). Secondly, its made with 100% recycled paper (yes to environmentally conscious authors!!). Thirdly and most importantly, this book will change the way you live. Edel combines her interior design background with her feng shui (and holistic) training to help you add more YOU to those four walls you’ve been staring at for the last two years. She will help you create A Place to Call Home… Believe me, it is worth EVERY penny (cent)!” Elaine ONeill 


“What a beautifully written and informative book.  A breath of fresh air in the feng shui world of books.  The combination of feng shui and modern interior design helps you understand how to arrange your environment to bring in connection and a sense of belonging to your home.  In addition Edel shares some wonderful holistic practices which help you connect further to your home along with enhancing your sense of wellbeing.

I would recommend this book to everyone, from those starting their journey into feng shui to professional feng shui consultants.

Thank you Edel, your book is amazing.” 

Jackie Tyrrell accredited feng shui consultant.


A place to call home feng shui design guidebook

A place to call home, feng shui design guidebook for design, connection and belonging


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