Creativity – tapping into your sense of joyful creativity in the garden

7. Lake – creativity/joy

Continuing our series on feng shui for the garden. (This is the West sector of your property if applying the compass school approach or the middle right hand sector as you enter your property from the street if you are using the BTB western school of feng shui.) See my blog-post on setting the bagua for your home for more information on this – you simply apply the same information onto the plot your home sits on in the same way you apply the bagua to the floorplan of your home.

Joyful reflection and celebration

Also known as “lake” in the I-Ching, the essence here is of joyful reflection on the past, celebration and looking to the future. This energy has an association with creativity of all kinds from arts and crafts which you create yourself and also with children. 

This energy represents imagination, the arts, music and anything which gives us pleasure. 

It carries the essence of lake energy and the element of metal. It is an area to express your creativity in any form. 

This area represents our sensory organs – taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing. In particular fragrant blossoms, glistening ponds and melodious music enhance the essence of lake.

Having some fun; enjoying the fruits of your labour

Metal energy is associated with harvest – reaping what you have sown and enjoying the fruits of your labour. Perhaps grow something in this part of the garden which you can harvest and bring into your home – beautiful flowers or fruits and veggies for example. This will encourage you to harvest the fruits of your labour and create wonderful supportive meals for yourself and your family. 

The addition of white, silver, metallics and metal objects will introduce the essence of metal energy as will  rounded shapes and arches in design and layout.  

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Keep this part of the garden free from clutter to allow creativity to flow.
  • Introduce the metal element in the form of rounded shapes, arches, domes or metallic and reflective surfaces.
  • Introduce the supportive element of earth in the form of stone paving or stone sculpture to ground this energy in.  
  • Introduce beautifully scented plants with white flowers (Jasmin for example) to stimulate your senses.
  • Introduce design elements and planting which you find particularly beautiful and luxurious, which bring you joy by the memory they evoke or by their appearance or scent. 
  • This area has an association with lake therefore this is a wonderful part of the garden to introduce a pond or reflection pool.
  • Think “beauty for its own sake” in this part of the garden – what will inspire you to be more creative in your own life? 
  • Add some beautiful sounds to this part of the garden with tuned wind chimes
  • Make room for quiet contemplation to enjoy the fruits of  your labour here. Surrounding yourself in a metal arbour for example, with beautifully scented plant which flower or add interest at different times of the year.


  • Allow this part of the garden to become overgrown or cluttered – allow it to feel fresh and inspiring. 
  • Over-emphasise the fire element here(reds/purples/red-orange in planting, actual fire in the form of fire pits or lighting) as the fire element will reduce or diminish the impact of metal.

Helpful friends, mentors and guides – feng shui garden continued

Continuing our journey around the feng shui garden, we now move into the first of the metal energy areas.

6.Helpful friends/mentors/guides 

(This is the Northwest sector of your property if applying the compass school approach or the front right hand sector as you enter your property from the street if you are using the BTB western school of feng shui.) See my blog-post on setting the bagua for your home for more information on this – you simply apply the same information onto the plot your home sits on in the same way you apply the bagua to the floorplan of your home.

 Associated with the yang archetypal “father energy” or heavens energy; contracting, holding and supportive energy. The I ching symbol associated with this energy is:- Heaven, “the creative” and is symbolic of pure yang energy, creation and the divine. In feng shui terms it is also associated with considering the well being of others and our environment, mutual support and guidance. Gratitude is key here

Support and guidance

This area represents visible and invisible means of support, philanthropy and also our willingness to help others. 

The element here is metal whose contracting and holding nature is associated with round, spherical and dome shapes in design. Planting in this area will ideally reflect this contained  gathering-in energy. 

Creating a little bit of “heaven” on earth.

The colours associated with the metal element are metallics,  white and silver; the season of autumn and the physical feature of the sky are also useful to support the essence of this energy. Reflection pools or features which reflect the sky are very useful to draw “heaven onto earth” in this part of the garden. 

Creating a round seating space, for example, where you can sit and gather with your close friends would suit this energy perfectly. Guidance and support from friends, good neighbours and “angels” in our life are connected to this energy. 

Another welcome addition to this part of the garden would be to  include some metallic garden decor, such as a metal dome shaped arbour or round metallic decorative elements, for example.
The yang essence of heavens energy is also associated with motion which makes this a good area in which, to celebrate your travels. We can “draw in” heavens energy by introducing a reflective pool or feature. 


Metal energy is associated with harvest – reaping what you have sown and enjoying the fruits of your labour. Introducing a dome shaped polytunnel, if you feel so inclined, will introduce this energy of reaping what you sow in life and remind you to acknowledge your gratitude for the abundance available to you in life in a tangible way. 

To boost the energy here you could add the supportive element- earth,  in the form of stone paving or statuary or low, square, deeply cushioned garden seating, for example. 

Do’s and Don’ts for this area of the garden


  • Do create a sense of gathering or drawing in of the energy here; a round table or rounded patio area for example. 
  • Include elements which feel supportive or which remind you that you are supported from spirit and by friends and family
  • Include plants with white/silver foliage or flowers
  • Include metallic decorative elements in furniture or decor


  • Allow clutter to build up in this part of the garden
  • Over-emphasise the fire element here(reds/purples/red-orange in planting, actual fire in the form of fire pits or lighting) as the fire element will reduce or diminish the impact of metal. 


Feng Shui Design for the Garden part 6 – abundance and blessings

Feng Shui Design Foundation Level Training Weekend Workshop 1st and 2nd October

Area 4 of the Bagua is associated with abundance and blessings of all kinds. This is the South-east sector of your garden (if using compass school feng shui) or the rear left hand sector as you look in from the street (if taking the 3 door gate approach).

The I ching symbol associated with this energy is:- SUN

SUN – connected with the vibration of wind which is by its very nature etheric. It represents the discipline to sow the seeds of success in orer to grow and create a self-renewing crop of abundance. The gentle warm breeze or winds of change bring with them untold blessings.

Abundance and Blessings

This part of the bagua is associated with having and being conscious of our good fortune in every area of our lives.

 A bamboo plant can be a welcome addition here, black bamboo brings in the dual aspect of wood in terms of its vertical emphasis and water in terms of its stem colour. 

Willow holds the same type of upward and outward growth and associated with the festival of Bealtaine and the blossoming of new growth.

Water sustains the wood element and is therefore a significantly  beneficial element to add here too. Trailing plants around the base of the bamboo shown here, symbolise the flowing, moving essence of the water element. 

Water features are also a supportive addition to add energy and vitality and to enhance and nourish the wood element here. 


Wooden wind chimes and wind ornaments will add energy and vitality in all seasons. 

Wind ornaments which move in the breeze will encourage movement and so chi or energy into this part of the garden.

Bird baths and bird feeders will encourage wildlife to invigorate the energy in this part of the garden keeping the energy here fresh and vital throughout the year. 

If placing a birdbath in this part of the garden, keep the birdbath clean and the water clear and replenish it with fresh water regularly to ensure that the energy here is not allowed to stagnate.

True balance is always evolving, growing, receding and beginning again. Create some seasonal interest with planting in this area of the garden so that the colours and foliage change with the seasons, reminding you to go with the flow.

Do’s and Don’ts for this area of the garden


  • Keep this area free from clutter i.e do not allow it to become a dumping ground or use this area as a compost heap
  • Leave some open space for air circulation and to invite in fresh vibrant chi
  • Plant vibrant plants and trees with a vertical emphasis
  • Add a succession of seasonal plants which will keep the energy here vibrant and renewed throughout the year.
  • Add some wind ornaments to move/circulate the chi here
  • Add a water feature here as water feeds or nourishes the growth of the wood element and will support future growth and abundance. If the water feature has a directional flow, ensure the water is flowing toward your home and not draining away from it. This represents abundant blessings flowing into your life.


  • Allow the energy in this part of the garden to become stagnant or heavy
  • Introduce the metal element which curbs the growth of wood or tree energy
  • overemphasise the fire element which drains the energy of wood or tree.

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A place to call home book

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Feng Shui Design for the Garden part 5 – Family tree energy

Feng Shui Design Foundation level training weekend workshop October 1st and 2nd

Wood/Tree Energy for the Garden- there are two wood energy areas, lets start with family tree energy. 

giant redwood tree energy

                          wood/tree energy

Chen – This energy is associated with family, community, action, motivation and the pursuit of our goals.

Think of the energy of spring, upward and outward growth, bursting with possibility. However, a tree can only grow to the same extent as it can deepen and spread its roots into the earth. This sense of rooted connection is associated with family, origins, community and our lineage. 

In honouring and caring for this area we when stabilise our energy and our support system for new growth and vitality. 

Celestial animal and bamboo

The celestial animal associated with this energy is the green dragon which is almost “puppy-like” in its sense of youthful exuberance. It represents the excitement of the energy of the forthcoming new growth during springtime, possibility, new beginnings and delight in the new.

In the East, bamboo is considered to be the epitome of this energy as it grows quickly spreads its roots vigorously, it is flexible, bends with the breeze and is very strong and supple allowing it to withstand all weathers.  

Celtic lore around wood/tree energy

The Celtic culture holds trees in very high esteem with each tree having its own significance in terms of energy and lore. for example:-

Pine is perhaps the most ancient genus of trees living on the earth and is associated with longevity and coming into our centre. In Celtic lore it is the “birth tree”. The European druids built great fires with pine and yew at the winter solstice to welcome back the sun and new beginnings for the year ahead. It is said to encourage objectivity, allowing us to take in the “big picture”.

Rowan, also called “lady of the mountains”  has an association with the Goddess Brighid and springtime, heralding fresh new growth for the year ahead. It is a sacred tree and a symbol of mother natures hidden mysteries and the reawakening of life in spring. It represents creativity, vitality and spiritual strength.

hawthorn and bluebells in blook

Hawthorn and bluebells

Hawthorn has a deep association with the faery world and is said to heal the heart and release negativity. Her flowers in spring mark the end of winter and celebrate renewal of life, love and new beginnings. It is said to invoke the blessings of the faery folk. 

Read more about feng shui design for your home and garden in “A Place to Call Home”

A place to call home feng shui design book

A place to call home, feng shui design, your guidebook for design, connection and belonging

Do’s and Don’ts for the family tree area of the garden


  • allow clutter of any sort building up here. i.e. anything unused or unloved, piles of garden waste etc. this will create stagnation.
  • overuse the metal element in this sector of the garden as it will diminish wood energy (metal ornaments and round or spherical shapes)
  • overuse the fire element which will drain wood energy i.e. actual fire in the form of a firepit for example, the colour red or fiery triangular shapes in design or planting


  • Keep this part of the garden well maintained
  •  If possible, plant a tree or group of trees with strong vertical growth to represent vitality and support. This could be a bamboo plant, or native tree such as Rowan or hawthorn for example. 
  • If you have limited space, plant some tall grasses or plants with a strong vertical emphasis.
  • Bulbs such as bluebells and hyacinths have a strong vertical emphasis and will introduce some energy and vitality in early spring and summer.
  •  Add the water element to enhance the energy of this area in the form of a water feature or blue flowering or trailing plants.


If you want to go all out you could create a giant green dragon topiary !

giant green dragon topiary hedge

John Brooker managed to trim his 20-feet high hedge into an artistic dragon and in the process succeeded to enroll it in the list of wonderful garden designs.

Image by Damien McFadden


Garden Feng Shui – Remedies for triangular plots

Feng Shui Design for Gardens

Triangular Plot – Remedied with Garden Mirrors

Triangular plots can constrict chi impacting on gathering in and holding on to abundance

Garden Mirrors

Mirrors are a useful inclusion in spaces where the chi is constricted. For example, if you have a triangular plot which narrows to the rear of the property. 

In this instance there is ample open space in the front of the property to invite in passing chi; however there is no room at the rear to hold on to or maintain and enjoy the chi/abundance. Triangles represent fire energy which is extreemly yang and ungrounded/unstable – think of a firework; here one minute, gone the next.  

In this the case the occupants reported that while they are busy and in demand, with money coming in, they cannot seem to hold onto it. As a result they never feel they have sufficient to their needs. They reported that they felt constantly overwhelmed and unsupported. In this instance, a very helpful solution is to balance the shape of the plot by creating a  sense of space at the rear by making it appear wider with the use of clever planting, lighting and mirrors. Lush planting can then appear doubled. Illuminating the space at night will allow light to be reflected into an otherwise narrow and constricted space. 

In the image above  it appears as though there is a “secret garden” beyond the fence, this draws interest and chi to this part of the garden, opening the space up and giving it a greater sense of vitality. A corresponding sense of balance, space and abundant growth is then reflected into the lives of the occupants.

Learn more about feng shui design for your home and garden at our upcoming foundation level weekend 

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Feng shui design for the garden – relationships harmony

Feng Shui Design for the Garden - Jasmin





The relationships harmony area

(South West if using compass school/rear right hand side of plot if using Western approach)

This is the area associated with KUN mother earth energy. It is associated with the divine feminine whose energy may be described as elegant, devoted, loyal, kind and supportive.

Earth Energy

Earth energy is stabilising, nurturing, grounding and connecting in its energy. The earth element may be introduced in the form of stone, marble, terracotta, crystals and low square shapes in design. The colour yellow is also associated with this element. Pinks and some reds and purples (fire) can be added here to stimulate the energy if you feel it needs revitalising.

feng shui design relationships harmony statue

Ornaments, Planting and Flowers

  • Stone ornamentation which symbolises loving connection will work perfectly to enhance this part of the garden.
  • A good addition here would be a pair of stone pots with some yellow or pink flowers. Roses for example, are often associated with companionship, love and devotion.
  • A bench or garden seating with some scented planting will provide an inviting nook for you to sit and enjoy the garden with your partner. The addition of some soft cushions and throws will enhance the nurturing, gently enfolding nature of this energy. 
  • Jasmin would be a wonderful addition here providing a wonderful scent in the evening – its scent is said to warm the heart and balance our energy. 
  • Thinks soft, loving energy in this part of the garden.

Things to avoid

  • Avoid spiky plants which can create prickly energy.
  • Avoid overuse of the wood & water element – strong vertical emphasis/water features
  • Introduce a small amount of fire energy to infuse the space with warmth and passion – don’t overdo it, remember a small amount goes a long way! EG the colour red, orange, pink or actual fire in the form of a firepit, for example.
  • If there is already too much heat and not enough light in your relationship, i.e.if things tend to get overheated as it is, then simply use the earth element and some gentle ambient lighting for gentle fire.


Learn more about how to apply Feng Shui Design to your home and garden at our Weekend Workshop

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Feng Shui for the Garden – Water energy and our Journey or Life-Path

In my last post I discussed how the bagua may be placed over the plot our home sits on which then gives us an extra layer of information to guide us as we apply feng shui to our outdoor rooms/gardens.

Now let’s focus on one particular area of the bagua.  

 1 The Journey – our lifepath and how things are flowing for us in our lives:

(North if using the compass school or middle front aligned to the entrance from the street, if using the Western approach to set the bagua) 

Water energy is useful here when we wish to create more movement and energy in this part of our lives. Clear out any fallen leaves or plants which have died back and make some space for new opportunities. If you feel you would like more of a sense of containment – if your journey feels a little “all over the place” and needs more direction you can add the metal element in the form of rounded or spherical shapes in design or decor and the colours white and silver. 

Water features

This water feature with three round bowls flowing into one another offers both movement and containment. If you are using a water with directional flow, always ensure to position it so that the water flows toward the home rather than away from it.

Water symbolises abundance; therefore we always want it flowing towards us rather than seeping away.



Feng shui design water turtleThe Turtle is associated with this energy in feng shui, representing a slow but steady pace, being at home on our journey through life. 

Planting in this part of the garden can include plants which tumble and flow, mimicking the moving energy of water.

The colours blue and black are used to symbolise the water element and white and silver may be used to represent the metal element which supports and contains the water element in the natural world. 


Particular plants which are useful include:-

Blue Cornflower which is a gentle medicinal plant often associated with regulating the water element within the body. 

Trailing plants in hanging baskets and pots are also useful here; eg: lobelia, ivy, trailing flowers and herbs, and even the humble chickweed which is a wonderful plant to offer support in times of transition and is an indicator of fertile, mineral rich soil. 



Pathways in this part of the property will ideally meander gently as opposed to racing through in straight lines. In Feng Shui we prefer a more gentle pace which is more controlled and easier to maintain.

The water element symbolises vitality, adaptability, flexibility, courage and our sense of adventure.


Learn more about Feng Shui Design for your home and garden – Foundation Level Weekend Workshop



Feng Shui for the Garden

With the beautiful weather we are experiencing here at the moment, we are spending a lot more time outdoors. This month take a closer look at what is happening in the garden and ways we can enhance the energy of our “outdoor rooms”. 

Feng Shui may be applied to the built environment and also to the plot that our home sits on. 

You can apply the Bagua to the outline of the plot in the same way that you can apply it to the floor plan itself. This will give you a view of how the energy is flowing on the land your home is settled on. For more information on how to align the bagua click here. Essentially you will choose to use the compass orientation or the entrance to your property to set the bagua.

The shape of the plot your home sits on is significant, as is the position of your home in the landscape. I have gone into more detail on this in chapter 2 of “A Place to Call Home” 

Plot shape

In general, it is considered best if the plot is symmetrical or  widens somewhat at the rear of the property. This allows energy and abundance to be held and enjoyed(often referred to as moneybags) before flowing away from the back of the property.

Where the plot is asymmetrical or cut off at the rear this is considered less auspicious. Enhancements may be put in place to rectify this.

First you analyse the shape of the plot and align the bagua to it, noticing which areas of the bagua are enhanced or may be diminished or even missing in your case. this will give you your starting point.

Letting Go, releasing what no longer serves & making space for joy

Feng Shui Design space clearing

The conscious use of scent to release energy and invite in positive chi

Much is made in feng shui about releasing clutter and creating space for something new to flow into our lives. 

The past 10 weeks have been a process of letting go for me. I embarked on a health and fitness program, took on a walking challenge and really got granular on what I was ready to release from my  life. 

Releasing Grief

I think we can all agree that the last two years in particular have brought up a lot of grief globally, covid and isolation and losing people we love along with war and social unrest has been overwhelming on a macro level even if we have been lucky enough to escape personally.


Having avoided it for over two years, I finally fell foul of the dreaded covid and I must say, I found it a real challenge. Of course the lungs and respiratory system is associated with grief in TCM so no surprise at all really that my body chose this moment to allow itself to really have a clear out.

Losing your sense of smell and taste

One of the more disconcerting symptoms of covid I experienced was a complete loss of my sense of smell and taste which was quite shocking – I use aromatherapy oils daily and most especially if feeling under the weather, so imagine my surprise when I realised that I couldn’t smell a thing!

I continued to treat myself with essential oils even though I could no longer smell them , I knew that their healing vibrational power was just as effective. Instead I visualised the trees and plants and imagined the scents as I inhaled them deeply. I took out my most diffusive oils (the ones with the strongest scents such as Ylang Ylang) and visualised standing in nature inhaling their scents. Slowly but surely my senses returned to normal and I am most grateful to be able to experience the healing scents of aromatherapy oils again.

The healing power of meditation

I have been thoroughly enjoying the week of meditation sessions which are being offered by  Davidji via zoom this past week, very timely to delve deep and clear out mentally and emotionally, getting ready to “coast into the second half of 2022”.

Space Clearing blend to release the past and invite in fresh vibrant energy

So now that I feel that I have let go on so many levels physically, mentally and emotionally, I am planning some space clearing to cleanse away the last vestiges of what has been released and make space to ease into the second half of 2022 ready to embrace all of the joy and happiness the rest of this year has to offer. 

The following oils have stepped forward to help with the process of releasing, transitioning and inviting in joy and balance:

Space Clearing Diffuser blend:-

2 drops Frankincense (boswellia carterii) : really relaxing and restorative and helps us to breathe more deeply. It offers immune support and encourages emotional healing. Its deep, resinous, balsamic and coniferous scent is at once comforting and familiar and also inspires a sense of the sacred. The name comes from the old French work Franc meaning free or pure, and the Latin Incensum meaning to “kindle”. So Frankincense means to “kindle freedom or purity”. According to Gabriel Mojay “Frankincense allows us to break free  from over attachment, let go of whatever is restricting us or holding us back , allowing our spirit to soar.”

