Whats in a picture?

The art we surround ourselves with speaks to our unconscious minds. Each of us will have different emotional reactions to artwork, coloured by our memories, associations and experiences. 

I was gifted this most beautiful picture by Jimmy Lawlor entitled “of dandelions and dreams”. I absolutely love it, I see it as full of possibility and hope. I associate dandelions with wishes fulfilled (like the ones made as children when we blew on the dandelion seeds and made a wish). I also associate the dandelion with enormous tenacity and strength of will to succeed (she will always find a way to thrive, even growing in the most inhospitable environments). The dandelion is associated with Brigid and is said to empower us and encourage confident self expression.

Therefore I have given it pride of place in the area of my home associated with fortunate blessings and the winds of change.

Imagine my surprise when I went to collect it from the framers and saw that they had described it on their docket as “girl in a field of weeds” LOL! Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!

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