Feng Shui for 2022

Feng shui design 2022 Year of the Water Tiger

Feng shui energy for 2022 The year of the water Tiger

Feng Shui Design for 2022

Learn more about how to tap into the energy for the coming year and how best to balance your energy with the feng shui of your home in our 9 Star Ki and Feng shui class on February 5th 10am to 1pm ONLINE via ZOOM. 

With the new year just a week away its time to make preparations to welcome in the new energy for 2022.

On February 1st we celebrate the Chinese New Year – the year of the WATER TIGER.

The Chinese new year heralds a change in energy in the Feng Shui of our homes and in our individual lives. It will be welcomed in many parts of the world with feasting, fireworks and pageantry. Often good wishes or money in red envelopes are gifted for good luck symbolising inviting in good feng shui for the year ahead. Feng shui also honours our ancestral line, which is considered the root system for all of our future growth. For this reason, offerings are made to the ancestors to bless their energy and our own as a result. If you have a home altar you may wish to light a candle for your ancestors to honour their part in your journey.

Feng shui in the year of the water tiger:

  • This is a year to “Go with the flow” while still setting our boundaries. Feng shui is concerned with both the flow and containment of energy. We cannot hold on to and absorb energy if we have no boundaries.
  • Feng shui reminds us of the interconnectedness of each area of our lives. It also reminds us that it is always easier to work together in community to achieve our goals. The year of the Water Tiger will be a year for collaboration Vs formal partnerships with others.
  • Feng shui is not only concerned with gathering abundance but also with sharing it with those around us. “A rising tide raises all boats”. Therefore the energy of the new year encourages volunteering.  For example, giving blood and giving in general, is very auspicious at new year and throughout the year – the energy of abundance is reciprocal – what we give out will come back to us.
  • The first step with feng shui is to set our trajectory. Like setting the GPS before we set out on a journey. It is an excellent idea to write down your intentions for the year ahead and place these in a red envelope somewhere where you will see it  daily and be reminded of where you are headed on your Feng Shui Journey.


Feng shui design red envelop for gratitude

 Feng Shui Design – Inviting in the blessings the new year 

  1. Feng Shui refers to the energy flow throughout our homes. Over time this energy can become stagnant which creates a heavy atmosphere. To address this, as mundane as it may seem,  first we can physically clean our homes- think of it more as nesting. In the same way as a bird might prepare its nest in readiness for a new arrival, we can do a clean sweep to ensure that there is no stagnant energy “lingering” from the outgoing year.
  2. In Feng Shui, the entrance is where energy enters your home and consequently impacts your personal energy. Prepare the entrance of your home to welcome in the new year as if it were an honoured guest. Physically clean the door and door handle. I use a few drops of orange essentail oil in the rinsing water to uplift and refresh the energy and welcome in good fortune.
  3. In Feng Shui, the space outside our front door is often referred to as “the dinner plate”. It is a space where energy is invited to gather or pool so that it can be inhaled into our homes. Therefore, take special are to clean the area directly outside the front door, replacing dead plants with fresh new ones and replace the doormat if it is looking tired and worn.
  4. In Feng Shui lighting is associated with Fire Energy and attracts attention and opportunities. Clear away any cobwebs around light fittings to ensure the area is brightly lit and feels as welcoming as possible.
  5. Feng shui and space clearing are equally important here. Do some intentional space clearing to release what is no longer necessary in order to welcome in positive chi for the year ahead.
  6. Feng shui and the “three lucks” of health, wealth and longevity. Open up the windows and doors to welcome in the energy of Health, Wealth and Longevity. Leave them open for a while (I have been told to imagine these 3 “types of luck” as 3 old men walking in from the street outside – they move slowly but surely; leave time for their energy to reach you!)

    February 4th marks the new year in terms of 9 star ki

    Key to success 9 star ki

    Tapping into our 9 star ki – the key to success


    Feng shui and geomancy speak to the importance of place and offer insight to our sense of groundedness and belonging, 9 star ki offers insight into the aspect of Time and helps us to tweak our spiritual practise.

    Tapping into our 9 star ki – the key to success[/caption]

    • Our personal energy flows in a 9 year cycle, each year our energy moves into a different “house” or type of energy. Some years our energy is fast paced, with lots of opportunities for new beginnings, other years will feel more quiet and introverted. We are each born with our own unique elemental signature.
    • This system is based on the LO SHU or magic square which appears in many traditional cultures in some variation or another. It is used a s a way to explain the rhythm or patterns found in nature and how we can go with the flow of this natural dynamic balance. The “house” or type of energy we move into in any given year will have a specific interaction with our own elemental signature.
    • This year from February 4th we find that our energy returns to its own “house” we are in effect “in our element” which can have its own challenges.

    Learn more about how to tap into the energy for the coming year and how best to balance your energy with the feng shui of your home in our 9 Star Ki and Feng shui class on February 5th 10am to 1pm ONLINE via ZOOM. 



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