3 drops Cypress (cupressus sempervirens): Excellent for grief, trauma and  overwhelm, this is a terrific oil when going through major life transitions. Its woody, resinous, smoky and balsamic notes made it very popular in ancient Greece and Rome and it is still widely used as a purification incense in Tibet. Cypress has been described as being like a friend holding your hand through difficult times. It encourages acceptance, and helps us to cope with change. It helps us to go with the flow of life. 

1 drop Ylang Ylang (cananga odorata) is a rich floral, highly diffusive oil which helps us to connect more deeply to ourselves which in turn enables us to connect to others. Deeply relaxing and heart calming, a small amount of this oil goes a long way. Its scent is tropical, smooth, sweet and has some spicy notes also. Ylang ylang is said to harmonise the body, mind and spirit. 

Flower oils have an affinity with the heart and with the fire element. They represent the fullest expression of the plant, as it opens itself up fully declaring “this is me”. According to Gabriel Mojay “Ylang ylang instils us with the sweetness of peaceful paradise…. it opens and centres us, allowing us to inwardly unify and so outwardly merge”.

To learn more about space clearing methods and essential oils for your home read my book “A Place to Call Home”

A place to call home book

A place to call home your guidebook to feng shui design, creating a deeper sense of connection and belonging

Feng Shui Design; Being in Balance at the Summer Solstice

The summer Solstice represents the mid-point of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere this brings the longest day of the year and the shortest night. At this, the most yang and expanded point of the year, it is very important to remain grounded, centered and balanced.

The central core of our living space is crucial to radiating balance and light into every area of our home. (See tips to enhance this area of your space below)

The Summer Solstice offers an important reminder for us to stop and take stock. Release what is no longer needed so that we can coast into the second half of 2022 open to all new possibilities and opportunities as they arise.

Tapping into the energy of 2022

As previously discussed, 2022 is a 5-energy year which marks the beginning and end of a cycle globally and encourages us to take stock. Like a “karmic report card” this year invites us to look at the consequences of our actions to date. Assess what we are happy with and what we can now change or let go of in favour of a new way of being.

Feng Shui for the centre of our home which represents health and unity:

  • This space offers us an opportunity to create focus and eliminate confusion.
  • Like the open palm of a hand ready to give and receive, this space is best kept as clear as possible.
  • Bring in light, bright elements (think of drawing in the sunshine) such as flowers and uplifting artwork.
  • Eliminate clutter which creates stagnation.
  • Create a bright and open space which will allow you to breath in new opportunities.
  • Physically, clean and clear this space often,  keeping the energy here “crystal clear”.
  • Eliminate stressors of any kind here, keep the energy healthy and vibrant.
  • Diffuse some immune supportive essential oils here (See some examples below)
  • Add some crystals to keep the energy clear and supportive (see examples below)

Essential oils to enhance the central core of your space at the Summer Solstice:-

Feng Shui Design essential oils for health and balance

German Chamomile: Associated with the sun and our solar plexus. Sweet and dry, its apple like scent is both calming and warming, offering support in times of difficulty.

Lemon: Fresh and crisp it clear out any sense of being stuck in a rut, stimulating our immune system, sharpening our focus and uplifting our mood. It opens us up to new possibilites.

Frankincense: Purifying and freeing, this oil encourages healing on all levels. It is both grounding and restorative and calming for our immune system .

Crystals to enhance the centre of our home

(Don’t forget if buying crystals from you can avail of a 25% discount by using the code edel25)


Shungite (Black)Shungite Cube Polished CUB812

This crystal is only found in Karelia, norther Russia and at least 2 billion years old and is thought to have come from a meteorite hit which created the crater in which Lake Onega and the shungite formed. It contains virtually all the minerals in the periodic table and is a rare carbon mineral, composed of fullerenes (buckyballs or buckytubes). Shungite absirbs whatever is hazardoues to health, be that pesticides, free radicals, bacteria, EMF, Microwave and other vibrational emissions. It boosts physical wellbeing and has a pwerful effect on the immune system. It is a powerful grounding stone that shields from environmental toxins and is believed to be a catalyst for positive change and growth. (Judy Hall)

The stone of Life/Elixir of Life, it is associated with longevity. Excellent for Electro Magnetic protection (wifi, mobile phones and so on). Shungite is a purifier stone and it also aligns the chakras. (

Tigers Eye

Amazing for detoxing and strengthening the solar plexus and the immune system. Combines earth and sun energies, raising our vibration while keeping us grounded. It is said to show us how to use our power correctly with integrity. It helps to clarify our intentions and assists in achieving goals.

Tigers eye helps to gather scattered information to make a coherent whole. It heals issues around self worth and blocked creativity, helping us to overcome our faults and recognise our talents. It is a yin-yang balancer and mood elevator. (Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible)

Tiger’s Eye is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. It can help to summon our inner strength and is both grounding and energising. In Crystal Healing, placing a Tiger’s Eye Point at the naval with the point facing away can help to expel feelings of insecurity and doubt. Facing the point towards the body can help to reinstate depleted reserves of energy (

A place to call home book

A place to call home your guidebook to feng shui design, creating a deeper sense of connection and belonging

For more information of feng shui design for your home read more in my book 

A Place to call Home

Feng Shui Design – using crystals to support your energy in your home

Tips On Using Crystals in Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui Design Crystals to support the energy of your home (photo taken by Dena Shearer)

Crystals are one of natures wonderful gifts of healing. I have used crystals in my home and practise for more than 30 years and I can attest to their transformational healing energy.

In this post, let’s focus on just a few which you may find useful in your own home.

Crystals for particular areas of the bagua

As we know, in terms of the 5 elements we associate crystals with earth energy.

The earth energy areas of our home are:

  • 2 (relationships harmony)
  • 5 (health and unity)
  • 8 (wisdom and spirituality).

Each of these three areas will benefit from the addition of particular healing crystals.

The two metal energy areas will also benefit from the addition of the earth element:

  • 6 (heavens energy/helpful friends)
  • 7(creativity and the future).

Follow the link if you need to know more about locating the areas of the bagua for your home.

Crystals for healing and balance

This year is a “5 energy year”. This means we need to focus a little more on balancing the centre of our spaces. Inviting in the balancing healing energy of “heaven” to the central core of our space will bring some balance to a year when we encounter “a karmic report card”. This is a time to remind ourselves of, and realign ourselves with, our souls purpose.

Selenite is a perfect high vibration crystal for this purpose It is an “angel crystal” and is also called the stone of peace. It is said to bring “a pillar of white light energy into the home where it sits” (quote from Elizabeth de Meester, owner of

What a perfect addition to the centre of our homes for this year!

Crystals to draw in heavens energy and angelic support

Selenite would obviously be a perfect addition to area 6. This area is associated with heavens energy, angels and support from above. I have placed a large round coaster sized piece of selenite in area 5 in my home for this year. I have also ordered a round “snowball” selenite candle holder to place in area 6. My intention being to draw in the energy of helpful friends for the coming year.

Crystals to support relationships harmony

Area 2 (relationships harmony) will benefit from rose quartz.  

This is the stone of unconditional love, teaching us the true essence of love.

Crystals to support inner wisdom and connection to spirit

Area 8 (wisdom and connecting to spirit) will also benefit from selenite. It is said to open up our crown chakra and allow us to access wisdom and guidance from above. I also recommend Amethyst for this area. It is an expremely powerful and protective stone which enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation. This area is also associated with transformation and the conception of all things. Therefore, black labradorite a stone of transformation would also be approprate.

Crystals to support creativity and open us up to the energy of joy and possibility

Finally, are 7 (creativity and opening up to the future) will benefit from citrine.  This is a joyful, abundant crystal. Sunstone is uplifting,  brings in the energy of the sun and is a stone of joy. Elizabeth at Crystal Earth also introduced me to a wonderful crystal called “lilac spirit quartz”.  She says this crystal is full of “sparkly, giggly fun”. Sounds perfect to awaken our inner child and support our creative energy!

25% discount on crystal purchases from Crystal Earth!

Elizabeth and the team at crystal earth can advise you on crystals for every area of your life. They have kindly offered a 25% discount to all of my readers. You can avail of this in-store, via whatsapp or online via their website.

Simply the discount code edel25 at the checkout!


To read more about enhancing every area of your home with feng shui design read my book A Place to Call Home

Edel Will Be Presenting her new book at the Feng Shui Society Conference UK June 11th 2022

We have a great lineup of speakers for our annual conference, which will be on-site in London and online (Zoom).

Edel is Presenting her new book ” A Place to Call Home” at the Feng Shui Society Conference UK June 11th 2022


  • Alexandra Berthault: Uplifting The Energy of Your Home with Flying Stars Feng Shui
  • David Furlong: The Archetypes and the Bagua: Exploring the Intuitive Balancing of Home Energies
  • Amanda Kenton: Smart Technology: Is it as Safe as we Think?
  • Edel Cleary: A Place to Call Home: Feng Shui Design for Design Connection and Belonging
  • Ryan Terren: Cultivating Qi Gong for a Feng Shui Practice
  • Jim Doyle: Going from Chaos to Calm and Wellbeing in your Home and Business
  • Vincent McDonnell: Bringing Harmony and Balance to your Garden
  • Gina Lazenby: Clutter Clearing to Make Space for Your Dreams

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference on the 11th of June.


Space Clearing with sound and scent tapping into the ritual of this ancient practise

Space Clearing with Sound and Scent Feng Shui Design Edel Cleary

Space Clearing with Sound and Scent is an ancient practice which has a very profound impact on our environment.

The ritual use of sound vibration and sacred scent is a very ancient yet profound method of facilitating change. Bringing us into the present moment, sound and scent allows us to focus our intention on what we wish to release and what we wish to initiate in our lives.

The importance of ritual

The first and most important step is to create the space and time to carry out this ritual with focused intention. Mindlessly swishing around a smudge stick will have very limited impact.

Designing a full ritual or ceremony with many layers, setting your intention and then creating sacred space to carry it out will have a much more profound and lasting impact.

Space Clearing Methods

There are many methods of space clearing which involve a layered approach of

  • Agitating stagnant chi/energy to get it moving.
  • Clearing or cleansing the atmosphere,
  • Opening the space up to invite in new fresh vibrant chi.

Bells or drum: sound is used to ripple sound waves into the space, shaking up its energy on a vibrational level. Reverberating sound through a space shakes up any stagnant or dense chi, like shaking out a rug to get rid of dust or debris.

Incense: used for millennia by religious and spiritual groups in the form of ritual prayer, the smoke of incense carries with it our prayers or intentions, which are inhaled up into the heavens, where spirit hears our prayer and exhales blessings back into our world. 

Spotlight on Space Clearing April 16th 9am to 10am

There are many styles and types of space clearing and in this coming months spotlight class on the 16th April (the full moon)  we will explore some of the different methods and materials we can use for this purpose.

Read A Place to Call Home

To learn more about space clearing, its meaning, methods and a step by step guide to space clear your home.






Creating Sacred Space – Space Clearing & New Beginnings

Incense resin, sage and smudge stick for space clearing

Space clearing using incense to cleanse and uplift atmospheres

Creating Sacred Space; Space Clearing for New Beginnings

April 1st 2022 marks a new moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. The lunar cycle is a reminder to us that we are in a constant cycle of change; sometimes expanding and gathering and at others withdrawing and letting go.

Mirroring the cycles of the natural world

The new moon or dark moon marks a turning point in the contracting or letting go phase as the moon begins its expansion phase toward the next full moon. The end of the exhaling breath and the beginning of the inhaling breath. We can mirror this natural cycle by asking ourselves what we would like to begin, what aspect of ourselves and our lives would we would we like to expand.

Ritual and Ceremony – affirming your intentions

Ritual and ceremony give us space and time to focus our intentions. Setting out our stall in a physical way and preparing our space for this new beginning to emerge.

I like to write out an affirmation from Louise Hay for new beginnings so that I can repeat it often in this expansion phase, for example:

“I easily flow with change. My life is divinely guided, and I am always going in the best direction”

“I gently flow with life and each new experience. All is well”

Space Clearing Methods

Space clearing is a method of clearing and uplifting the atmosphere or vibrational energy of our homes and workspaces in a subtle yet deeply profound way. Over the years I have found this to be a remarkably effective way to facilitate change. Having released what we are ready to let go of, space clearing allows us to fill the space with fresh new energy like opening a window and allowing a soft breeze to fill the space with fresh energy and vitality. This supports and uplifts us on every level, boosting our energy to begin something new.

Spotlight on Space Clearing April 16th 9am to 10am

There are many styles and types of space clearing and in this coming months spotlight class on the 16th April (the full moon)  we will explore some of the different methods and materials we can use for this purpose.

Read A Place to Call Home

To learn more about space clearing, its meaning, methods and a step by step guide to space clear your home.

Aligning Heaven and Earth -Drawing the support of helpful friends

Continuing our conversation on Ch’ien Heaven


The energy of helpful friends and travel in feng shui design


The essence of this energy is Aligning Heaven and Earth; Drawing on all of our sources of support.

The I ching symbol associated with this energy is Ch’ien “heaven” – the creative

The three solid lines symbolise the divine energy which brings everything into being and good fortune. 

This is  full yang energy and represents primal father energy, our divine source of protection and support.

Bagua I Ching Ch'ien

Feng shui design Ch’ien Helpful friends, sources of support

If you are unsure which part of your home this refers to take a look at how to align the bagua to your home.

Harvest and reaping what we sow

This energy has an associationwith our sense of duty and responsibility towards each other. Associated with Harvest and reaping what we sow. This  trigram has a polarity with SUN in that it requires us to use our good fortune, for our own good and the good of all. In essence being altruistic, considering others and our environment.


The energy of helpful friends is associated with reciprocal support and  altruism; considering the well being of others and gratitude for all of the blessings we have been afforded in our lives. Finding the joy in all of the little things in our daily lives allows us to access the energy of gratitude. Set out to find at least one joyful thing each day to note in your journal, one thing which was a source of joy in your life, big or small. Focusing our attention on these joyful moments allows us to feel less stressed and a lot more grateful and open to even more joy.

Guidance and support

Ch’ien is the energy we associate with guidance, intuition and also with travel and movement. Reaching out into the world around us, learning about others, being supportive and also allowing ourselves to lean into sources of support. We are always held and supported, we just need to remind ourselves of this. Leaning in to helpful friends both physical and spiritual allows us to feel connected and supported. This in turn feeds our energy allowing us to be supportive of others. 

Compassion for ourselves as well as others

In our compassion for others we can often forget to be compassionate toward ourselves. In order to be of any use to those around us we first need to lean in to our own sources of support and guidance. Part of this is leaning into our joy, noticing all of the little things which bring us joy in our day. Where intention goes, energy flows. Otherwise we can feel overwhelmed, worn out and often immobilised by the enormity of world events.

Finding Connection and Accessing Joy

In a recent “unlocking us” interview with Brene Brown and Karen Walrond (author of The Lightmakers Manifesto), Karen suggested that we take a few minutes each day to journal and ask ourselves:

How can I stay: connected, healthy and purposeful today?

Just writing a little note to remind ourselves to schedule in the small ways to do each of these things will allow us to have the energy to Access our Joy and Maintain our Connection to spirit and to each other.

March 26th Free zoom class on Helpful Friends

Free Spotlight Class on harnessing the energy of Helpful Friends on March 26th  9am to 10am- Contact Edel to be included for zoom link to attend.

Helpful friends – feng shui design, leaning into our sources of support and guidance

Feng Shui Design and the Energy of Helpful Friends – Heavens Energy

Excerpt from A Place to Call home; feng shui design guidebook for design connection and support

Feng Shui Design and the energy of helpful friends – excerpt from A PLACE TO CALL HOME

We are always held and supported by our circle of friends, mentors, guides and guardian spirits.

Leaning into this circle of support allows us to feel a greater sense of connection and belonging.

The key to this energy in our homes and in our lives is gratitude. If you are unfamiliar with how to identify where this part of your home refers to on the bagua click on this link to locate it. 

The I Ching symbol we associate with this area of our homes with C’hien, “the creative” or heavens energy. Indeed when we find ourselves in a time of need we often look upward to ask for guidance and support.

Seeking and accepting support

This area of our lives is associated with both visible and invisible means of support, mentoring, guidance and philanthropy.

Many of us are very good at rushing in to support others when we see their need. However we can find it difficult to ask for and accept help and support from others. This is a two way street.

It is not a sign of weakness to need or to ask for help, it is a sign of our shared humanity.

We need to accept help, guidance and mentorship in order to feel strong enough to continue to offer support to others.

Gathering “Round” – the metal element

As discussed in my last post, the element associated with this Metal.

The shape associated with this element is round, spherical. Its essence is contracting and containing in nature.

A great reminder of this reciprocal energy of mutual support is to have a small bowl in this part of our home to collect our loose change. When it is full, we can donate it to our favourite local charity and begin again. In this small way we remind ourselves that we have this ability to reach out to support and be supported by those around us.

Feng shui Design round bowl with loose change, helpful friends, support and guidance

Money is round to keep it rolling. Helpful friends the essence of gratitude and reciprocal support

To read more on feng shui design for your home, read my new book

 A Place to Call Home

Your Feng Shui Design guidebook for Design, Connection and Belonging

Feng Shui Design; Helpful Friends, connection and belonging

The Energy of Helpful Friends in Feng Shui

Circle of friends, gathering to offer support

Focusing on this energy in our lives enables us to establish our connections, our support system and our sense of belonging.

In Feng Shui we use an energy template called the bagua to establish the energetic connection between the various areas of our lives and specific sectors in our built environment. If you are unsure about how this applies to your home click on the link above before reading further.

Support and guidance

The area of Helpful friends is associated with full yang energy and represents primal father energy, the divine energy which brings everything into being.

This energy in our lives symbolises our deep connection with one another as a means of support and guidance. As such it has an association with duty and responsibility towards others.

The energy of helpful friends has an affinity with the idea of harvest and reaping what we sow. This  trigram has a polarity with the energy of abundance in our lives; it requires us to use our good fortune, for the good of all. Being Altruistic, considering others and our environment.


Altruism and gratitude

The essence of this energy is reciprocal support,  altruism, considering the well being of others and gratitude. 

This is the energy associated with guidance, intuition and travel – reaching our energy out into the world around us. 

Clearing clutter to make space

By first clearing out anything we are ready to release, we can make room for new sources of guidance and support in our lives.

Enhancing this part of our living and working spaces invites in the wisdom of elders, people in authority in our lives, those with great wisdom to impart, who command both our respect and attention.

This part of our home is also associated with our friends and our support system, those we turn to in times of need and for whom we provide support in return.

Deepening our sense of belonging and our connection to the environment

The element here is metal, round and spherical shapes, arches and domes. The colours white, silver and metallics may be used to enhance this energy of “gathering round” and pooling our energy. Thus deepening our sense of being supported, of being connection and ultimately to our sense of groundedness and belonging.

The addition of the earth element here (in the form of crystals, earthy tones or ceramic or stone sculture, for example) will ground and stabilise this sense of support in our lives. Indeed this energy is also associated with global support and looking after the environment as a way of deepening our connection to each other and to our home. 

We are interdependant with our ecosystem and our home planet. Mother earth offers us support, the atmosphere wraps itself around the planet, encircling and protecting us. This area of the bagua reminds us of this connection to each other and to Mother Earth; reminding us that we are all one. We are deeply connected and reliant on support from one another in order to thrive.

Drawing in support from the earth elementals and from spirit

This part of our home also invites us to connect to invisible means of support in the form of earth elemental, spirit guides, guardians, angels and those in our lives who we connect to in this way.


A Place to Call Home

You can read more on feng shui design for your home, in  my new book – A place to call home your feng shui guidebook to design, connection and belonging.

A place to call home book

A place to call home your guidebook to feng shui design, creating a deeper sense of connection and belonging


Happy 2’s day 2/2/22!

Happy 2’s Day!

