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Edel Cleary accredited feng shui consultant FSNI FSSA IFSG

Edel Cleary Interior designer and accredited feng shui practitioner FSNI FSSA IFSG 



Whats involved in having an Online Feng Shui Design Consultation?

A holistic feng shui design consultation involves looking at every aspect or your life – what is working, what is not working, what needs a boost etc.

We look at the three aspects of Heavens energy, Your energy and Earths energy:

  • your own personal energy using Feng Shui Astrology – Heavens energy.
  • Your personal energy; how you are feeling at the moment, what you would like to improve upon – your own energy.
  • The energy of the environment you are living in– earth’s energy.

Prior to the consultation

You will need to send me

  • The floor plan of your home/workspace – this does not need to be too detailed once it is proportionate, this is usually sufficient. This plan is sent to me prior to the consultation date so that initial observations may be noted at this stage.
  • Your date, place and time of birth (if you know it) and that of anyone else living with you that you wish to be considered
  • The full address and postcode so that I can take a birds eye view of the “lay of the land” in relationship to your property.
  • Photographs on the front and rear of your property looking in from the street/garden and looking out from the front and rear doors.
  • A short history of the space involved. How long you have been living there and what you know about the history of the property.
  • A brief note on why you are having the consultation at this time and what you hope to derive from it.

The consultation on the day

Our online consultation will take approximately 2  hours and involves an explanation of your feng shui astrology and discussion  about what you wish to derive from our consultation.


Application of feng shui to your home

We will go through the detail of how the bagua & feng shui principles may be applied to your space. This involves looking at furniture layout, colour, ornamentation and imagery.

We then “walk through” your property discussing recommendations for each part of your home.

To ensure that your home is fully supporting your energy we pay special attention to:

  • the entrance to your home
  • your bedroom,
  • your home office or study if you have one
  • the areas of your home where you spend most time.

Geopathic Stress & Electromagnetic Radiation

In some cases where geopathic stress is a problem, some distance clearing may be carried out. This is simply a way of harmonizing earth’s energy beneath the built environment.

Dissonant energy can have a detrimental effect on health and well being and if the client has been having problems with sleep or has been feeling debilitated since occupying this space then some earth work may be indicated.

In other cases it may be necessary to do some Space Clearing work.

This can be done through distance clearing and I will advise you on methods to keep the energy refreshed and vibrant going forward.

Full written report

Our consultation is followed up with a full written report. This will be your guide in applying all of the recommendations given during our consultation.

Contact me to discuss having a consultation for your home or workspace.


Feng Shui Design Consultations

Feng shui Design online consultations for your home and workspaces.

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