Creating Sacred Space – Space Clearing & New Beginnings

Incense resin, sage and smudge stick for space clearing

Space clearing using incense to cleanse and uplift atmospheres

Creating Sacred Space; Space Clearing for New Beginnings

April 1st 2022 marks a new moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. The lunar cycle is a reminder to us that we are in a constant cycle of change; sometimes expanding and gathering and at others withdrawing and letting go.

Mirroring the cycles of the natural world

The new moon or dark moon marks a turning point in the contracting or letting go phase as the moon begins its expansion phase toward the next full moon. The end of the exhaling breath and the beginning of the inhaling breath. We can mirror this natural cycle by asking ourselves what we would like to begin, what aspect of ourselves and our lives would we would we like to expand.

Ritual and Ceremony – affirming your intentions

Ritual and ceremony give us space and time to focus our intentions. Setting out our stall in a physical way and preparing our space for this new beginning to emerge.

I like to write out an affirmation from Louise Hay for new beginnings so that I can repeat it often in this expansion phase, for example:

“I easily flow with change. My life is divinely guided, and I am always going in the best direction”

“I gently flow with life and each new experience. All is well”

Space Clearing Methods

Space clearing is a method of clearing and uplifting the atmosphere or vibrational energy of our homes and workspaces in a subtle yet deeply profound way. Over the years I have found this to be a remarkably effective way to facilitate change. Having released what we are ready to let go of, space clearing allows us to fill the space with fresh new energy like opening a window and allowing a soft breeze to fill the space with fresh energy and vitality. This supports and uplifts us on every level, boosting our energy to begin something new.

Spotlight on Space Clearing April 16th 9am to 10am

There are many styles and types of space clearing and in this coming months spotlight class on the 16th April (the full moon)  we will explore some of the different methods and materials we can use for this purpose.

Read A Place to Call Home

To learn more about space clearing, its meaning, methods and a step by step guide to space clear your home.

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