The symbolism of pairs in Feng Shui for Relationships Harmony

In feng shui we like to symbolise our sense of connection and relationship with pairs of things in decoration and ornamentation. This offers a visual affirmation of our need for connection in order to feel secure and stable in this part of our lives.

Whether we are talking about our relationships with a significant other or with those with whom we are in close daily contact, we all need to feel seen and heard by those around us.

The style or type of design element you chose will relate to the type of energy you wish to generate in that part of your life.

The bagua for our home shows the energetic connection between a particular sector of our home and that part of our lives. By organising pairs of decorative items in this specific area of our home this acts as a physical positive affirmation and reminds us of the importance of connection and relationships in our lives.

You can read more about each feng shui design for every area of your home in my book

A Place to Call Home.

Feng Shui and Relationships Harmony continuing the conversation

Continuing our conversation on the area of

relationships harmony on the bagua.


Feng Shui Design Bagua 5 elements and I Ching - Relationships Harmony KUN

KUN Mother Earth
Harmony and Stability in Relationships

The energy of loving support

Each area of the bagua has an associated I Ching symbol.

These symbols offer further insight into the subtle layers of energy associated with this part of our lives.

The earth element of Kun is the essence of “mother earth” also known as “the receptive” – being both open to and accepting of, loving support.


The Nature of KUN is elegance, surrender, service, devotion, nurturing, maturity, softness, security, adaptablity, loyalty and kindness.


This is the overall atmosphere we are invited to include in this part of our homes to encourage this energy of unconditional loving connection in our lives.

Being open and receptive is the essence of Mother Earth


Soft earthy and enfolding energy with cushions and throws

soft enfolding energy of mother earth

Colours and shapes

The element we associate with this energy is Mother Earth, this may be represented with:

  • Earthy colours such as yellows, browns, ochres and earthy tones.
  • Square shapes, patterns and designs in decor
  • Low, soft yielding and enveloping furnishings and textures,
  • Soft textures and deeply cushioned seating

These elements have a gently enfolding nature reminiscent of the relationship we have with the earth as we plant seeds into the soil entrusting her to gently nurture them into being.



Introduce softer decorative elements into this part of your home to encourage a corresponding sense of gentle support in your relationships.

Take a look at this part of your home to see if you can include more of:

  • the soft, yielding and nurturing essence of this energy in the form of material finishes,
  • colour or imagery which holds the essence of this loving caring and supportive energy.





Feng Shui for Relationships and Partnerships

Feng Shui For Relationships and Partnerships – February Spotlight

Feng Shui Relationships Harmony Ornamentation and Crystals for balance

Feng Shui Design Focus on Relationships

February is the month when we begin to focus our attention on relationships and partnerships.

In Feng Shui we associate this energy with Mother Earth or Divine Femine energy. The essence of relationships and partnerships in our lives is one of nurturing support which feels protective, enfolding and nourishing at its core.

Think of planting a vulnerable seed into the earth, folding the earth over it so that it can grow and flourish. This is the quality we associate with loving relationships and partnerships in Feng Shui.

We use an energy template called a Bagua to show the energetic relationship between the different areas of our lives with the various sectors of our built environment.

This outlines our opportunity to make adjustments or changes in our physical environment with the intention of creating a corresponding shift in the energy in that area of our lives.

The Bagua – an energy template we overlay onto the floorplan of our homes/workspaces

There are a couple of ways of aligning this bagua to the floorplan of our homes. There is no right or wrong way to approach this.

We are simply acknowledging that we are not separate from our homes.

Our energy and that of our living spaces is interconnected.

Incorporating the bagua template in either form allows us to create a flow of energy from one sector of our homes and therefore our lives to another.

To align the bagua to the compass directions in which case the SW sector is associated with Relationships harmony.

The more Western interpretation aligns the bagua to the position of the front door. In this system the rear right hand sector of the home is associated with Relationships harmony.

Once we have established which approach we are going to take we can take a closer look at what is happening in that area of our homes.

First establish how this energy is in your life right now and what adustments you wish to make or goals you have for your relationships going forward.

What is it you want to have happen as a result of applying feng shui to the relationships area of your space?

Do you want to..

  • Refresh the energy in your close relationships/partnerships?
  • Add more stability?
  • Invite in a new relationship/partnership?

It is part of our human conditioning to need companionship.

Most of the joy we experience in life is through sharing experiences and feelings.  For this reason we like to add pairs of decorative items to this part of the home. E.G. a pair of candles, imagery depicting pairs or couples, of people in relationship to one another.

The atmosphere is created by artwork by virtue of the “story” we tell ourselves around it.

Now take a look at the relationships area of your home and ask yourself how it feels.

Does it feel

  • A little tired in terms of the decor?
  • Cluttered or crowded?
  • Cold or rigid in its energy?

Where to begin?

  • First do a clear out.
  • Then get clear and focused on what type of energy you would most enjoy more of in this aspect of your life.
  • Get really granular about how that would feel to you.
  • Make some feng shui changes and additions accordingly. You can do this using imagery, colour, ornamentation and even scent to focus your intention and enhance this energy in your life.


We will be focusing on this aspect of feng shui for our homes in our spotlight class on Saturday 12th February from 9am to 10am. 

You will also find full details of how to enhance this energy in your home in my new book A Place to Call Home.


A place to call home book

A place to call home your guidebook to feng shui design, creating a deeper sense of connection and belonging

Feng Shui Bagua – energy template

The Bagua our Feng Shui Energy Template

In feng shui we overlay the floor plan of our homes and workspaces with an energy template called a bagua. This allows us to have an overview of the energetic between each part of our home and a corresponding part of our lives.

To overlay the bagua first we must look at how symmetrical our floorplan is. If there are extensions or bay windows they may create “negative space” or “projections” . See blue dotted lines

Once we have ascertained these then we can create a very simple bagua by creating 9 proportionate sectors on our floorplan. See green dotted lines

You can continue on and make this into an octagon. See red lines

Each sector of the home can now be related to a particular energy in our lives.

There are two main ways to align the bagua

There are a couple of ways of aligning this bagua to the floorplan of our homes, there is no right or wrong way to approach this, we are simply acknowledging that we are not separate from our homes, our energy and that of our living spaces is interconnected. Incorporating the bagua template in either form allows us to create a flow of energy from one sector of our homes and therefore our lives to another.

  • The first is to align each area according its compass orientation I.E. LIFE PATH is oriented to compass NORTH and REPUTATION to compass SOUTH and so on.
  • The second, more Western approach is to align the bagua to the orientation of the front door I.E. the front central sector of the home is in this case LIFE PATH and the rear central sectore of the home is REPUTATION.

Both systems work equally well to create a flow of the 5 elements throughout the home. You simply choose one system or the other and continue on with that.

Learn more

To learn more about how to apply this information to your particular floor plan and location you can


There is a full explanation of how to apply the many layers of feng shui design to your own space in my new book A PLACE TO CALL HOME


Feng Shui Design Bagua overly showing life areas

Feng Shui Design energy template – the Bagua Illustrating the energetic connection between each area of our lives and the various sectors of our living spaces.




Feng Shui Design – The importance of both Place and Time





Feng Shui – the importance of place and time at the solar new year February 4th

While feng shui is concerned with our place, the spaces where we work rest and play. 9 star ki is concerned with time – where we are now in our lives, what is the energy of this year and how does that impact on my personal energy. 



With feng shui we are absolutely concerned with the layout, orientation and design of our living and working spaces. We take into account the energy flow, colours imagery and material finishes and how every aspect of our interior design plays a part in how we feel about and interact with our space.



There is another aspect of our energy that we can layer into this and that is the aspect of time. The time of year, the season, the times of day for example impact on the quality of light and heat and our energy. But there is also a cyclical pattern of energy that we can tap into called 9 star ki. 

This is an ancient method of following the rhythm of the cyclical pattern of energy in the world around us and tapping into how that impacts on each of us personally. 


For this purpose the solar new year begins on February 4th – I know! this week we have had a new moon and a Chinese new year which represents the lunar calendar but today we are at the solar new year which is the mid point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. 

This year is a 5 energy year – the year when all of the elements return to their own “house”. In essence we all arrive home to ourselves.




In our workshop on Being in your element for 2022 with 9 star ki we delve deep into our own elemental signature and how to go with the flow of the elemental shift in 2022

Feng Shui for 2022

Feng shui design 2022 Year of the Water Tiger

Feng shui energy for 2022 The year of the water Tiger

Feng Shui Design for 2022

Learn more about how to tap into the energy for the coming year and how best to balance your energy with the feng shui of your home in our 9 Star Ki and Feng shui class on February 5th 10am to 1pm ONLINE via ZOOM. 

With the new year just a week away its time to make preparations to welcome in the new energy for 2022.

On February 1st we celebrate the Chinese New Year – the year of the WATER TIGER.

The Chinese new year heralds a change in energy in the Feng Shui of our homes and in our individual lives. It will be welcomed in many parts of the world with feasting, fireworks and pageantry. Often good wishes or money in red envelopes are gifted for good luck symbolising inviting in good feng shui for the year ahead. Feng shui also honours our ancestral line, which is considered the root system for all of our future growth. For this reason, offerings are made to the ancestors to bless their energy and our own as a result. If you have a home altar you may wish to light a candle for your ancestors to honour their part in your journey.

Feng shui in the year of the water tiger:

  • This is a year to “Go with the flow” while still setting our boundaries. Feng shui is concerned with both the flow and containment of energy. We cannot hold on to and absorb energy if we have no boundaries.
  • Feng shui reminds us of the interconnectedness of each area of our lives. It also reminds us that it is always easier to work together in community to achieve our goals. The year of the Water Tiger will be a year for collaboration Vs formal partnerships with others.
  • Feng shui is not only concerned with gathering abundance but also with sharing it with those around us. “A rising tide raises all boats”. Therefore the energy of the new year encourages volunteering.  For example, giving blood and giving in general, is very auspicious at new year and throughout the year – the energy of abundance is reciprocal – what we give out will come back to us.
  • The first step with feng shui is to set our trajectory. Like setting the GPS before we set out on a journey. It is an excellent idea to write down your intentions for the year ahead and place these in a red envelope somewhere where you will see it  daily and be reminded of where you are headed on your Feng Shui Journey.


Feng shui design red envelop for gratitude

 Feng Shui Design – Inviting in the blessings the new year 

  1. Feng Shui refers to the energy flow throughout our homes. Over time this energy can become stagnant which creates a heavy atmosphere. To address this, as mundane as it may seem,  first we can physically clean our homes- think of it more as nesting. In the same way as a bird might prepare its nest in readiness for a new arrival, we can do a clean sweep to ensure that there is no stagnant energy “lingering” from the outgoing year.
  2. In Feng Shui, the entrance is where energy enters your home and consequently impacts your personal energy. Prepare the entrance of your home to welcome in the new year as if it were an honoured guest. Physically clean the door and door handle. I use a few drops of orange essentail oil in the rinsing water to uplift and refresh the energy and welcome in good fortune.
  3. In Feng Shui, the space outside our front door is often referred to as “the dinner plate”. It is a space where energy is invited to gather or pool so that it can be inhaled into our homes. Therefore, take special are to clean the area directly outside the front door, replacing dead plants with fresh new ones and replace the doormat if it is looking tired and worn.
  4. In Feng Shui lighting is associated with Fire Energy and attracts attention and opportunities. Clear away any cobwebs around light fittings to ensure the area is brightly lit and feels as welcoming as possible.
  5. Feng shui and space clearing are equally important here. Do some intentional space clearing to release what is no longer necessary in order to welcome in positive chi for the year ahead.
  6. Feng shui and the “three lucks” of health, wealth and longevity. Open up the windows and doors to welcome in the energy of Health, Wealth and Longevity. Leave them open for a while (I have been told to imagine these 3 “types of luck” as 3 old men walking in from the street outside – they move slowly but surely; leave time for their energy to reach you!)

    February 4th marks the new year in terms of 9 star ki

    Key to success 9 star ki

    Tapping into our 9 star ki – the key to success


    Feng shui and geomancy speak to the importance of place and offer insight to our sense of groundedness and belonging, 9 star ki offers insight into the aspect of Time and helps us to tweak our spiritual practise.

    Tapping into our 9 star ki – the key to success[/caption]

    • Our personal energy flows in a 9 year cycle, each year our energy moves into a different “house” or type of energy. Some years our energy is fast paced, with lots of opportunities for new beginnings, other years will feel more quiet and introverted. We are each born with our own unique elemental signature.
    • This system is based on the LO SHU or magic square which appears in many traditional cultures in some variation or another. It is used a s a way to explain the rhythm or patterns found in nature and how we can go with the flow of this natural dynamic balance. The “house” or type of energy we move into in any given year will have a specific interaction with our own elemental signature.
    • This year from February 4th we find that our energy returns to its own “house” we are in effect “in our element” which can have its own challenges.

    Learn more about how to tap into the energy for the coming year and how best to balance your energy with the feng shui of your home in our 9 Star Ki and Feng shui class on February 5th 10am to 1pm ONLINE via ZOOM. 



Feng shui design – energetic changes for 2022 – tapping into the patterns of change.

balancing the energy of your home with feng shui design

A place to call home, feng shui design a guidebook for connection and belonging

Feng shui design for 2022

Change is the only true constant. Each year the elemental energy subtley changes. Our ancestors discovered that there is a predictable pattern to these changes, they go in cycles. By tapping into these patterns and learning to understand how these affect each of us in a subtly different way we can go with the flow rather than swimming against the tide.


We each have our own elemental signature or Ki energy. The Tibetans call it our MEWA or birthmark – our constitutional energy beased on when we were born. This is why we may act or react in a particular way to a situation and the person next to us (whether that is a family member, friend or work colleague) will act or react quite differently. Understanding the reasoning behind this allows us to communicate and work together in a more compassionate, constructive and productive way.

feng shui design 5 element flow

Feng shui design, dynamic flow of the elements


There is also an energetic change each year over a cycle of 9 years which impacts each of us differently. Some years our energy will be very energetic, active and terrific for new beginnings, and others will feel quieter and more introverted when we are drawn to study or reinvent ourselves. Learning where we are in this cycle we can support ourselves through these subtle changes easily and effortlessly and thrive on every level as we do so.

Supporting your energy for 2022

Understanding the energy for 2022 is important as it allows us to forsee any obstacles or difficulties and sidestep or mitigate for them but it also allows us to see opportunities and benefit from them as they arise.Mapping these into the feng shui design of your home integrates your personal energy with that of your home, supporting you as we navigate our way into the new year.

Learn more about BEING IN  YOUR ELEMENT: feng shui design and 9 star ki for 2022

JOIN US On FEBRUARY 5th 10am to 1pm online via zoom for a class which teaches you about your own personal energetic signature (and that of your  significant others) and the energy for 2022 and how best flow into 2022 with ease. We will cover your 9 star ki energetic signature and how this dovetails with feng shui for your home.

Feng Shui Design – tapping into the dynamic balance found in nature

Uplifting and resetting the energy of your home at the winter solstice

Feng shui is a system which shows us how to tap into the dynamic balance found in nature. This differs from Static balance or perfection. It is a balance that is constantly changing, growing, evolving, coming to fruition- just like the cycle of the seasons. The major tipping points of the year like the winter solsticies allows us to pause and take stock. Assessing our energy before we set out on the next phase in our journey.

The Winter solstice is a great time to reassess how things are going for us. It is the darkest and shortest day in the northern hemisphere. However, it also marks “the return of the light” as the earth turns on its axis and the days slowly but surely begin to get brighter and longer.

This weekend, just before the winter Solstice on the 21st, we have the full moon (early on Sunday morning 19th December at 04.31, Irish time). This is called “the cold moon” and is a time when we can access clarity around what we are ready to release internally and externally and set our course as we journey back toward the light over the next six months.

Feng shui and setting our trajectory – planning ahead.

Setting intentions; a solstice ceremony

Solstice means “standing of the sun” (Glennie kindred Sacred Celebrations). When the sun reaches the peak of its journey, stops and then begins the return journey toward the light. From the winter solstice the sun is waxing or growing towards its peak at the summer solstice in June.

For the next six months we are moving into the light, expanding into our fullest expression. This is a great time to set our intentions for the coming year. Spending some time focusing on what we wish to let go of, and what you wish to draw in for every area of our lives resets our energy as we journey back into the light.

Even in the depths of Winter new roots are growing, bringing stability and nutrients to the plants and trees. Deeply buried bulbs are beginning to send up the first hardy shoots. Nature has slowed down waiting for the energy to change at the solstice and for the warmth to slowly but surely return. The solstice is the suns birthday, a celebration of its rebirth. This is the time for us to bring our inner journeys out into the world, birthing our visions for the way ahead. 

Feng shui and aromatherapy – Scent can change atmospheres and impact our mood

Set aside some time over the next few days to physically clean your home, perhaps with some salt water, holding the intention that you are now releasing whatever is ready to be released. Disperse some uplifting scents: incense, pure essential oils such as pine (pinus sylvestris) Promotes strong self-image and identity, is emotionally revitalising, invites forgiveness and self-acceptance, increases positive, calm energy and “clears the air”. It is no accident that we bring a Christmas tree into our homes at this time of year  – pine or fir was honoured by the Celts for its ability to offer insights and see far beyond the present. 

Light a candle and sit and review the past six months, pause and reset your energy. Now is the time to stop and take stock of what the last 6 months have brought to you and look forward to the direction in which you would like to travel and grow into in the next six months.

Spending more time at home and for many of us, working from home has made us reassess and repurpose our surroundings. The impact of the colours, textures and layout of our homes came sharply into focus. Feng shui design offers an energetic perspective on all of these aspects of our homes and provides a framework to layer onto the interior design which makes it deeply personal and as a result much more supportive. Truly A place to call home. If you wish to delve deeper …read more

Wishing you every blessing at the Winter Solstice and for Christmas and a happy, healthy and joyful new year ahead!




 Announcing the release of my new book!

A place to call home – feng shui design, a guidebook for design, connection and belonging

A place to call home feng shui design guidebook

                                   New book Launched December 2021

A place to call home

Feng shui design, a guidebook for connection and belonging

What makes a house a home? Is it the location, the building proportions, the furnishings, colours, smells, the people who share the space? Or could it be something deeper – a sense of belonging, of the space feeling like it’s made for you?

As an experienced interior designer, feng shui practitioner and health therapist, Edel has found that even in the most “picture perfect” settings people can feel alienated or disconnected from their environments. “I don’t feel like the house is mine” or “I can’t put my finger on it, but something doesn’t work here” is often the refrain.

With chapters on :

  • Creating a space to be you with a sense of belonging and acceptance; what does “home” mean to you? Does your own home reflect and support every aspect of that?
  • Harnessing the energy of your home; looking at all aspects of its design – location, form, orientation, layout, proportion, scale, balancing unity and variety to create interest.
  • Hidden in plain sight; imagery, mirrors and ornamentation – how everything we surround ourselves with in our homes is in constant conversation with us, impacting on our energy.
  • Work the room; a room-by-room analysis and advice including special attention to the home office in terms of layout, furnishings, colour, clutter, stressors and atmosphere. Outdoor spaces are also included here.
  • Flying colours. Colour energetics and colour in interior design; our emotional response to colour, colour and health, how colour effects how we experience spaces, its visual “weight”. We run through the seven colour spectrum exploring each colour in turn. Finishing with exploring colour in interior design, colour and light and how each colour impacts an interior. 
  • The scent of home. The intentional use of scent to cleanse and uplift atmospheres; from incense to essential oils, scent has been utilised over the millennia to purify and enhance living and working spaces. To imbue them with atmosphere and also to improve the general health and well-being of the occupants. We take a detailed look at how this works and how we can easily harness this very powerful sense to create balance and harmony in our homes and our lives.
  • Living in harmony with nature; Feng shui examines the harmony and balance found in nature and mirrors this into our built environments by creating a flow of the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal throughout. This mirrors the cyclical flow of energy in nature, ensuring that there are spaces to expand our energy and be joyful and creative and others to feel more relaxed, tucked-in, calm and enfolded.
  • The Balanced home; Practical application of feng shui- feng shui provides us with an energetic prism through which to view our homes. There is an energetic connection between each area of our homes and the various energies in our lives. For example relationships harmony, creativity, life-path, family, abundance, recognition and clarity and health and balance. We go through the application of this process with a practical, easy to apply approach.
  • Healthy home=healthy body; in our modern world there are many aspects of our built environments which our bodies find stressful. We run through some of these and easy practical remedies to mitigate for them. Space clearing; Over time everything that happens in a space builds up an atmosphere which hangs in the air like psychic cobwebs. In this chapter we explore practical and easy to follow methods to cleanse and uplift the atmosphere of our homes so that they feel supportive and uplifting.
  • Connecting heart and home; Creating a home to feed all of the senses; sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and our sixth sense of connection and belonging.
  • Natural home; recipes to get you started!

