Feng Shui Journey- Flowing Forward

January Flowing Forward into 2018

                                                                                                                              This is the time of year when life has receded deep within the earth, and it appears on the surface as if nothing is happening. This is the primal state that precedes all growth. There is always subtle movement deep within. This is a space of deep thinking and knowing, of facilitating gentle flow on our journey through life.

The Element we associate with this time of year is Water. Water never stops flowing, the ocean never stops its movement and the river moves forward. It is soft and yielding, fluid on its surface but has great strength within.

In Feng Shui this energy represents our movement through life as well as our career or profession. It represents the way in which chi or energy ideally moves like flowing water – so that when things are going smoothly we can say we are going with the flow or conversely swimming against the tide. Water represents the freedom to do what we want to do – for life to flow easily and effortlessly with clarity and ease, on our journey/life-path.

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December Blessings 2016


What a year 2016 has been! Full of event and drama and blessings in all our individual lives and in the world in general. In my own life, it has certainly been a year of surprises and of returning of both people and experiences. People I have not seen for years have suddenly popped back into my life. Experiences, likewise have been repeated out of the blue. It is interesting though, how differently we view these experiences with the passage of time.
As our ancestors reminded us at Newgrange – life is a spiral, not a closed circle, we cycle forward gathering experiences and hopefully, some wisdom, along the way.

So that, when we encounter the “same” experience again, we have
the opportunity to do things differently.


As we arrive at the shortest day of the year, we are reminded of our journey from extreme yin, the shortest day, to extreme yang, the longest day and back again. Like the inhale and exhale of light from the universe, so we journey from expansion to contraction and back again. Take time now at the gap between out-breath and in-breath to pause and connect to your inner wisdom for guidance for the year ahead. I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you with whom I have worked this year and those of you who have participated in workshops throughout the year – it has been a great pleasure to share the journey with you! Next workshop is on February 5th.

I look forward to spending time with you again next year and until then, I wish you every blessing for 2017!
Nollaig Shona agus Beannacht


2014 on Jan 31st we enter the year of the Wood Horse. Each year our energy shifts and changes – Learn how to tap into this and go with the flow of your own energy with 9 Star KI Astrology

2014 on Jan 31st we enter the year of the Wood Horse. Each year our energy shifts and changes – Learn how to tap into this and go with the flow of your own energy with 9 Star KI Astrology

At last the reworking of my website is just about complete – it has been a real revelation looking back over the pages of my original website and deciding what still works, what needs reworking and what can now be done without. In the process of this I was struck by how many analagies it held with applying Feng shui to our homes.

Periodically, we need to reassess, de-clutter and rework our surroundings, to adjust to the new gait of our lives, I suppose, a website is like a virtual home in that way. Another similarity I have found is that it is a work in progress – it can never really be “finished” any more than a spring clean will finally, once and for all, clean your home – unfortunately or fortunately it is a constant progression. The beauty of this realisation is that nothing we do has to be perfect, which in its essence, is a static position, it simply has to be moving towards perfection. Time to let out a sigh of relief!

In Feng Shui we talk a lot about surrounding ourselves with what we love, inspiring ourselves through our surroundings – as a very wise person once said – “your home should rise up to meet you and make your soul sing” .

We also talk about how, with feng shui we are trying to mirror the beauty and harmony and natural rhythm found in nature. If we look outside in any moment, on any day of the year, we can see that the view is never the same, it is constantly evolving and changing. Our challenge then, is to do the same. Constantly reassess and adjust as we go along, so that the clear out or rearranging doesnt become an huge task and is not overwhelming.

The good news is that we are always in the right place, at the right time, doing what we need to do, at that time, to learn and grow and move forward. So look around and ask yourself, what is your subconsious teaching you via the environment you have surrounded yourself with today?

I will leave you with a quote that I found inspirational – ” if you ask me what there is to do, the answer is that there is nothing to do, but there is everything to be! All action will flow from that new being” Andrew Harvey “The way of Passion”