March 2019 Looking ahead to the spring equinox

spring equinox March 2019, a time to clear clutter inside and out to make room for the new growth of spring.

Traditionally this is the time of awakening after the long winter months, a time to celebrate new life, new beginnings  and the return of Spring. The spring equinox on March 21st marks one of the tipping points of the year, when we mark the equal length of day and night.

March of many weathers, as our mothers used to say has arrived blowing away the cobwebs of winter and bringing with it new buds of life and the promise of spring and summer to follow.

This is a perfect time to do a clean sweep both inside and out. Clearing away what no longer serves, making room for this years new growth. Take time to sit quietly and write out a plan for which areas need the most clearing, allotting times and days in which you can comfortably do this. Even allowing 30 mts per day, you will be amazed at the difference you can make.

Bring in some scented spring flowers and place them in the hallway to brighten up this space, welcoming in the promise of a new years growth, full of vitality. This will boost your energy as you face out into the world each day and as you arrive back home.

The entrance and hallway are vitally important areas in feng shui as this is where the energy of the outside world meets our own personal space. This space speaks volumes about who we are and sets the tone/atmosphere for our entire experience of the space.

In feng shui, the entrance given special attention and focus and is called the “ming tang” or bright hall. This is where we ideally create a  gathering space in which to pool energy, sometimes called the “dinner plate” from which we can inhale vital chi/energy through the main entrance or “mouth of chi” into our homes. This allows our homes to then be energised uplifted and in turn to be uplifting to our energy and subsequently energised all areas of our lives.

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