In this book, Edel teases apart the theory to uncover practical and very accessible ways to deeply connect to our own innate sense of what home means for each of us, our own perfectly unique expression. Blending feng shui with modern interior design is the way to cultivate a space where you can be you – a place that truly feels like home.

Buy your copy here


Feng Shui for Peace and Harmony- time to be still and go deep


Taking Time to Be Still

The new moon is what we call the space between the waning and waxing moons, when the moon is in full darkness and there appears to be no moon in the sky.

This pause between the exhale and the inhale allows us to pause, go deep and touch on the deeper mysteries in our lives.

Focus on going inward – being rather than doing

This month we are focusing on going inward, taking time in. Sitting in the stillness the no-thing-ness can be difficult. In a world which values productivity and busyness over all else, the impulse we have learned to respond to is that we must always be doing or becoming or striving in some way.

The true wisdom of our intuition is accessed through stillness, allowing ourselves to be quiet, still and to do nothing even for a short time each day. Listening, meditating and being ok in the silence of the in-between. Then take a moment to write down anything that comes to you in that stillness. Set your intentions, write them down, these are the key to powerful transformation.

Begin today and each day this month, spend some time in stillness and silence. Allow your souls whispers to rise above the noise of your everyday life. Allow yourself to simply be present, listening to your breath, listening closely in the gap between breaths.

Feng Shui – Mountain Energy – Connecting to the stillness and silence that rests within

Rest, wait, allow yourself to stop for a while. In feng shui we call this “mountain” energy, when we go into our cave, this is the space which houses connection to spirit. Turning inward, going into silence creates the space for transformation to occur.



Feng Shui Honouring the Past to Support Future Growth

Feng Shui – Honouring the Past to Support Future Growth

Samhain 31st October to 1st November

This time of year offers us time to pause between the seasons, to acknowledge what we have achieved/harvested from our endeavours in the year thus far and release and let go of what we no longer need. This is the time of year when our ancestors took stock, celebrated the harvest and cleared away any excess in readiness for the stillness and silence of winter.

Our ancestors acknowledged Samhain as a time when the veil between worlds was at its thinnest allowing us to communicate more readily with the spirit world and those who had gone before us.

In feng shui we associate this energy of family ancestors and the past with the east, with wood or tree energy representing rooted growth, renewal, awakening and connection to our first teachers in life and our parental influence. The I ching symbol associated with this energy is Chen – thunder. Like the thunder which precedes a storm, our elders ancestors preceded us.

When this energy in our lives is out of balance we can feel overextended, untethered and unfocused with too many things going on at once. When in balance we feel spontaneous, creative, optimistic,  and full of ideas. 

The colour associated with this energy is green. In studies on our human response to colour, it has been found that those of us who favour the colour green tend to be more community oriented, reaching out and connecting with others in clubs and associations, preferring to live in “the great forest of humanity”, whereas those of us who show a dislike for green tend to resist connection and lead a more isolated or anxious existence.

We can tap into the rhythm and balance of nature by taking our ques from what is happening in the natural world around us. Do a clean sweep, just like Mother Nature shedding her leaves and fruit. Taking time to shed anything we are ready to let go of makes room for the possibility of planting the seeds for something new. 


At this time of year, bonfires called “Samhnagan”were lit on the hilltops at burial grounds and sacred sites (*”Sacred Celebrations” – Glennie Kindred) All other fires in the community were put out and rekindled from these fires. Later each village would light their own bonfire. Thus our ancestors rekindled their connection with their community, celebrating their sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves. 

Traditional festivals like Samhain remind us that connection to our family/community/chosen tribe is necessary for our health and well-being. We heal best in community. For thousands of years people lived in community, it is only in recent times that we have shut ourselves off from this very necessary connection, striving to do it all on our own.

Acknowledging our connection to our ancestors is essential to feeling rooted into our sense of belonging in the here and now. We are a culmination of all of the experiences of our ancestors, all of the knowledge they gathered, their traumas and triumphs is contained within our being, in our DNA and we reap the benefit of this cumulative experience.

This is a perfect time of the year to take some time in quiet reflection. Review and assimilate what you have learned in the active phase of this year, prepare yourself for the new year ahead by releasing what you are ready to release and nurturing the seeds for your visions, dreams and ideas so that they can incubate in the dark winter months in anticipation for when the active phase begins again. 

Honour your ancestors by taking time to make a small altar in your home, gathering photos, inherited things, elements from nature which remind you of connection to the past. Light a candle in honour of those who have gone before. Spend some time in meditation asking if they have any wisdom to impart to you as you move into winter, sowing the seeds for next years growth.

We can create a ceremony to heal whatever needs to be healed in our ancestral line. In doing this healing work for ourselves we can heal the collective ancestral unconscious. Like a viral story sweeping through the internet shifting ways of thinking,  this healing will ripple through the ancestral web of connection – like a Kaleidoscope, one shift affects the whole. The work of the individual realigning and benefitting the greater being.

Make a list of patterns and experiences that need to be released and healed in your family line. Make a small fire (safely) and transform this energy with fire, releasing it into the ether. 

Make a gratitude list for all of the blessings that being part of this lineage has brought to you, and blessings you wish to generate in your family line going forward. Bury this in the earth (even in a planter or pot)allowing the seeds of your intentions to germinate in the darkness. 

Leave an offering of food outside – something connected to your lineage. (Apples cut across their middle reveal the hidden pentacle, a sign of the mysteries of the goddess and protection.)

Blessing your connection to our ancestors at Samhain enables us to feel rooted in this place and time, acknowledging our place in our lineage.

Join us for a spotlight class on connecting to this Ancestral Link on Saturday 30th October 9am to 10am online via zoom. 

Samhain Blessings!


Feng Shui Clearing Clutter and inspiring Creativity

Inspire your creative energy with these vibrant and balancing scents












September 22nd, we have arrived at the Autumnal equinox, traditionally a joyful time of harvest and thanksgiving, balance and integration. Mother nature is blessing us with wonderful gifts to harvest and enjoy. This is the perfect time to focus on the area of creativity in our homes (the western sector if using compass school or the middle right hand sector as you look in from the front door if using the Western 3 door gate approach).

In Ireland we are enjoying the light of the full harvest moon and entering into the waning phase of both the moon cycle and of the solar cycle. This is a wonderful time to pause and enjoy what we have gathered thus far. One way to do that is to create some wonderful natural body care products such as the sugar scrub suggested, exfoliating away anything we are now ready to shed and to indulge your senses in some nourishing oils and beautiful scents. See recipe below.

Mother nature is also doing a clean sweep, shedding her leaves and her fruit, all of the growth of this year and drawing her energy in and down in preparation for the stillness of winter. Spend some time in the coming weeks clearing out what you no longer need, physically, emotionally and mentally and making space for some stillness. Going with the flow of the cycles of seasons in the natural world is essential to our own sense of balance and harmony.

Mirroring mother natures dynamic balance into our homes and our daily lives is the goal we are trying to achieve when we apply feng shui design to our homes.

We will begin a four week online foundation level training in feng shui design on Saturday 16th October carrying us through to Saturday 6th November. If you would like to join us click here.

In the meantime I encourage you to open up to the energy of delight, play and creativity. Stimulating all of our senses encourages this sense of magic and opening up to future positive energy. Scent is an excellent way to encourage this, diffusing your favourite essential oils or using them in your body care or natural home cleaning products is a terrific way to stimulate this energy every day.

Recipe for body scrub:-

I cup/ 8 oz brown sugar

6 tbs/ 20z calendula infused sunflower oil/ carrier oil of your choice eg jojoba or avocado oil


blend essential oils into carrier oil(see suggested oils and quantities below)

Mix blended oils into brown sugar.  If you prefer a wetter scrub, add more carrier oil.

Store in a glass jar with a lid, in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight and use a couple of tbs at a time in your shower or in a foot or hand bath. 

NB for young children simply add 7 drops of mandarin and 2 drops of vanilla essence to this blend.

Suggested essential oils for adults for this sugar scrub

MANDARIN (citrus reticulata) 7 drops
Top note. Throat chakra. 

Supports creativity and communication with our inner child, unstops blockages, encourages a sense of safety when connecting with others. Great immune support

CARDAMOM (elettaria cardamomum)7 drops

Middle note. Sacral and solar plexus chakra. 

Seed oils offer nourishment and the potential for new growth. Support growth and vitality and are invigorating and fortifying for the digestive system. They eliminate fatigue and strengthen our resolve. Cardamom supports creativity and strengthens courage and will power. Balances energy in times of worry or anxiety. Encourages mental clarity. Digestive aid, supports respiratory system. Eases overthinking and worry, relaxes yet firms our resolve. Assists us to “see with our hearts”

MYRRH (commiphora myrra)4 drops 

Base note. Root and crown chakra

Strengthens and energises, offering support;  strengthens connection to spirit. Grounding and warming, soothing in times of distraction, brings a sense of inner peace and tranquillity. Skin healing, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, allows us to release our wounds and move forward.

En-joy this time of harvest and gratitude opening up our hearts to increase love and abundance in our lives. A tipping point in the energy of the year. Go with the flow, reap what you have sown and release what you no longer require. Have a clear out and make space for something new and wonderful to emerge.

Wishing you all of the blessings of this harvest season; abundance, gratitude, restoration and balance. As we transition into winter, prepare by setting your intentions for the coming months.  Look back and give thanks, rest, recharge and dream a new dream.


Feng Shui and Creativity Spotlight Course September 2021

Feng Shui Design Spotlight Class On Creativity

The beginning of autumn is traditionally a time when we become more organised tidying away anything that has become chaotic and cluttered and settle in to a new period of learning.

On Monday 6th we have a new moon in Virgo, a time for positive change, self awareness and an ideal time to trust your intuition. This is a perfect opportunity to tap into our creativity. So many of us decided at some point that we weren’t creative, but this was generally because of comparison and competition at some point which led us to believe that if we weren’t the best at something then there was no point in trying! Comparison, conformity and competition all dampen the joy we innately found as children in creativity. What is the best childhood memory you have around creativity? What did you love to do, just for the fun of it? Let go of comparison to anyone else, as Teddy Roosevelt put it “comparison is the thief of joy”.

Creativity is where we find meaning

Creativity is where we find meaning, the only unique contribution we can ever make in this world comes from our creativity and can never truly be compared to anyone else.

What better way to express our creativity than in our own homes, adding a splash of colour, arranging some flowers, introducing some new cushions or a throw for instance. Perhaps you don’t know where to begin? Then do something creative just for the sake of it, take out some colouring pencils, do an art project, take some photographs and arrange them into a collage. Make it easy and fun, lighthearted, without any deadline or any particular goal in mind. Allow yourself the freedom to create, sing your favourite songs, get up and dance to some music that moves you, have a look at taking a workshop or a class to inspire yourself this month. As the saying goes “there’s no such thing as creative people and non-creative people, just those who choose to use their creativity and those who do not.

The energy for new possibilities and opportunities

When we tap into this energy in any way it opens us up to new possibilities of all kinds. In feng shui we associate this energy of creativity with the I Ching symbol Tui – Lake or youngest daughter, this energy is associated with cheerfulness and speaking with joy, taking delight in all of the pleasures of life in the same way we instinctively did as children. This energy is about taking the time to breathe in the beauty around us and reflecting this into our lives.

Your challenge for this month is to do something creative, anything at all which you find interesting, easy, fun and joyful. Spark joy into your life and allow it to inspire you!

1 hour online Spotlight course on creativity September18th 2021

August 2021 time to cultivate rest and play

Time for less work and more rest and play

This is a great time of year to cultivate play and rest. Often we are so busy being busy with “to do” lists that the summer can slip by without us having taken time to enjoy it fully.

I am currently re-reading “The gifts of imperfection” by Brené Brown. In it she discusses the critically important part of wholehearted living is play!

She quotes Dr Stuart Browns book titled “play: how it shapes the brain, opens the imagination and invigorates the soul”  – Just that title makes you stop and think, when was the last time I did something just for the fun of it? Remember sitting in the grass as a child making daisy chains, just for the fun of it, not a care in the world? Thats play. Sitting colouring in or dancing to your favourite tunes, think back to what you did as a child that was fun and relaxing – why not do more of that?

In his book Brown explains that play is at the core of creativity and innovation. Play is as essential to our health and functioning as rest. We tend to associate being productive and on-purpose with being worthy, this gets in the way of doing something as seemingly purposeless as play. But Dr Brown tells us that the opposite of play is not work, it is depression. He tells us that true play can actually give us more lasting joy and satisfaction in our work.

A good place to start, according to Brené Brown is to sit down and write a list of the things which bring joy and meaning to your life. A list of the specific conditions that need to be in place for things to feel good, then check this against your to-do list. Just for today, take one thing off your to-do list and do something fun or put your feet up, read your favourite book or take a nap!

In September we will resume in-person classes with a foundation level course at River Holistic on the 11th and 12th of September. If you prefer to take this course on-line, we will begin the four week online program on October 16th, the curriculum is the same as the weekend course, but takes place over four consecutive Saturday mornings.

We will continue our spotlight classes each month from September to March, each month focusing on one area of our lives and how to use feng shui, colour and essential oils in our homes to enhance that energy. These are one hour spotlight classes a Saturday morning once per month, a way to keep the energy and focus moving as we cycle through the seasons. On September 18th we will focus on Cultivating joy, expanding our creativity and inspiring ourselves to open up and invite in more fun and positive energy. Tapping into the tipping point of the Autumn equinox. On October 30th, the day before we celebrate Samhain, we will delve into the importance our ancestral links, and connecting to our roots as a source of grounding and support. We can only grow in direct relationship to how securely rooted we feel. Check out the courses page on the website for further details.

In the meantime, I invite you to use this month of August to introduce more rest and play into your daily routine and watch the exponential amount of energy and vitality you feel as a result. Don’t forget to join us on the feng shui design facebook page and private facebook group feng shui design enthusiasts (exclusively for feng shui design course participants) to share your feng shui experiences.

Have a lovely rest of Summer!


July 2021 spotlight class on Feng shui for clarity and recognition

9 fire  Illumination – clarity – recognition

This is the area of spiritual illumination or illumination from within, and being able to illuminate or enlighten others, 

It is about what we are known for, either personally or professionally. 

Enhancing this area of the home will focus attention on who we are as individuals and allow us to blossom into our fullest potential .

Spotlight class on Saturday 17th July online via zoom 9am to 10am

Click here to book your place



Summer solstice 2021

Happy Summer solstice 2021

Here  we are again at the mid point of the year, finally moving out of lockdowns and back to some semblance of normality again. Those of you who joined me for the spotlight on health and balance class on Saturday last, will have begun the process of releasing that which no longer serves in order to invite in revitalising chi at this tipping point of the year.

We have a real opportunity this week to be specific an setting out our intentions for the second half of the year. With the full moon in Capricorn on Thursday 24th inviting us to be detailed and specific in terms of grounding and balancing ourselves and planning ahead.

In our spotlight class last Saturday we focused on enhancing the central core of our homes to release stressors and reignite our vital chi. We tuned in to our own energy fields listening to our bodies noticing what areas needed attention and balancing at this time and then focused on cures and enhancements for this area of our home, finishing up with a connecting deeply to the energy of our homes as our outer skin, releasing any stagnant chi and inviting in our own unique blend of energy to enfold ourselves with in our homes.

My favourite enhancement for this central area of the home is to place an aromatherapy diffuser here. Given that this is the central core of our home, we will pass through it most regularly. This allows scents dispersed here to have maximum impact. Scent immediately influences our limbic system, setting our emotional tone. Three oils which I have found particularly beneficial here include:-

Chamomile (matriarca recutita)   allows for new growth and the blossoming of our potential. It is said to nurture the soul and bring joy to the heart. Its scent is sweet and dry with an apple-like tinge and offers support in times of difficulty. 

Lemon (citrus limon) Fresh and crisp, lemon is excellent when feeling sluggish or stuck in a rut.  Its scent is said to stimulate our immune system and  to expand our energy, promoting a sense of opening up to possibilities. 

Frankincense (boswellia carterii)  has a resinous, pine-like and lemony scent and encourages healing and restorative on all levels being calming,  grounding and supportive. It enhances health and wellbeing and supports our immune system.

Continuing our summer spotlight classes on July 17th with our spotlight on Clarity, recognition and the full blooming of our potential. Our class runs from 9am to 10am to book your place click here. 

In the meantime, I wish you a very happy and healthy summer solstice!



Curves Vs angularity – balancing the chi flow

Why to we favour curves Vs angularity in feng shui?

There are no straight lines or right angles in nature, mother nature tends to soften and round out rough edges with wind and water.

The words feng shui literally translate as wind and water; a visceral way to describe energy and how it moves in the natural world.  This is one reason why we tend to enjoy curves or rounded shapes as opposed to angularity in the design of spaces in which we want to relax and unwind, they feel gentler and more familiar.

Diagonal lines imply action, movement and dynamism.

Sharp points can feel harsh, agitating, even aggressive, like the point of an arrow, they can set up an energy of tension. We talk about “making your point” as a way of making a firm statement, taking a stance.

In feng shui triangles imply fire energy; the energy of outward motion, activity, passion, expression. Because of this triangles in design and architecture hold that same energy of propulsion and outward motion, which by definition is not welcoming us in. Fire energy is useful when we wish to introduce a sense of movement, dynamism and expansive energy.

 Straight lines Vs Curves

Straight lines invite fast paced movement, there is a tension between their starting and ending points, which propels or hurries us along their axis. 

Where we have long straight corridors or long narrow rooms, this creates a sense of movement within the space which can make it difficult for our energy to settle.

Undulating lines invite a slower more meandering pace, gently enfolding the landscape, they offer us time to enjoy the view.

Sitting in a space which feels encircled allows us to focus our energy inward, quietening and supporting us.

Rounded edges suggest a more gentle, pliable energy. gathering or holding in energy. We talk about “gathering round” when we come together in a group. 

In feng shui round shapes imply metal energy which is contracting, enfolding and gathering in nature. For that reason curves imply an invitation to be enfolded and supported. Metal energy is useful when we wish to introduce gathering and supportive energy.

Recent research

In a recent research study of angularity by Bar and Neta (2006, 2007). They suggested that people prefer curved objects because angularity conveys a sense of threat. Angles metaphorically express threat, they propose, because sharp and jagged objects are often dangerous.

If we think about it this is quite primal, a knife is obviously more threatening than a spoon, one can harm us the other might offer sustenance.

In both cases we will have a learned response to each.

Whether we acknowledge this on a conscious level or not, we have a physical and emotional response on a subconscious level where we encounter sharp corners and rounded edges in our built environment.

Feng shui allows us to view our homes through this energetic prism, noticing what sustains or nourishes and supports us and what may be diminishing or unsupportive in our environment. Once we are aware of this information we can take action accordingly encouraging a more balanced and supportive atmosphere.

To learn more about the energy of our environment join us for a four week online immersion into feng shui for your home, beginning Saturday May 1st 10am to 1pm. 

March 2021 Hello Spring!

March 2021 – new beginnings

 Here we are again in March, a whole year has passed since the outbreak of Covid 19 and what a very strange and unusual year it has been. For many of us the time in isolation has been very difficult with limited access to family and friends, we have had to adapt to a very different way of being.

The past year has brought a new appreciation for spending time outdoors in nature, searching out places in our localities where we can enjoy walks and also connecting to our neighbours, linking up via technology and supporting each other through these challenging times.

I know a lot of you, like me,  have enjoyed the quiet time to delve deeper into studying and writing  and become more adept at communicating via technology. We have come a long way in a short time.

Now that spring has begun in earnest we can turn our thoughts to this years new growth. Deciding what parts of our life we would like to develop in the coming year. Is there a creative project that you would like to finally begin? A new hobby or a new direction in life that you are called to embark upon. Now is the time. Mother nature is showing us that opportunities for new beginnings are all around us.

I love this time of the year when the daffodils and spring flowers pop their heads up and fill our gardens with a burst of colour.

Feng shui for springtime – out with the old in with the new. 

In feng shui, springtime is associated with the eastern sector of our spaces. Associated with new beginnings that are rooted in the past. This energy has a connection to our ancestors, our own past and learning from our experiences in order to move forward from a firm foundation. Continue reading

Happy New Year – 2021 the year of the metal OX

Happy New year! The year of the white metal ox begins

According to Theodora Lau * in the year of the ox no success can be achieved without effort. It is a good year to “put your house in order” and settle domestic affairs. Set routines and stick to them. If we put in the effort this year it will yield results. This year favours discipline, duty and responsibility. The ox symbolises prosperity through hard

 2021 The year of the white metal ox


Communication may be difficult, therefore take special care to communicate clearly, be patient and you will be rewarded for your efforts. The ox prefers convention to far out methods, so stick to what you have found to be tried and tested, don’t stray too far outside the lines and things will stay on course. This is not a year to try to take shortcuts. Do things in their proper order to yield results. Slow and steady wins the race!

Don’t be disheartened by the down to earth, steady and conventional energy of the Ox, as Theodora puts it  “a lot of wonderful things can come wrapped in plain brown paper, the Ox is one of them. Don’t ever belittle the packaging. he is worth his weight in gold”. As we all know, hard work yields rewards and this year will be no exception.

Feng shui enhancements for 2021

This year it is advised not to disturb the South east sector of our property with major building works. Keep this area quiet and undisturbed if possible. Place a 6 metal flute wind chime or six metal coins in this area of the home to disperse or drain any dissonant energy from this portent for this year.

In the north place 6 metal coins to ensure that the energy remains balanced and contained.

Welcome in new positive energy for the year ahead

Physically wash down the front door and clean the area in front of the entrance. Use a few drops of orange essential oil (citrus sinensis) in the cleaning water. Orange represents good fortune. This essential oil  is wonderfully uplifting,  antimicrobial and immune supportive.

“It has a warm and joyful scent carries with it some of the sunshine needed to ripen its fruit. It promotes joy and creativity and uninhibited communication”. Salvatore Battaglia (The AromaTree).

  “When we have a build-up of stress this results in stagnant chi, sweet orange has the ability to ease tension and frustration and allows us to relax and let go” Gabriel Mojay (Aromatherapy for healing the spirit)

A perfect ally when letting go of the energy of the past year and inviting in fresh, positive vibrant energy for the new year to come!

If you would like to learn more about how to use the of essential oils to balance and uplift your home, join us for our 3 hour online workshop (via zoom) Fragrant chi – the essence of home on the 20th of February.

Next, clear away any clutter in the form of dead leaves etc that may have gathered around the entrance and replace the doormat with a new one and add some vibrant chi in the form of some fresh plants at either side of the door to encourage vibrant chi to enter your home. Inside the front door, ensure that the space feels fresh and welcoming, again you can diffuse some orange essential oil in this area so that the first scent you encounter on arriving home is one of refreshing, light-hearted energy. A welcome change from the anxiety we have all experienced in 2o2o.

Our next foundation level introduction to feng shui is commencing on March 6th and will be run over four consecutive Saturday mornings, allowing you to learn about clutter clearing, feng shui, healthy homes, feng shui astrology and space clearing. Each week cover another layer of this information so that at the end of the course you will have had the opportunity to make changes and additions to your home and feel the results!

In the meantime, I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021!

New year blessings!


*Theodora Lau “The handbook of Chinese horoscopes” Harper Collins Publishers 1996

9 star ki – learn how to go with the flow as your energy changes for 2021

9 star ki – A journey of discovery into our inner and outer worlds and how best to infuse them with joy, abundance, health and happiness for every area of our lives for 2021.

On February 6th I will be hosting a Saturday morning zoom workshop on Being in your element; Looking ahead at what’s in store for you in 2021. 9 Star Ki Astrology, Feng Shui and Relationships is an excellent avenue to discover our own personal energy signature and how we may best support this energy for the coming year in our own homes

In this workshop we will learn:

  • How to calculate our own personal energy signature; the elements that make up our emotional centre, our character and our outer expression. The way in which our energy differs from, or integrates with, our partners, family or work colleagues.
  • How our energy changes and evolves each year over a cycle of 9 years and how best to go with the flow of this movement.
  • What 2021 holds for our personal energy and how best to tap into that.
  • We will also look at the energy for partners, friends, family and colleagues to better understand how we act and interact with each other based on our elemental signature.
  • How to map this information onto our homes so that we develop a deep personal connection between our lives and our homes, our outer skin.
  • 9 star ki dovetails with feng shui and allows us to understand the energy that lies behind the movement of energy to and through our lives. Feng Shui and 9 star ki recognise that life is simply energy in transformation – understanding the mechanism of this transformation enables us to enjoy a deeper and fuller, connection to this process in our lives.
  • Our energy moves and transforms each year over a cycle of 9 years, some years are more quiet and introverted and others more high energy and fast paced. Discovering where we are on this wave of energy and how to go with the flow, and support ourselves in this process of transformation and growth.


A journey of discovery into our inner and outer worlds and how best to infuse them with joy, abundance, health and happiness for every area of our lives.



2021 a new beginning

Moving forward into 2021

None of us could have anticipated the year that was 2020, bringing with it all kinds of social and political unrest along with a worldwide pandemic which radically altered our behaviours and curtailed the parameters of our individual worlds in ways we could not have imagined.

With so many people now working from home and remaining at home for longer periods than they would have ever done, many people have looked at their homes with fresh eyes. Even from a practical level of having to accommodate multiple functions such as creating a home office/home offices due to one or more of the family now working from home, home schooling and simply having everyone being at home together for much longer periods of time.

Feng shui design offers a wonderful prism through which to view our homes from multiple levels; practical functionality, energetic support, health and well being as well as making room for all aspects of our life. Not allowing our work to become overwhelming, is a big part of this. Many of my clients and workshop participants have noted that they are constantly reminded of work when trying to relax and unwind and therefore feel a lot more stressed than they previously would have, unable to switch off at the end of the day. Feng shui design provides us with a new way to view each area of our homes and their energetic connection to the different areas of our lives. This allows us to make better choices and to support every area of our lives: work, rest and play. All are necessary for balance.

Yearly energies

Each year over a cycle of 9 years our individual energy shifts and changes, in some years our energy will be very much inwardly focused and in others it will feel much more active and outgoing. Learning how to map these changes allows us to go with the flow rather than swimming against the tide. The energy is the same, in both cases, life changes and moves forward, however our perspective and our focus shifts allowing us to enjoy the journey more.

The energy of the new year begins to rise and proceed at the beginning of February, when new shoots begin to pop their heads through the earth, promising new growth and vitality as we enter a new cycle of the seasons.

As we begin 2021, having been in lockdown for almost a year, on and off, we are truly ready to open ourselves up to the possibility of a new dawn, a fresh and vibrant new year.

In Ireland February 1st marks St Brighids day, the traditional beginning of the new year, when Brighid is said to rise from her winter slumber in the underworld and bring with her all of the fresh new growth for the year ahead.

9 Star ki

In 9 star ki astrology, a companion to feng shui, we recognise February 4th as the beginning of the new year when we enter a new phase in our lives. Each year over a cycle of 9 years our individual energy cycles through 9 phases, some years our energy is full of vibrant yang energy and others it is more introverted, yin and withdrawn. Understanding where we are in this spiral of energy in any given year can give us huge insight into how best we may support ourselves through the current and coming year. Join us on 6th February for an online workshop and discover how to go with the flow and “be in your element” in 2021.

The Chinese new year, the beginning of the year of the Metal Ox falls on February 12th in 2021. This is a moveable feast as it follows a lunar cycle.

Whichever system you follow, this is the time to look forward, to make plans, set things in motion for whatever form we would like our own growth to take in the coming year.

A happy and healthy new year 2021

Happy New Year 2021 from

 Feng shui to support our health  and wellbeing

Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year as we  begin 2021 with renewed hope that life will come back into balance and that we can reconnect with each other fully as the year progresses.

From a feng shui perspective the central core of our home represents balance, unity, health and wellbeing. Health is indeed central to our enjoyment of every area of our lives and ultimately essential to our sense of success and abundance. We pay special attention to the use of colour, imagery, furnishings, decorative elements and to the scents which create the mood in this part of our home.

How to improve the health and unity area of your home
As an earth energy area, this part of our home benefits from an infusion of fire to boost our health. For this reason we like to leave the central core of our space open light and bright, with a splash of some bright fiery colour, some lighting and some elements which lift our spirit. In the image I have placed a Himalayan salt lamp alongside a spiral of tranquility on a brightly coloured cloth to illuminate and balance the energy in the central core of my home.

Gather together some items which represent health and well being for you and set them in the central core of your space, wherever you have room. You might choose a lamp, a candle, some incense or an aromatherapy diffuser, for example. As you set them out, set the intention to make time and space for your own health and wellbeing this year.

Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Joyful new year, 2021!

Stay well, take time to breathe, relax and remember the only constant in life is change. Welcoming in all of the positive changes that this new year will bring.

kindest regards,

Feng Shui online training and workshops

For those of you who wish to delve deeper into our connection with our homes through feng shui design, we are starting an online four week foundation level workshop on Saturday 9th of January from10am to 1pm  and continuing each Saturday until the 30th. Each week we will layer in all aspects of feng shui, space clearing, healthy homes and understanding our own personal energy signatures. Balancing our personal energy with that of our homes.
Spaces are limited to just 8 participants in order to ensure everyone has individual attention. Participants will need to send me their floor-plan when booking so that I can guide everyone through the application of feng shui design to their individual spaces.

Virtual feng shui design consultations are currently available send me an email for full details.

Winter Solstice Blessings

 December 21st Winter Solstice Blessings

The Winter solstice is a great time to reassess how things are going for us. It is the darkest and shortest day in the northern hemisphere. However, it also marks “the return of the light” as the earth turns on its axis and the days slowly but surely begin to get brighter and longer.

This year there is a very rare convergence on the 21st, Jupiter and Saturn will appear to sit so closely together in the night sky that they will look like one radiant point of light, a “Solstice star/Christmas star” apparently this is the “closest” they will appear together in the sky in 800 years.

Setting intentions; a solstice ceremony

This is a great time to set our intentions for the coming year. Spending some time focusing on what we wish to let go of, and what you wish to draw in for every area of our lives creates a “reset button”. It is best to set up a small ceremony around this, taking time to consider each part of our lives (see guide below) write down our intentions, set them in two separate lists, one of things, ways of being, relationships etc that we are ready to release, and the other a list of what we would like to enjoy more/draw in for the coming year. Take the “release” list and burn it safely with some incense/dried herbs. Take the second intentions list and place it in a red envelope and put it in a place of prominence where you will see it every day, as a powerful reminder of your intentions.  

Learn More about feng shui design for you and your home

Spending more time at home and for many of use, working from home has forced us to look more closely at our surroundings. The impact of the colours, textures and layout of our homes came sharply into focus. Feng shui offers an energetic perspective on all of these aspects of our homes and provides a framework to layer onto the interior design which makes it deeply personal and as a result much more supportive. If you wish to delve deeper into this, I will be running our foundation level feng shui design workshop online over four Saturday mornings in January where we can delve deeply into our own personal energy and that of our homes, connecting the two so that we have a deeper sense of belonging and support in our living spaces.

Be proactive

In order to tap into our creative energy and be pro-active in all areas of our life it can be wonderful to periodically do the following exercise: create our own vision board. Continue reading

December 2020

December 2020

And just like that it’s mid-December. What a whirlwind of a year this has been!

Who knew this time last year that we would spend 2020 cocooning and focusing our energy inward? 

Spending more time at home and for many of us, working from home has forced us to look more closely at our surroundings. The impact of the colours, textures and layout of our homes came sharply into focus.

Feng Shui

Feng shui offers an energetic perspective on all of these aspects of our homes and provides a framework to layer onto the interior design which makes it deeply personal and as a result much more supportive. If you wish to delve deeper into this, I will be running our foundation level feng shui design workshop online over four Saturday mornings in January where we can delve deeply into our own personal energy and that of our homes, connecting the two so that we have a deeper sense of belonging and support in our living spaces.

Yin and Yang

Having spent a year feeling stressed on many levels, now, more than ever we need to focus on supporting our health and well being. Decorating our homes for Christmas with lots of colour and light will add plenty of Yang activating energy. However on the Yin side we really need nurture and support our energy, mothering ourselves through these days as we move toward the winter solstice.

Fragrant Chi

Those of you who joined me on the December fragrant chi weekend workshop will have lots of ideas on how to support yourselves in body, mind and spirit through the use of essential oils. 

Scent is our primal sense, it is the first sense to develop as babies and triggers immediate reactions from our nervous system and limbic system which informs how we feel in terms of security and sets the tone for our mood.

Plant allies

Beyond this essential oils are our plant allies in supporting us on every level; physically many essential oils are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and immune supportive and emotionally essential oils can uplift, energise or relax and comfort depending on the oils chosen. The good news is that inhaling essential oils is the quickest way to benefit from their effects, so diffusing them in our homes is extremely effective. I will be running another online workshop to continue this series in the new year.

Fragrant Support at Christmas

Some oils which offer particular support and enjoyment when diffused over the holidays include:-

Orange (Citrus sinensis): which encourages joy, creativity, adaptability and optimism and promotes uninhibited communication. Eases stress and moves out stagnant chi. It is also anti-viral and a digestive aid – always useful, but especially at this time of year. sacral chakra, warming and energising

Cinnamon (cinamomum zeylanicum): which is warming and energising. It is anti-depressant, antimicrobial, antiseptic and excellent to diffuse during infectious illnesses. It is also immune supportive

Frankincense (Boswellia Carterii): which cleanses and balances all of the chakras, is deeply calming and is anti-microbial and immune supportive. It offers emotional healing, support and protection. 

Diffuse up to 6 drops either singly or as a blend of your choice for half an hour at a time to fill your home with festive supportive fragrant chi. 


Supporting ourselves through change

Changing with the times, going with the flow

Change is the only constant in life, everything changes. The obvious changes that this year has brought to us all aside, our lives today probably look quite different to how they looked ten years ago. However, if our environment does not reflect this by growing and changing with us on some level, we remain vibrationally stuck in the past. This makes it difficult to break free of old patterns and redundant ways of being.

Making a change externally has an immediate impact on our inner world. We all feel the shift in energy when we decorate our homes for Christmas for example, and again when we take down the decorations in January. There is a palpable shift in the energy, our homes feel radically different which impacts on our physical energy and our mood.

Analysing how we wish to live, moving forward, where the focus of our lives will be for the next five years, say, will give us a starting point for what we now require from our homes to support us on our journey. Perhaps everything is just fine, in which case, job done!

If not, then we can look at small changes we can make to begin with. That ornament or picture that was gifted to us, perhaps that we never really loved (or even liked!) which is hanging out in our living room, like an uninvited guest overstaying their welcome. Move it on, clear it out and make some space for something new and vibrant to come in.

Shifting the focus

Shift the focus in your living room from the TV to a beautiful image or vase of flowers; this will focus your energy on your inner world rather than giving dominance to the world at large. All too often the TV is the focal point of the living room by virtue of its size and positioning it can become like an altar to which we must subjugate our lives. If we position the TV above our eye level when we are sitting, then we force ourselves to constantly “look up” to it, giving it a greater dominance over our lives and our free time than it perhaps merits. The scale of the TV relative to the room will also give it lesser or greater dominance symbolically in our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good TV series as much as the next person, but this as with all other things, needs to be in balance to how we wish to live our lives. Allowing our connection with ourselves and with our loved ones to be the overriding influence in how we lay out and orient the seating within our living spaces, symbolically makes gives precedence to our connection to each other and to our homes, and most importantly to whatever brings us most joy, over the intrusions from the outside world.

Setting the tone

Our entrance hall is where we get to set the tone, this is like the handshake (or bearhug) we are met with on entering. Expressing who we are in terms of our personality, setting out our stall, in the entry to our home will immediately support us as we arrive home to ourselves.

In order to set the tone and support our energy especially through times of change and transition we can diffuse essential oils to support our energy on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Supportive Diffuser blend

3 drops of Bergamot (citrus bergamia) an essential oil cold pressed from the rind of the bitter orange fruit. (Therefore always buy organic for preference to avoid oils from the rind of fruit which has been chemically treated). Lemony, peppery and herbal in scent, bergamot has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety qualities, it is relaxing, calming and restorative. It lifts our spirits and helps reduce insomnia. (Do not use on the skin if you are going to be exposed to sunlight as it is highly phototoxic). It has the ability to move stagnant energy built up over time when we can experience frustration, anger and ultimately feel quite stuck in the mud. It helps us to relax and let go becoming more spontaneous. (Gabriel Mojay Aromatherapy for healing the spirit; Gaia books 1997)

2 drops of Cypress (Cupressus semperverins) woody, resinous and balsamic, cypress is distilled from the cones, twigs and leaves of this plant. Very therapeutic for use in times of overwhelm, it has been described as being like “a friend holding your hand through troubled times”. An excellent oil for times of transition in life, it is soothing when we are feeling overwhelmed.

2 drops of Marjoram (origanum majorana) warm and herbal this oil also has spicy and woody notes. It is perfect to relieve stress and tension and support self-care. Sweet nourishing and balancing, it can aid us through times of chronic lethargy (caused by prolonged stress) and nervous exhaustion.A distillation of mother earths compassion, marjoram shows us “the joy of the mountains” (Gabriel Mojay Aromatherapy for healing the spirit; Gaia books 1997)

Diffuse in a well-ventilated room, if very young children, immune compromised or weak individuals or animals are present half the amount of oil used in the diffuser. Always ensure animals can leave a room where oils are being diffused, their sensitivity to scent is much greater than that of humans.

Treat yourself to an online workshop discovering how to infuse your home with essential oils to improve its feng shui and cleanse and uplift your body, mind and spirit.

Join us for an online workshop on December 5th from 10 am to 1pm for a morning of exploring Fragrant chi. Learn more about how to use essential oils in the home to support your energy and immune system and how to make natural alternatives for cleaning products, air fresheners and body care products.


Surround yourself with what you love – cultivating creativity

As we move into another lockdown for the next six weeks, it seems appropriate to look at ways to reduce our stress levels and introduce more joy in small but effective ways into our daily routines.

It’s the 10th anniversary of Brené Brown’s “the gifts of imperfection” and she has produced an updated book and audio book in celebration. I love audio books especially when infused with such personality as Brené’s. In this book she recommends introducing laughter, dance and song into every day as an excellent antidote to stress, allowing our bodies to relax and release tension.

Make a playlist

I took up her recommendation to make a playlist of songs that I find fun and which encourage me to get up and dance and sing along. Playing this as I go about making meals and cleaning up around the house makes these day to day jobs so much more fun and actually sets me up to feel much better throughout the day. Try it for yourself – even choosing the songs is a lot of fun to begin with!

Laugh every day

Make a concerted effort to watch something funny on TV instead of tuning into the constant stream of news and current affairs shows which can repeat on a loop throughout the evening. The difference this makes to our immune system is exponential, the more we do fun things, the more stress we release and the more balanced we will feel.

We can all relate to the “busy being busy” syndrome, let’s face it there is always another job to be done. But especially at this moment in time, it’s important to schedule in a little time for frivolity and fun. Creativity and play are essential to boost our second chakra energy – our centre for feeling joy.

Get Creative

The area of the bagua associated with joy and creativity, children and play is a great space in our homes to remind ourselves to invite our inner child out to play. (the western sector if using the compass school approach or the middle right hand sector of our home as we stand at the front door looking in).  Associated with the future, this is the area where we dream the big dreams for the future, and the best way to access this energy is to remove the constraints we set on ourselves when we compare our creative abilities to those of others.

We are all inherently creative, we may have been told at some point in our lives that we are not as artistic or talented as someone else and so we buried our talents in favour of something more “sensible”.

This month, I challenge you to schedule in some fun every day, make a playlist of your favourite songs which lift you out of your seat to dance. Sing them at the top of your voice, dance like no one is watching and release some of the tension that inherently seeps into our energy field even when we are not conscious of it. Its a really good way to sneak in some extra exercise too.

Choose a creative project, maybe something you loved to do as a child: carving pumpkins, colouring, painting, crochet, baking,  whatever would bring you most joy. Think of something that you enjoy doing so much that when you do it, time just disappears.

Infuse your space with joy

Diffuse some essential oils in your home to lift your mood. Citrus oils are wonderful to cut through tension and lift energy. Choose your favourite from orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime or mandarin, they all contain a component called d-limonene which helps activate white blood cells and is immune supportive as well as being uplifting. Personally, I find the scent of Grapefruit adds such sunshine to any space it’s diffused in. It offers an uplifting and anxiety-relieving aroma, it cuts through indecision and exudes happy outward energy. En-joy this time of retreat, go with the flow, tune in to what you need to do to feel good. Surround yourself with what you love, ask yourself what brings you more joy and do more of that!

Be well, stay safe and have a little fun every day!
kindest regards,


This year has offered a different way of being, connecting and communicating. Many of you joined me from the spring equinox to the summer solstice via zoom every Saturday morning. It was a wonderful way to stay connected while being apart.

On the 5th of December from 10am to 1pm we will have a morning integrating aromatherapy with feng shui and healthy homes. Filling our homes with healing scents and learning how to make some simple cleaning products and body nourishing products to carry us through the winter. We will look at essential oils to support the various areas of the bagua and also learn which oils can support our body, mind and spirit and enhance our sense of well being. Make some wonderful home made gifts for friends and family, just in time for Christmas!

For the month of January, I have set out our foundation level training over four consecutive Saturday mornings so that we can slowly fold the layers of feng shui design into our homes and have time to return each week and ask questions and share experiences as we work through the process of applying feng shui to our living spaces in preparation for the new year ahead.

In February, we will spend a morning going through the changing energy for 2021, looking at 9 star ki for ourselves and the overall energy for the coming year. Each year over a cycle of 9 years our energy subtly shifts and changes, 9 star ki enables us to go with the flow of these changes, understanding how to support our personal energy and in making adjustments in our homes to support our energy for the year ahead.

March 2021 at the Spring equinox we will hopefully be able to return to in-person workshops and we have scheduled this weekend as an excellent time to tap into the energy of a tipping point of the year when we move into a period of growth and emerge again after the quietude of winter.

Feng shui design foundation level training in 2021

We have reduced numbers in our in-person trainings to fully comply with social distancing and to allow us to come together while staying safe.

Virtual feng shui design consultations currently ongoing, send me an email for full details.

Onsite consultations for further details send me an email or call 086-2719292

The autumn equinox; a time to harvest and release this years growth, and plant our intentions for next year

The Autumn equinox marks another tipping point for the year. A time to harvest the growth from this year, savouring its fruits and to release that which no longer serves us. This is the time of year when mother nature reminds us that the time of growth is slowing and the time to relax and let go is here.

Mirroring this natural rhythm, this is a great time to look around at what we have “grown and harvested” this year. Appreciating all of the fruits that this year has brought and letting go of anything which now no longer serves.

Follow the example of the trees, now beginning to release their leaves, and have a clear out. This makes room to plant some new intentions,  for next years growth. At this time of year we generally plant bulbs for spring, folding the earth gently over them, allowing her to nurture them over the winter so that when the wheel of the year turns again, this new growth will spring up full of potential for the new years growth.

Take some time to set your intentions for your future growth and transformation, what is it you would like to draw in going forward. Write down your intentions, and plant them into the earth in the same way as you would plant a bulb. You can even plant them beneath some bulbs. If you don’t have a garden, you can do this in a simple plant pot on a balcony or window ledge. Then relax in the knowledge that mother nature is doing what she does best, going with the flow. Drawing her energy in and down into her roots deep within the earth, nurturing and embracing the seeds for next years growth.

Plan how you will do this for yourself through the Autumn and winter, what seeds will you nurture and develop to facilitate next years growth?

Traditionally a time when the school year begins, a time to expand our knowledge and spend more time indoors, this is a time when we can really connect with the energy of our homes. Notice how each room feels, does any area feel cluttered or heavy. If so, take some time to clear things out, tidy away the summer clothes and shoes to make room for the autumn jumpers and boots.

Create a dedicated space to sit and tune in to your inner wisdom each day. Tune in to what you need to release, old patterns, ways of being etc. and open up some space to prepare for your future growth.

Spend some time in nature, listening and noticing the shift in energy. Tap into its rhythm and go with the flow.


This year has offered a different way of being, connecting and communicating. Many of you joined me from the spring equinox to the summer solstice via zoom every saturday morning.

This Autumn and Winter, I will be moving the foundation training online. Beginning on the 7th of November for four consecutive Saturday mornings from 10am to 1pm.

Then on the 5th of December from 10am to 1pm we will have a morning integrating aromatherapy with feng shui and healthy homes. Filling our homes with healing scents and learning how to make some simple cleaning products and body nourishing products to carry us through the winter. We will look at essential oils to support the various areas of the bagua and also learn which oils can support our body, mind and spirit and enhance our sense of well being. Make some wonderful home made gifts for friends and family, just in time for Christmas!

In the meantime, take some time outdoors, tune in and enjoy this turning point of the year and go with the flow!

Feng shui and health

The golden mean spiral visible at the centre of the sunflower radiates balance.

Feng shui to support our health and wellbeing

We are living through very strange times, this year has been quite exceptional. Looking after our physical and mental health has never been more pertinent. In our modern world feng shui and healthy homes are inextricably linked, we cannot have good feng shui if we are being stressed by environmental toxins. We need to address this in tandem to having good energy flow throughout our homes.

Stress lowers our immune response

Stress of any sort, be it environmental, physical or emotional in the form of worry and anxiety will lower our bodies immune response. We are primal beings and when we experience stress our bodies do not differentiate between being chased down by a tiger and worrying about a pandemic. The physical effect is the same, we move into fight, flight, freeze defensive mode. This switches our bodies into sympathetic nervous system response, causing our breathing to become shallow, our digestive system and our immune system to slow down and our bodies to come into a state of hyper awareness. The net effect of this long term is that we feel exhausted, run down and find it hard to relax and enjoy life.

With the schools reopening and our lives getting back to some semblance of “normality” many of us are finding this process more stressful than when we were safely cocooned in our own little nests.

Feng shui and health

Taking all of this into account, now is a good time to look at the health and wellbeing area of our home in terms of how this impacts on our personal energy. In feng shui we associate the central core of our home with our health and vitality. Health is indeed central to our enjoyment of every area of our lives and ultimately essential to our sense of success and abundance. We pay special attention to the use of colour, imagery, furnishings, decorative elements and to the scents which create the mood in this part of our home.

Continue reading

Working from home – feng shui for the home office

In these challenging times it is even more important to ensure that we support our energy fully in our home office environment.  It is most ideal if we can position our desk so that we have our backs to a solid wall affording us a full view of the door and the window as we sit at our desks.

Positioning ourselves so that we are not in direct line with the door, but offset so that we have a diagonal view to the comings and goings into the room. You may wonder why this should be, why not put the desk against the wall and sit facing the wall? When we sit with our backs to the door in a home office or sit in an open plan space with your backs exposed to the rest of the room it feels uncomfortable, we throw up an awareness to what is going on behind us and therefore cannot fully settle in and focus on the work at hand.

A good quality office chair offers ergonomic support and its five feet offer maximum stability. If we are teetering on the edge of a stool or sitting in a dining room chair which was not designed for comfort for the long periods involved in working from home, we will experience physical and mental discomfort and stress.

Ideally we have sufficient storage so that we can tidy all of our paper work away at the end of each working day. Having a “clear desk” policy allow us to being each day from a fresh perspective. Tidying everything away at the end of our day, allows us to separate our work from our home life.

If we are constantly surrounded by our work, we can feel like we are never off, which is stressful in and of itself.

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Full Strawberry Moon June 5th 2020

June 5th 2020

The full “Strawberry moon” eclipse at 20:12

An eclipse is said to act like a doorway for us to step through into a new beginning. The planetary alignments this month have the potential for great transformation, an opportunity to let go of the past and use this time of inspiration to create a new future.

Set aside some time to your intentions for the way forward; this is a powerful time of manifestation. This is a time to rebalance your energy and set out on your soul path with sure footed grace. Think about what you want to release, let go of old ways of being, forgive whatever wrongs have happened in the past and let them go. Take time to recognise and give gratitude for all of the blessings in your life and to invite in whatever energy you wish to enjoy going forward.

Write it down “spell it into being”. Then simply allow or surrender to what is ready to come in to your life. There is nothing more for you to do, but relax in the knowledge that blessings of all kinds are winging their way to you.

Place your crystals outdoors overnight to charge them with this full strawberry moon energy.


How to create a more balanced space within your home

Its all about Balance………

CHEMICAL POLLUTION                                            CHOOSING HEALTHIER OPTIONS

STRESS /LIFESTYLE                                      GOOD BODY MAINTENANCE & LAUGHTER

EMF’S                                                                              EARTHING,  COLOUR

POOR FENG SHUI                                                       FENG SHUI CURES & ENHANCEMENTS

CUTTING CHI                                                              GOOD FURNITURE PLACEMENT

GEOPATHIC STRESS                                               ENERGY AWARENESS – SPACE CLEARING

CLUTTER AND DISORDER                                        REGULAR CLUTTER CLEARING


Space Clearing Method

The method of space clearing

Space clearing, cleanses and uplifts the atmosphere of a space. It is an energetic “spring clean” and infusion of joy to the pervading atmosphere, improving well being.


There are many many approaches to clearing spaces. We all need to find the way that feels right for us. However, there is a common thread we can follow:-

  • First open a window in each room to allow the energy you are clearing to be released as you work
  • Using sound to shift the particles of energy which have become stagnant in our environment. The vibration of everything that has gone on in a space can become stuck like so many cobwebs in the atmosphere of our spaces, leaving them feeling heavy and sluggish. Many people use a bell or a drum for this purpose, working around the circumference of a space. Others use chanting or clapping; essentially we are trying to shake the energy up, like shaking out a rug to release dirt and dust which has become embedded in its fibres.
  • Next cleansing the space with some incense; this will be a personal choice. We can use resins, dried herbs, leaves or natural stick incense for this purpose. Use only pure and natural products which do not have synthetic ingredients or perfumes. Frankincense resin is especially beautiful for this purpose as it is emotionally calming and uplifting, grounding restorative and centering in its energy, it imbues us with a sense of inner strength. Deeply healing, the word Frankincense comes from the old French word “franc” meaning pure or free and the latin word “incensum” meaning to kindle; “To kindle purity/freedom”
  • The purpose here is to use the smoke from the incense to cleanse the energy particles that we have “shaken up” with the sound reverberation.

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May day Space clearing to invite in the new growth of Summer.

In the past six weeks many of us have spent time clearing out our homes, tackling clutter that may have lain dormant for years. Clearing out what is no longer necessary or useful is a very powerful way to shift the energy of our homes which creates a corresponding shift in the energy of our lives as a result.

Having cleared the physical clutter in our homes, the next stage is to clear the energy of the atmosphere within our home.  Quantum physics has proven what ancient people instinctively knew; everything is energy. At a molecular level, every thing in our environment, however solid it may seem, is simply made up of moving particles of energy, vibrating at a different frequency from the spaces around it. The table and chairs in our living room, the books in the bookcase, the rug on the floor; they are all just energy particles vibrating at a frequency that we perceive to have more density and volume than the spaces in between. We are energetic beings, our energy is in constant communication with our surroundings on a vibrational level. This interaction can take the form of a harmonious melody or a discordant din. The choice is ours. 

All of the spaces in each room of our homes are vibrating with energy of some sort. Some spaces will feel energetically chaotic, some may feel stagnant or dull, some may feel peaceful and enfolding and some vibrant and life giving. When we take some time to notice the energy in each room of our home, deeply focusing our awareness, this gives us an indication of what shifts in energy are required at any given time. 

The most important part of this process is setting our intention; what is it we would like to have happen as a result of this space clearing? What would we like to release? what patterns, ways of being, experiences are we now ready to let go of? Writing these down, making a clear list is a powerful part of the process. There is power in the written word, we are “spelling” it out. This has energetic magic to offer at a vibrational level.

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Home and health

In feng shui we observe that there is an energetic correlation between the central core of our space and our health and wellbeing.

Move (physically or in your minds eye) to the central core of your space, in feng shui this is called the Tai Chi and is associated with our sense of stability and well being. Take a look at the colours, imagery and interior design. How does it feel to occupy this space? Does it feel uplifting or cramped and unappealing?

Keeping this space as bright and fresh as possible is ideal. Like a shaft of sunlight illuminating the central core of your being; your solar plexus. In the chakra system this  is associated with a radiating plexus of nerve endings, often depicted as a yellow spinning wheel of light; our solar plexus.

Our Solar Plexus; is associated with the colour yellow, our transformation centre. The energy here is concerned with our focus, will power and follow-through.

Affirmation: “I honour the power within me, I know my purpose, I carry it out easily and effortlessly and I transform into the best expression of myself

 The colour yellow is an excellent addition in this central area or our homes. After white, yellow reflects the most light into a space. Think of the daffodils when they appear at this time of year and the boost of energy we get when they remind us that spring is here and new growth and fresh starts are on their way.

If you do not wish to paint this area bright yellow, you might add some imagery which has the same sense of uplift and cheer. A sunflower for example has the radiant energy of the sun and also often encompasses the golden mean spiral at its centre. Meditating on this spiral which is found in many places in the natural world is said to bring us into balance with nature. 

Another welcome addition to this central core of your space would be a bunch of fresh spring flowers, reminding us that the seasons are turning, spring has arrived and with it the promise of new growth.

The most important thing here is not to clutter the space, to give it a sense of openness, a space to breathe.

Scent is a real trigger for emotion, as it directly affects our limbic system which controls our memory centre. Diffusing aromatherapy oils in the central core of your space is an excellent way to lift your energy. Oils which you find bright and uplifting will infuse your space with joy and supportive energy.

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) has been described as the “rescue remedy” of essential oils. Calming, soothing and nurturing, it has a wonderful ability to bring us into balance. It is calming and gentle and incredibly healing on many levels. Lavender is a tonic to both the mind and the body and is said to strengthen and restore vitality.

Aromatherapy for health and wellbeing.

Lemon (citrus limon) is another essential oil which is uplifting (pretty much all of the citrus oils are cheerful and bright in their energy). Lemon is cleansing and a noted immune stimulant.

It is said to expand our energy and promote a sense of “opening”. It reduces stress and tension and invites in happy and expansive energy.

What a great oil to diffuse in this central core of your space to open yourself up to a sense of joyful wellbeing.

What does “home” mean for you? The home we talk about when we discuss “feeling at home”

At this most unusual time, when we are being forced to spend even more time at home, it seems apt to stop and reflect on the question:

What does “home” mean for you?

The home we talk about when we discuss “feeling at home” or “making ourselves at home”, “home truths” or “home being where the heart is” is more than just the shell of a building and more than the individual things we surround ourselves with.

It is a construct, a feeling, almost a sense of re-membering; a rebuilding of an atmosphere, constructed by the gathering together, and layering, of all of the elements with which we choose to feather our individual nest.  Home is a space which strikes a chord in our soul memory. When we work consciously to create this, our home enfolds us in a bear hug of comfort, like a warm bath, it makes us exhale, relax, and release some of the tensions of the outside world. 

Our home is our outer skin, an outward expression of what is going on inside us. We can look around, taking in the colours, patterns and imagery we have surrounded ourselves with, and ask ourselves; what is my home reflecting back to me? 

In the creation of a true home for ourselves to “belong” in, we can explore how the colour, shape, scent, material finishes and the “atmosphere” of a space conspire to provide an individual “personality”. We are in close relationship with our homes, whether we are even conscious of that relationship or not. We are not separate from our environments, or for that matter, from each other. Our buildings are an extension of ourselves. Some would say that our surroundings are a metaphor for all that is going on inside us, mirroring our inner-most energy signature back to us, giving us the opportunity to work towards balance inside and out. 

As Winston Churchill said “we shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us”.


Essential oils to support balance in challenging times

Pure Essential oils are an excellent boost our energy

cold air diffuser with pure essential oils



Simply gently diffuse in a cold air diffuser. Scent is deeply personal so it is important to find essential oils that resonate with positive memories for you. In general the citrus oils are wonderful to provide uplift.




Here are a few of my personal favourites to use at the moment:-

orange (citrus sinesis) whose warm sunny sweet aroma infuses joy into a space, unblocks and circulates stagnant energy and calms tension when we feel overwhelmed.
Lemon (citrus limon) whose antiviral properties are extremely helpful introduces  clarity, lightening and refreshing the mood and lifting tension.
Melissa (melissa officinalis) or lemon balm offers immune support, cooling and soothing for the heart, reduces agitated emotions and anxiety imbuing “gentle strength and fearless serenity”. (Gabriel Mojay)
Eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus) is a well known immune tonic, aiding in opening up the lungs allowing us to breathe more deeply. It also dispels sadness and restores vitality and optimism
Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is soothing and calming, encouraging balance while reducing fear and anxiety. It has been described as “a crisis smoother” (herbalist Peter Holmes)
Tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia)is said to build strength and confidence and is said to be an outstanding airborne antimicrobial and arial antiseptic. When used in conjunction with lavender and geranium has been found to be most active against MRSA (Edward Jones et al 2004)
Cedarwood (cedrus atlantica or juniperus virginiana) is said to increase endurance during difficult times and supports confidence in challenging situations. it is a very grounding oil and is said to lift our mood when we are feeling destabilised. According to Gabriel Mojay cedarwood gives “immoveable strength in times of crisis”.

The three areas of your home to enhance emotional stability, health and inner balance

Within our homes, look at the three earth energy areas to create stability and balance:-

  • Relationships harmony (south west if using compass school; rear right from front door if using western approach)
  • Health and unity (central core of the home)
  • Mountain/knowledge/spiritual connection (North east if using compass school; front left if using western approach)

The area of mother earth/relationships harmony

Our first relationship in life is with our mother, therefore the area of relationships is deeply connected to “mother” energy and with mother earth, our earthly womb which we can nestle into and nurture our relationships with our immediate partners. This area is associated with opening ourselves up to give and receive love and support. Clear this area of clutter and bring in some earth energy in the form of stone, sculpture, crystals such as rose quartz and clear quartz. If this is a sitting room add cushions and throws etc to create a space to nestle and enfold yourself in this loving energy. If not, then at least add ornamentation or imagery which feels loving and supportive in its energy. Pairs of things work well to imply connection and balance.


The area of health and unity

The stable centre of the wheel around which everything else revolves. Keep this central core of your space clear, easy to move around and bright. Colours for this area include yellows which (after white) reflects the most light. Uplifting imagery, fresh flowers, beautiful scents all add a boost to your energy as you pass through this space.



The area of mountain; inner knowledge & spiritual connection

Provides us with stability, calm inner connection and respite from the busyness of life. Including the earth element in this area in the form of stone, marble, sculpture, mountain imagery and creating an atmosphere of calm quietude will provide balance from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Including elements here which remind us to take “time in” for meditation, reconnection with spirit and self on a daily basis provides us with our anchor. This is really important especially when going through turbulent times.

The importance of getting outdoors into nature to restore balance

Getting outdoors will further ground your energy, refocusing your mind on the wonderful new growth of spring that is bursting through at this time of year. Spending time around trees will root and ground your energy, stand with your back to a tall tree and look up into its canopy, feel its strength and rooted growth, breathe in its natural beauty and serenity.


Image result for walking on the beach image

Walking by the sea will allow you to absorb negative ions, releasing the positive charge built up when we are surrounded by technology and synthetic materials. Looking out at the sea makes us breathe deeply and exhale, releasing tension.

In fact, walking barefoot on the earth is the quickest way to ground or earth our energy and bring ourselves back into balance. We spend so much time separated from Mother Earth that we have lost our connection to how deeply healing it can be to press our feet into the earth and receive her healing.

Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside. Emerging scientific research supports the concept that the Earth’s electrons induce multiple physiological changes of clinical significance, including reduced pain, better sleep, a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic tone in the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The book Earthing Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, Martin Zucker  presents  fascinating research and testimonials the authors expound the benefits of walking barefoot on the earth:- 

Few people know it, but the ground provides a subtle electric signal that maintains health and governs the intricate mechanisms that make our bodies work just like plugging a lamp into a power socket makes it light up. Modern lifestyles, including the widespread use of insulative rubber or plastic soled shoes, has disconnected us from this energy and, of course, we no longer sleep on the ground as we did in times past. EARTHING describes how this physical disconnection from the Earth creates abnormal physiology and contributes to inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress and poor sleep, and how by reconnecting to the Earth symptoms are rapidly relieved and even eliminated.


Staying positive in challenging times – grounding your energy for stability and balance

Grounding your energy is a great way to reconnect to your stable centre.

In challenging times like these it is easy to feel destabilised and disconnected. Grounding your energy into your space and working consciously to create a positive atmosphere will support your energy and that of your loved ones in these challenging times.

Taking some time in (even a few minutes) several times a day to stop, sit quietly and breathe helps to release pent up tension and anxiety. If possible do this outdoors or at least at a window so that you can breathe in some fresh air and hear some sounds from nature.

Sit and catch a ray of sunshine to boost your chi!
(image from the little dog laughed)

Grounding exercise

Sit upright in a chair, or on a mat and imagine your energy rooting down into the earth, visualise roots from the souls of your feet, burrowing down deeply into the earth.
Breathe deeply visualising the stabilising force of mother earth rooting you deeply, feel this energy moving up through your feet, legs, torso and arms, up through your head and out through your crown chakra like the branches of a tree reaching up and out, expanding your energy.

Incense and connecting to the knowledge of our ancestors


Historically, all cultures have a tradition of using plants and plant material to create incense and perfumes both for ceremonial use and to create a more pleasing atmosphere.  Our very early ancestors would have gathered around a ceremonial fire, breathing in  the “holy smoke” from woods and resins. Indeed the modern word perfume comes from the latin words per fumen meaning “through the smoke”.


White sage “smudging” is still widely practised today to cleanse the atmosphere of a space in order to sharpen our senses and open us up to connect to spirit. 

Native american tradition would include the use of wild sage, cedar, sweet grass etc in the form of dried herbs which would then be used as incense for special ceremonies. The idea being that the scent would transport them from the mundane connecting to the spiritual realm. 

Science is now catching up with this ancestral knowledge

Science is catching up with what our ancestors innately understood and is now proving the efficacy of many of these forms of incense in cleansing and uplifting our environments. Studies have recently found that negative ions are released when white sage is burned. This is where a negative is actually positive for us; negative ions are molecules which have been found to effect biochemical reactions within our bodies related to boosting energy, enhancing our mood and even boosting serotonin levels. The most important benefit of negative ions is that they clear the air of airborne allergens such as pollen, mould spores, bacteria and viruses. Negative ions perform this function by attaching themselves to positively charged particles in large numbers and negatively charging those particles.

In the 2007 study titled “Medicinal smoke reduces airborne bacteria,” a reduction of 94% of airborne bacteria within 60 minutes within a closed room with the use of plant smoke proved that smudging with White Sage may be one of the most powerful antiseptic air purifiers ever used. By looking at the Latin name for Sage: salvia, translating simply as ‘healing plant,’ we find that even the various European species hold a very potent power to heal. Salvia is derived from the term salvus, meaning ‘healthy.’ Evan Sylliaasen, The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine. 

Ethical harvesting

White sage has become so over harvested now that it is in fact under serious threat, this combined with wildfires and drought in California in recent years has brought it to an almost endangered status. Therefore sustainable harvesting or even substitution with a less endangered herb or incense must be considered. Alternatively as Evan suggests, why not source some white sage seeds and grow your own herb for this purpose. 

Smudging with plant material to create sacred space is common to many traditions around the world. The Tibetans often used Juniper for this purpose, to cleanse and protect their energy. In Japan, incense has been used since the 5th century AD when Buddhism became established there. Incense was used in offerings to the Buddha and in spiritual ceremonies and rituals. They commonly used aloeswood, clove camphor, cinnamon and sandalwood among others. (“Listening to incense course” Evan Sylliaasen.)

Where to source incense – quality and purity is important.

When choosing incense for your own home, always choose pure and, where possible, organic varieties. There are many excellent resources for pure incense online, good health stores will carry pure and natural incense sticks or you can even grow and dry your own herbs to use for this purpose.Incense comes in many forms including dried leaves/flowers, resins and incense sticks. Highly processed and synthetic incense will simply introduce toxic chemicals to your environment which are neither good for you nor the environment at large.





Scent, memory and feeling “at home”

Scent, memory and “feeling at home”.

Every home has its own scent whether we have chosen it consciously or it has emerged unconsciously over time. Scent, like colour and sound, has the ability to transport us immediately into memory. Scientific research has proven that our sense of smell (olfaction) is directly connected to our Limbic system; the areas of the brain which process emotional expression behaviour and sensation. Our limbic system is said to provide us with our general “set point” for feeling. It is our mind-body connection. 

Our limbic system was originally referred to as our “rhinencephalon” or nose brain, which gives us some indication of the enormous impact our sense of smell has on its function. Sight and sound also impact the limbic system but they are not as immediately and directly connected as is our sense of smell.

But how does this work? a brief peek at the biology of smell

Our complex olfactory system has 100million highly specialised smell receptor cells (in our olfactory membrane, a small patch of cells in our noses) which uptake information once a smell is detected.  Smell is the most primitive and fundamental of our senses and is sharpest at birth. Newborns orient themselves primarily by scent detecting their mother.

Our olfactory system acts like a memory bank for smells, which serves to remind us of the positive or negative experiences we have stored over time about that particular scent. When we smell something , this information is instantly sent for processing to the brain via two separate roots; 

  • one to the frontal cortex which identifies the smell; smoke / bread.
  • the other to the hypothalmus, amygdala and other parts of the limbic system (the emotional pathway) which incredibly quickly triggers our memories and response. Whether that is the smell of smoke which implies danger and quickly activates our fight/flight instinct, or the smell of freshly baked bread which is comforting, reminding us of nourishment and stimulates our digestive juices.

Perception of scent

Our olfactory system can layer the multiple qualities of a scent and record a pattern of scent somewhat like the pattern of colours created on a patchwork quilt or in a beautiful mosaic or the of a group of musical notes played together, which we detect as a “musical chord” of smells. This then forms the basis for our ability to recognise and form memories  of approximately 10,000 different odours.

Our response to a stimulus in the form of a scent depends first on our perception of it; the memory we associate with it.  It is not surprising then, that estate agents recommend emphasising recognised particularly homely scents (such as fresh laundry or freshly brewed coffee) and masking unpleasant odours like “wet dog” or smelly socks when trying to sell our homes.

We can become unconscious of the smells which pervade our homes, whether the smells of cooking, our pets, laundry, cleaning products etc. Take a moment when you first walk in the front door to notice – what is the first thing you smell? What memory or emotion does that evoke? Does it make you feel comfortable or irritated? Each of us is impacted differently by various scents based on our memories and associations with them. Decide if the scent of your home is welcoming and pleasant or could it do with some adjustment? Then make some changes accordingly.

Next we will delve deeper into the world of incense and aromatherapy..

February 2020 new beginnings

In the northern hemisphere February marks the beginning of the new growth for the new year, the earth begins to awaken from her winter slumber and the growth for the new year begins to stir. 

In the Celtic calendar, this marks Imbolc, the celebration of the divine spark of inspiration, the festival of earth awakening and the potential for manifestation. 

In Ireland we celebrate Brighid’s day on the first day of February. It is said that on the night of the 31st of January Brighid rises again from her winter resting place and brings with her all of the potential for new growth for the year.  The symbolism of the Brighid’s cross represents the four cardinal directions and the four elements with Brighid spiralling at its centre being the unifying force. She is a symbol of compassion and healing. The “cross” is, in fact, a spiral, symbolising dynamic balance, and is traditionally placed above the front door of the home as a symbol of protection, unity and balance.

In feng shui, February 4th marks the beginning of the solar new year in feng shui. (The Chinese new year is based on the lunar calendar and is a “moveable feast” which was celebrated on January 25th this year.) Within the solar calendar, each year over a cycle of 9 years the energy subtly changes and shifts allowing us to experience different types of energy within our own lives. Depending on our own energy (ki) we will experience this shift in energy in subtly different ways. 

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Setting your course for 2020. Being in your element; a look at the 5 transformations

Being in your element Feng shui, 9 star ki and setting your course for 2020


The only constant in life is change; visible in the seasons, the passage of light throughout the day and our journey through life. This is key to our understanding of feng shui and 9 star ki astrology. 

Our lives, like the seasons, go through a natural dance of gathering and letting go, expansion and contraction. Each year over a cycle of 9 years our personal energy goes through subtle changes, some years our energy is rising and proceeding like the full force of spring and others our energy is more inwardly focused, deepening and solidifying our footing in the world. 

Learn more about your personal elemental signature and how to go with the flow of your energy for the coming year.

Learn also, how to tap into the feng shui of your home to fully support your own personal energy this year and every year going forward.

In all traditional cultures there is a natural instinct to look to mother nature to understand our place in the natural order of things. We are greatly impacted by the cycle of the seasons, the natural ebb and flow of light and heat throughout the day and throughout the seasons and the natural cycles occurring over a period of years. 

Many systems have been created to help us understand this natural flow so that we can tap into this and navigate our way on our journey through life with greater ease, trust and understanding.

These systems have closely observed the various energies in the natural world and assigned each of them an element; these elements are the essential building blocks from which all life is created, built, sustained and destroyed before beginning the cycle all over again.

In feng shui, ayurvedic and western traditions we look at the elements; wood, fire, earth, metal and water (the quintessence) . Often referred to as the five phases or five transformations, they represent growth and movement forward; onward and upward (wood), expansion, blooming and blossoming into full growth (fire), stabilising, steadying and solidifying (earth), contracting, condensing, gathering and consolidating (metal) and regenerating, diving deep to begin again (water).  Other cultures such as the native american and Celtic cultures break this down to just four; earth, air, fire and water. 

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Seasons greetings at the Winter Solstice and for Christmas 2019

Seasons Greetings at the winter solstice in the lead up to Christmas 2019

On December 21st we reach the standstill of the winter solstice, arriving at the shortest day of the year and the longest night.  

Celebrating the turning of the earth and the returning of the light, from today on the days will slowly but surely lengthen from now until the summer solstice when they reach their peak again. 

While mother earth sleeps, the seeds of next years potential begin to form deep beneath her surface. Use this time of quiet and stillness to meditate on what it is you would like to draw in for 2020. What seeds to you need to sow in order to reap their benefits next year?

Ideally we should be at our quietest at this time of year, in order to go with the flow of nature, but in the West tradition has it that this is the busiest time, at Christmas all of the hustle and bustle can leave us with precious little time to sit and reflect. 

There is a lot of symbolism associated with this time of year not least of which is the reindeer which synonymous with Christmas. In Shamanic tradition, the deer is a symbol of calm serenity, gentleness and safety for those seeking peace. Her energy reminds us that it is in the stillness that we will find our centre and serenity. Take some “time in” this weekend and in the coming week to pause and reflect on the year just gone and on what you want to invite in for the coming year, as the light returns, it brings with it the possibility for new growth and new beginnings.

On the 26th we will have a new moon eclipse. The new moon is when there is no moon, the cycle of the waning moon is complete and the waxing of the new moon has yet to begin in earnest. It is a pause between the exhale and the inhale of the cycles of the moon. It is said that at an eclipse* the universe changes gears. Eclipses open and close portals representing a moment in time when we can step through these portals and make an internal shift to move things along once and for all. A great time to set your intentions. (*eclipse information from “moonology” by Yasmin Boland)

Gratitude for many blessings this year

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this year, as readers of my newsletter, you give me the opportunity to share what I have learned so far on my feng shui journey, which I love to do. 

It has been my great pleasure to consult with many of you on feng shui for your homes and businesses and to spend time sharing the application of feng shui design with many of you at workshops throughout the year. 

2019 has been a wonderful year of learning and sharing and I am truly grateful for the many blessings it has brought. Not least, the amazing prize of a self-publishing package which I was awarded by Hay House as second prize in their writers workshop programme held in Dublin for the first time this year. Their support for my writing is an extraordinary affirmation for which I am truly humbled and grateful. More on this in the new year!

Until then, I wish you and yours a happy, healthy and Peaceful Solstice and Christmas and every blessing for the year ahead!

kind regards



An invitation to tap in to your potential for the coming year

9 Star Ki Astrology Feng Shui and Relationships. February 1st 2020

Being in your element; Whats in store for you 2020?

Discover more about your own personal energy signature and how best to support yourself in your home. 9 Star ki – your astrological companion to feng shui

In this class we look at our own personal energy signature – the elements that make up our emotional centre, our character and our outer expression. We look at the way in which our energy differs from, or integrates with, other elements in those in our immediate circle. We also take in how our energy changes and evolves each year over a cycle of 9 years and how best to go with the flow of this movement. What is does 2020 hold for your personal energy and how best to tap into that. We will also look at the energy for your partner, friends, family and colleagues to better understand how we act and interact with each other based on our elemental signature.

If you wish to delve deeper into the application of feng shui design to your home, join us for one of our two weekend workshops being held in March 21st and 22nd and October 17th and 18th. These are small gatherings which allow us to spend in depth time on each persons floor-plan and the application of feng shui design to it, taking into consideration your own personal energy and synchronising this with the energy of your home. 

Colour energetics; focus on Violet

Violet, the colour of royalty is associated with the pituitary centre which is called by the medical profession “the master gland” of the endocrine system.

Astrologists associate this gland with the planet Jupiter, endowing the individual with fortunate circumstances in all areas of his life. Money is gained easily and the individual will make wise use of it” Roger Lewis

Birren in New Horizons in colour discusses purple as being more refined than blue. The eye has more difficulty focusing on it. It is soft, filmy and never angular. Unlike blue, however it is not so lofty but clings to the earth like a distant mountain half hidden in the mist”.

In colour therapy Violet is said to be a purifying ray and affects the pituitary gland. “the violet ray depresses the motor nerves and the lymphatic and cardiac systems. It purifies the blood… it is used quite extensively in orthodox medicine, but is is a powerful and subtle vibration and acts on mans highest body so that its use is contra-indicated where the mind is undeveloped”  Colour therapy Mary Anderson


According to Faber Birren ” If you favour purple, you automatically assume, by right or by desire an uncommon quality among the mortals of this earth. Perhaps you deserve the association. If you do, you have a good mind , a rare wit and an ability to observe things which go unnoticed by others. You may be both introspective and temperamental – a combination that epitomised the artist. You are sensitive; you relish the subtle and can see the magnificence in both the baroque and the humble. “ There is indecision, inconsistency and aloofness in the individual who prefers violet, according to Birren,. Although naturally creative, often genius, he may be vain and revel in the admiration of others”

According to the Luscher colour test, an individual preferring violet enjoys the refinements of living, is tactful and warm, while retaining an attitude of censure. ….They keep their emotions under rigid and vigilant control, covering their own overly trusting nature by demanding complete honesty from others. 

When the pituitary gland, the master gland of the physical body is opened through meditation, the vibration of violet is lifted or changed to golden and is perceived as white or ULTRAVIOLET; the vibration of the unity of all colours and all of the seven spiritual centres returned to their original purposes, recharged and regenerated – Roger Lewis Colour and the Edgar cayce readings

Shakespeare in a Midsummer nights dream speaks of “flower of purple dye, Hit with Cupid’s archery” ; considered to be the pansy which is emblematic of humility and sweet loving thoughts.

In its negative connotation, purple can mean overweening pride, pomp and vanity. The colour of the rich man who has no love in his heart for Lazarus and no belief in anything but the things of the world. “ – Ellen Conroy the symbolism of colour.

Violet works on our feelings of self worth, dignity and self respect. It is recommended to use when we have a tendency to diminish ourselves always feeling that others can do better than us. – Theo Gimbel

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Symbols of protection

Symbols of protection


In every culture there is a tradition to place symbols of protection at the entrance to the home.

In Ireland, we have the tradition of placing a Brighids cross above the door to symbolise balance, healing  and protection.

Legend has it that, preceding the Celts, the Tuatha de Danaan, the children of Dana the mother goddess, came from doomed Atlantis to Ireland.

They brought with them the four sacred tools from the four cities of Atlantis: the sword of Truth from Findas, the city of the East, the spear of light from Gorias, in the South, the cauldron of plenty from Murias in the West and from Failias in the North, the stone of destiny.


Brighid, daughter of Dana was the uniting force of the Danaan as they settled in their new home in Ireland.

She brought the gifts of healing, poetry, writing and smith-craft and her healing grace. Brighid infused the hearth-fires with her warmth and light and the springs with her healing grace. She set up centres all over Ireland to train her priestesses in the healing Arts to serve the people.


The symbolism of the Brighids cross represents the four elements and the four cities of Atlantis with Brighid spiralling at its centre being the unifying force. She is a symbol of compassion and healing. It is, in fact, a spiral, symbolising dynamic balance, a perfect addition above the front door of the home.

On February 1st we celebrate Brighids day with the cutting of reeds to make a new Brighids cross for the home.

*Information on Brighids cross legend from Brighid’s Healing, Ireland’s Celtic Medicine Traditions by Gina McGarry




Colour energetics; focus on indigo


November has landed with a cold and wet snap, time to bundle up, keep warm and spend more time in introspection. We have just been through the feast of Samhain, when our ancestors recognised our need for a time of letting go, burning up and getting rid of what is no longer useful and making room for the seeds of next year to begin to germinate. It is timely then that we are continuing our journey through the seven colour spectrum with a focus on the colour Indigo. November has landed with a cold and wet snap, time to bundle up and keep warm and spend more time in introspection. We have just been through the feast of Samhain, when our ancestors recognised our need for a time of letting go, burning up and getting rid of what is no longer useful and making room for the seeds of next year to begin to germinate. We are continuing our journey through the seven colour spectrum with a focus on the colour Indigo.


An artistic colour, useful for introspection and meditation.


In feng shui blues are considered to be associated with the water element. Indigo, being a deeper shade (with black added) of blue and veering toward blue-purple, is the colour of the night sky.

It therefore speaks to greater depths on our journey. It is useful for meditation, when considering our way forward on our life-path.


In decoration Deep blues are cooling, calming and will absorb light and therefore reduce the apparent size of a space. Useful for meditation spaces or for bedrooms where a deeply calming atmosphere is required; Edgar Cayce associated this colour with the pineal gland, often considered a vestige of the third eye. This is where the pattern or seed of ideas are first implanted; where we dream them into being. 

Cayce further describes people who favour Indigo as being seekers, searching for a cause or spiritual experience; indicative of high mental abilities, a logical, discerning, enthusiastic and cheerful nature and a desire to express creativity. A dislike of indigo would, according to Cayce, suggest an overcautious, impetuous, and argumentative nature with a desire to give the ego full play.

Indigo is associated with the third eye chakra, the pituitary gland and intuition; knowledge with understanding. This is the chakra centre for intuition, the decision maker, the discriminator. When this chakra is flowing freely, we can see with clarity, anchoring our spiritual vision, allowing ourselves to see the truth. We feel purposeful, direct, clear in our actions and intuitive. “This is where we reel in our kite of intuition and inspiration, becoming part of the guided creative process” (Rick Jarrow “the ultimate anti-career guide”). When this chakra is blocked we can be indecisive, floating and “wishy-washy”. We have two physical eyes looking out and one energetic eye looking in.  Visualising a spinning wheel of deep blue indigo light in this area, just above and between our eyebrows will allow this energy to flow more freely. Affirmation” I am willing to release my fear of seeing the future; the truth. I allow myself to connect to boundless creative energy”. 

In colour therapy indigo is considered to be cooling, astringent and electric, working on the parathyroid glands, it is said to affect our emotional and spiritual levels and to reduce obsessive behaviour.


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Colour energetics: Focus on Blue



The third of the primary colours, blue is considered a cool colour. Its effect is almost the opposite of red, it is cooling, calming and considered to relax the body and lower the body temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure. Although, as with all things, in overuse its effect will be the opposite. (Yin becomes yang at its extreme)



In feng shui Blue is associated with the water element symbolic of movement and flow. There are two distinct sides to this energy; one bubbly and effervescent and the other deep and brooding. Depending on the quality of the tint/tone/shade used and the quality of the light in the room, blue may evoke differing sensations.

In Decoration Blue can generally evoke a feeling of calm and sedation but if used indiscriminately can evoke feelings of melancholia or uneasiness and can be quite depressing in overuse. It can be seen as calming and serene or cold and unwelcoming, therefore, care should be taken with its use in an interior scheme. It can make a room seem cold so it should be used in combination with warmer colours to counteract this effect. Pale blues can appear cold but can also be used on walls, for example to make a room appear more expansive (like the “pale blue yonder” of the sky it evokes a sense of space). 

Strong blues can also be effective on walls and ceilings of bedrooms and dining rooms where they seem impressive and calm. While red is an expansive colour in terms of energy, blue is a contractive colour as it calms things down evoking a restful energy. 


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Colour energetics; focus on green in feng shui design

Green and how to use it in feng shui design

The colour of nature, growth, youth and fertility and balance.

 A secondary colour, (meaning it is a blend of two primary colours; yellow and blue).  It has a balsamic and balancing effect on our psyche. Right in the middle of the colour spectrum, it is said to provide a balance between the stimulating colours of red orange and yellow and the calming colours of blue, indigo and violet. 

The keyword for green is balance.  Green is said to be balancing and healing for the body and mind and provides relief from stress and exhaustion. The best way to expose ourselves to the colour green is to get out into nature or to bring nature into our homes.

In general, it is best brought into the environment in the form of green leafy plants and woodland imagery. Plants have the added value of introducing negative ions and moisture into the air which enhances the sense of balance and relaxation we feel when we encounter them in our environment. 

It is recommended to use green if you tend to take your work home with you, in a metaphorical sense. Equally when you take your domestic matters into your work situation. If you cannot keep your thoughts in balance. – Theo Gimbel Healing with colour

In “color and human response” Faber Birren concluded “those who prefer green almost invariably are socially well adjusted, civilised and conventional…. They are persons who belong to clubs, take part in civic activities such as golf, cards and the theatre,… they are suburban.”

If you love green you probably dwell in the great forest of humanity; you are a respectable neighbour, home builder, parent, voter, patroniser, joiner” He states; “green suggests a retreat from anxieties”. Birren described those who disliked green as “resisting social involvement, lacking in balance… often leading a lonely existence”

In imbalance, green can be viewed as feeling ill (green about the gills) lacking in experience (being green) and feeling envious (the green eyed monster).

Associated with the thymus gland in the body, green is said to induce feelings of balance and harmony bringing in the fresh energy of new beginnings. It opens our heart to love, stabilises our energy and promotes enthusiasm, abundance, prosperity and wealth.

 Psychologically green represents a withdrawal from stimulus. It can create an ideal environment for sedentary tasks, concentration and meditation. 


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Colour energetics; focus on yellow in feng shui design.

YELLOW and how to use it in feng shui design

The colour of sunshine and springtime, yellow has a powerful positive effect on our mood. In feng shui design we use yellow to uplift and enliven spaces. It conjures up cheerful images of sunny days. Like red, yellow is often used by healers and colour therapists as a tonic and it is said to have a healing effect on the brain and nervous system. Amber was used, by some ancient cultures, as an antidote to insanity. Yellow is said to be the colour of unity, unity of affection and with the spiritual powers of the universe. 


Much of the information we rely on in terms of colour and its effects on us physically and psychologically rely on the very detailed studies done by Faber Birren. He  discusses yellow as “the colour of highest visibility in the spectrum and therefore sharp, angular and crisp in quality. More like light than like substance, more lofty and celestial than mundane”. 

He also notes that because of its “high visibility” it serves many purposes in safety. 

This is why high visibility vests and much of our dangerous machinery are coloured yellow, yellow and black stripes are used to clearly demarcate danger areas in industry and building sites etc. Yellow is often used to alert the user of more dangerous machinery parts such as motors or belts where particular care must be take to avoid injury.

 Yellow sharply focuses our eyes our minds and is the brightest and clearest colour visible to us. The yellow card is shown in sports, as a warning, it alerts us that we need to be more mindful in our actions. 

Yellow will often appear brighter than white, therefore it is useful in areas where there is dim lighting or in large, vaulted, spaces in order to make them feel brighter and more welcoming. 

In studies, yellow has been described as having a favourable effect upon human metabolism. It speeds up our digestion, often stimulating the appetite. This is why it is used in fast food restaurants to encourage us to eat more When used in combination with red, which makes us move on quickly, it truly is the ideal fast food combination! Obviously to be avoided in our own dining rooms and kitchens where we want to encourage relaxed nourishment. 


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Colour energetics:- Orange and feng shui, focus on colour and health and wellbeing

crown paints colour image

orange is a stimulating colour, good for entertainment areas


Colour energetics: Orange is often used as a less fiery option than red, in feng shui design. Colour affects us on a physical, mental and emotional level. When working with colour energy in creating a stimulating and uplifting space, orange can provide an incandescence which promotes a lightness of heart and a sense of fun and  optimism.


  • Orange evokes feelings of joy and energy. 
  • It is linked to health and vitality and associated with self discovery, enhancing creativity and our sense of well being, opening us up to new ideas and perspectives. 
  • It is said to aid digestion and assimilation. 
  • Some cultures use it for meditation

A less fiery colour than red, orange is a secondary colour created when the two primary colours of red and yellow are combined. Orange has a general appearance of being bright, luminous and glowing. Orange evokes feelings of happiness and joviality, energy and power. Similar to red, but to a lesser extent, orange can increase blood pressure and heart rate. Orange is seen as a sporty, sociable, and healthy colour, self assured and constructive.

some associated orange with meditation

Vegetarians are said to lack the vibration of the colour orange and some religious groups, who are vegetarian, adopt the colour orange in their robes to enhance this energy eg Buddhists and Hare Krishna’s.

Orange is often associated with self-discovery and some cultures adopt it for meditation. It is said that we are often attracted to a particular colour when we require its energy and when people wear a lot of orange it might well be that they are doing a lot of inner personal development work either consciously or unconsciously. 


Associated with the sacral chakra, orange is said to enhance creativity and may be used in environments where creative energy is vital e.g. advertising agencies, or areas where people ned to come up with ideas and be dynamic. Orange is associated with the kidneys (associated with filtering our anxiety and worry) and adrenal glands (our energy reserves). The adrenal glands are associated with our “fight, flight or freeze” impulse therefore associated also with stamina, however when overstimulated, adrenal fatigue can set in which can deplete energy or cause stress or friction. 

As a somewhat fiery colour, it can be used to create a warm atmosphere and can be used in the form of a lighter tint (by adding white into the formulation of the colour) in the form of peach, or as a stronger, deeper shade in the form of terracotta to warm a north facing or cool room to great advantage. A variety of orange tints and shades within a colour scheme can be evocative of autumn, restful energy, slowing down. If used with other earthy colours it can be comforting, reminding us of earth and nature. It would not be a good colour to use over a large area where the aim is to relax and unwind e.g a bedroom, as it can cause restlessness. 


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Colour energetics: Red


Colour and sound are aspects of the same thing; the movement and vibration of energy. So, when we say that some colours “clash” and others harmonise we are using terms normally used to describe sound, which gives us an idea of the similarities between these two vibrations. 

It is therefore easy to understand how colour, in a similar way to sound, is perceived differently by different individuals and different cultures. 

Colour has an effect on our conscious and subconscious mind and affects us both physically and psychologically before we add the baggage of our cultural and experiential associations of colours to past memories etc. In discussing the psychological effects of a particular colour it is important to remember that we are generally talking about the pure version of that colour rather than a tint or shade of it.



Red is a yang (activating)colour, is associated with our Base or root chakra and signifies success and virtue. 

  • Being in a red space is said to increase our heart rate and body temp.  
  • Associations; painting the town red / seeing red, heat, fire, passion, energy, drive
  • It represents life energy and the power to create. 
  • Red commands attention;  traffic lights, the red card in sports etc
  • It is said to invoke alertness, courage and confidence
  • Cultural association:- In the west it is associated with valentines day and Christmas. In China it is a symbol of power and luck; it is the traditional bridal colour.
  • Chakra association: base chakra/root chakra. Represents our connection to earth, our grounded-ness, connection to family, community and our relationships. This chakra is associated with our thoughts and beliefs around scarcity Vs abundance. In its deepest sense abundance is the feeling that you are loved for being yourself, your sense of “belonging”. This is the chakra that relates to our feelings around physical security, money and safety. If this chakra is blocked in any way we can feel powerless, lonely or unstable.
  • In feng shui red connotes FIRE energy, associated with the height of summer, it is activating and enlivening. Red attracts the most attention, and therefore is often used in feng shui enhancements to activate energy in a particular area. In feng shui the fire element is associated with the south, the red phoenix and the area of reputation, recognition and clarity. It is the area of our space where we shine a spotlight our “self”showing ourselves for who we are, and what we wish to be known as and for. This is the energy associated with illuminating our path forward in life. 

One of the three primary colours, red has a brilliant and intense appearance. It has various mental associations such as heat, fire, blood etc. Since red is the colour of blood it isn’t surprising that it also denotes life, action, cheerfulness and enthusiasm. It has cultural associations such as Christmas, 4th of July and Valentine’s day.

It can have objective associations; passionate, exciting, active, “painting the town red” etc.


Red is associated with the base chakra which is our powerhouse, and is said to house our energy and drive. It also has some negative associations with rage and ferocity “seeing red” at its extreme. Red represents the element FIRE which is active, fiery and passionate. 

Red is used by colour therapists as a powerful stimulant and tonic and, as such, has an association with health and vigour. Red stones and crystals are said to have health giving properties;  the ruby in China and Japan are said to have an association with long life and happiness. 


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Developing your relationship with your place of belonging

Developing your relationship to your place of belonging.

Often, even in the most “picture perfect” environments people can feel alienated or disconnected in some way from the places where they live. Regularly, my clients will comment that “even though I have lived here for some time and have done lots of work to the building, I don’t feel like the house is mine” or “ I cant put my finger on it, but something just doesn’t work here” 

Feng shui is a very popular method of exploring this connection, but often the language can be somewhat alien or sound a little too “out there” for many people. Even the words yin and yang can seem somewhat unrelate-able. We talk about colours being yin (calming) Vs yang (activating) etc

At its core really,  Yin is receptive/allowing VS  Yang is assertive/resisting, instinct (yin) Vs mental acuity (yang)                                                

This needing to belong is instinctual and needs to be informed by allowing and being receptive to our own individual needs and sense of self; our connection to our feeling of what home is for us. It follows therefore, that becoming “a dedicated follower of fashion” in creating a home is always going to feel lacking in some way. 

In her book “Belonging” Toko-pa Turner discusses Globalisation as a homogenising force; its ideas putting us under pressure to express and appear the same way to “fit in”. This, she says, leaves us feeling hollow and disconnected because it doesn’t ring true to our inner self. 

This needing to “fit in” presents us with a problem. In her book, Rising Strong, Brene Brown, puts it very succinctly: “the number 1 barrier to belonging is fitting in… the absence of love and belonging there is always  suffering” 

Which is why, I would suggest, that people who have become disconnected emotionally from the place where they live, “suffer” this sense of loss, or loneliness, even when they are physically in their own living space. In my experience, this is at the heart of a lot of the suffering experienced in the case of dementia patients; the loss of connection they feel to their surroundings, and even to their own loved ones. In experiencing this, they have forever lost their sense of belonging. 

When you scratch the surface we all have our own unique story and lineage our own unique expression waiting to be seen and heard. Where better than our own homes, provides such a safe space for this expression?

In the creation of a true home for ourselves to “belong” in, we need to explore how colour, shape, scent, material finishes and the “atmosphere” of a space all come together to provide a “personality” or outer skin with which we are in relationship. The goal is to connect deeply to that relationship and work with it to create a sense of finally “being at home”. Loving that space as a living, breathing being, and feeling it “love you back”.

Close your eyes and imagine what your ideal, “perfect home” would feel like, connect to the feeling first, before you imagine anything physical. Then ask yourself, how can I introduce more of this “feeling” into my current living space. What do I need to have less of? Clearing out is often the place to begin. Then ask yourself, what would I need to introduce? Is it a colour, a scent, a particular tactile  finish or fabric? some artwork? You may surprise yourself with this exercise. Often the obvious material things are not the things which give us this “feeling-at-home-ness” Make a note of what comes to mind and work on having more of that.


Very often subtle changes can have a big impact.





Letting go, making space to move on.


Often feng shui can be reduced in peoples minds to be simply about clutter clearing. It is , in fact, a much deeper and more detailed process of connecting deeply with our sense of HOME.

However, it can be very difficult to bring about real change in our lives without first clearing out what no longer serves us on our journey forward.

feng shui – wind water

If we live surrounded by “stuff” from our past, to the extent that there is no “room to breathe” or space to invite in new experiences; then the application of feng shui or good energy flow to our spaces will be  impeded. Clutter is the opposite of flow, it creates stuck-ness; as long as you have physical “stuff” to deal with you cannot even think of finding a new path forward.

If you have a chronic issue around clutter, then set yourself a time frame; do 10 minutes a day. Remember FLAT SURFACES ARE NOT FOR STORAGE, so start with the counter tops, the desk top, the top of the dressing table etc. Clear the decks. Thereafter, pick one shelf, one drawer etc and tackle that. You will be amazed at the clarity this process will bring.

Some essential oils to diffuse while clearing clutter include:


“Eucalyptus brings us a degree of expansion and considerable peace…. brings us back to sound values, lively and original” “very useful for recentering a scattered person”…and “helps us to reveal the best of ourselves” (Portraits in oils by Philippe Mailhebiau).

It is said to dispel melancholy and revives the spirits working to restore both vitality and a positive outlook. Penetrating and cleansing, it dispels the half-conscious, stagnated feelings that can keep us bound to a limiting environment” Useful if you feel emotionally hemmed in or constricted by your surroundings….disperses negative feelings and gives us room to breathe” changes an atmosphere of “suffocation into one of expansive renewal”(Aromatherapy for healing the spirit by Gabriel Mojay)


It is excellent when feeling sluggish or stuck in a rut. Cleansing, it was used in ancient times to perfume clothes and repel insects. Said to stimulate our immune system, it sharpens our focus, clarifies and uplifts. It is said to disperse and cool emotional confusion and doubt encouraging a greater sense of trust and security. It brings in sunshine, joy and boosts self esteem.


Gives a sense of grounded-ness, well rooted stability and strong upward growth. Offers great strength in the face of adversity.Composing, it gathers scattered thoughts. Said to fortify the will to hold firm against adversity. It can give immovable strength in times of crisis. Restores a sense of spiritual certainty.  Transforms negative situations into ones from which we can derive strength and wisdom. (Aromatherapy for healing the spirit – Gabriel Mojay)


Gently stimulating and warming, it is said to strengthen your resolve and fortify your spirits when going through any difficulty. Excellent to restore your sense of optimism and support the immune system if you are feeling unwell.

The ancient Egyptians used it to disinfect the air and prevent the spread of disease. The greeks used it for this purpose too, and it is linked to the greek word “thumon” meaning courage. It is said that Roman soliders bathed in thyme before entering battle. (Gabriel Mojay “Aromatherapy for healing the spirit”)

It is said to dispel despondency and instil drive – very useful then, if feeling overwhelmed by clutter! It will help to know where to begin!



Feng shui design deepening our relationship with the heart of home

Our homes are a mirror or metaphor for what is going on inside us.

We are not separate from our homes. We are constantly in relationship with our surroundings, whether we are conscious of this interaction or not.

The rhyme we learned as children about the little crooked house, illustrates this beautifully. But which was crooked first, the house or the man and everything in his life?

We are in constant symbiotic relationship with our homes. When we envelop ourselves with beautiful, comfortable, peaceful surroundings, that same sense of beauty, comfort and peace begins to pervade our lives. Conversely when our spaces are chaotic, cluttered or uncared for, we begin to feel enveloped by a corresponding sense of chaos, lethargy and disconnect.

Exploring this deep sense of connection between heart and home (our need to belong and to have a sense of rootedness) can lead to a much deeper sense of the great importance of looking at what we surround ourselves with, and why.

With feng shui we view this through the prism of the 5 elements, looking at location, proportion, shape, colour etc from an energetic perspective.

We can also layer in healthy homes, surrounding ourselves with natural materials and providing ourselves with a healthier environment etc.

Clearing clutter is important because it allows us to reduce the distraction of “visual noise”, so that we have a clearer view of what we truly want for our lives and consequently what we want to surround ourselves with in our homes.

“Space clearing” the atmosphere is equally important to keep the energy of our homes fresh and vibrant.

To learn more, join us on May 11th and 12th for a two day immersion into feng shui, space clearing, healthy homes, our own personal energy signature and how to integrate all of this information in order to deeply connect heart and home. 

Take some time today to walk around your home, really look at your surroundings and everything you have accumulated in your environment and ask yourself; what is your home is reflecting back to you today? Reconnecting on a deep level to your relationship with your home can be a truly profound experience.



dynamic balance involves change

Change; dynamic balance

In applying feng shui to our living and working spaces we are mirroring the dynamic balance found in nature. The natural ebb and flow of energy as the sun changes and  moves throughout the day, the seasons, the year etc. Dynamic Balance means changing, growing, flowing balance, not a static state of perfection.

True balance is always evolving, growing, receding and beginning again – in harmony with our needs as we move through the different stages of our lives.

Isn’t it interesting then, that as human beings, all too often, we are reluctant to leave behind the apparent security of the status quo. Even if the situation we are currently in is uncomfortable, we can, at times, have a somewhat “better the devil you know” attitude toward moving on.

At this time of year mother nature gifts us with a magnificent display of the beauty of change and transformation. As we move into Spring, plants that have been dormant all winter, begin to spread their wings and blossom. This is a wonderful mirror for us, showing the magnificent opportunity we have, when we choose to let go, and allow change to transform our energy, bringing us to the next level in our development.

In the incorporation of feng shui design into to our spaces, it is crucial to remember to regularly review what is working for us and what requires movement and transformation.  Simply moving around artwork, ornaments etc. clearing out/tidying into storage what we are not currently using, will have a profound effect on how we perceive our surroundings and subsequently on how we feel energetically.

This month ask yourself – What project have you been putting off until the time was right? Is there a creative process that you would love to begin? A class that you have wanted to take? or perhaps there is a space in your home waiting to be transformed or re-purposed for another use?

Change is the one true constant in our lives – The wind will blow and change will come. Take time at this re-birthing time of the year to En-Joy this turning point in your journey!

To learn more about feng shui, space clearing and transforming your life by transforming your home (your outward expression) join us on May 11th and 12th for a two day immersion into feng shui design. 

This TWO DAY FOUNDATION LEVEL WORKSHOP is designed to introduce you to the key concepts of feng shui and the essential associated modalities of healthy homes, clutter clearing, earth energy and space clearing and their application to your home. 

In this feng shui design course we will cover; the importance of location, chi vs sha, form school feng shui, the bagua, furniture placement, personal best directions, the importance of entrances and bedrooms, colour, pattern, shape and material finishes and the flow of the five elements, space clearing, healthy homes and much more.
Early bird offer available until April 6th 
Hope to see you there!

Spring-forward Blessings!