Feng shui spotlight classes

Once a month we gather for spotlight workshops dedicated to one core area of feng shui design 

One hour online spotlight classes run via zoom.

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9am to 10am ONLINE VIA ZOOM 

Feng shui design for balance and well beingSaturday June 18th Feng Shui for Stability Health and wellbeing

In this spotlight class at the summer solstice we will explore feng shui design for balance. The tipping points of the year (the equinox and solstices) remind us that we are in a constant pattern of change and evolution. Feng Shui allows us to mirror the dynamic balance (moving, changing and evolving) into our homes while maintaining a sense of stability and balance. Thus supporting our general health and wellbeing.

At this centre point of the year we focus on the centre of stability and balance in our homes and ways to support ourselves through the natural transitions in our lives

We will focus on

  • Feng shui to earth, ground and tether our energy so that we feel fully supported as we move through life
  • Feng shui to support health and well being -To be truly healthy we must be in balance in all areas of our lives; integrating all aspects of our being, good relationships with partners, family connections, have a satisfying career, feel blessed and so on. The word integrate, comes from the latin root “integrare” meaning to make whole.
  • Opening up this critical area of our home, introducing elements to boost our energy
  • Reigniting our chi and reducing stressors in our environment
  • Adjusting this part of our home to create focus and eliminate confusion.
  • Creating a space where we can breathe-in new life and possibilities.
  • Introducing colours, imagery, crystals and essential oils to support your health and well beingWhen

When 9am to 10am Saturday 18th June ONLINE VIA ZOOM


Saturday 18th June 2022 focusing on feng shui design for stability, health and wellbeing. Online via zoom from 9am to 10am

Saturday July 16th 2022  will focus on feng shui for clarity, recognition and the full blossoming of our potential. Online via zoom from 9am to 10am

Saturday September 3rd 2022 focusing on creativity and opening up to joy. Inviting in positive chi for the future.Online via zoom from 9am to 10am

Saturday October 22nd 2022 we will focus on family ancestors and the past, the importance of connecting to our roots in order to flourish and grow.

Saturday November 27th 2022 will focus on cultivating”mountain energy” and our connection to self and to spirit. The importance of carving out space to be still and listen to our inner wisdom before taking action. Online via zoom from 9am to 10am

Saturday December 17th 2022 coming up to the winter Solstice and the darkest point of the year in the Northern hemisphere we begin the journey again, back to the light. This month we will focus on our life path, how to enhance its forward momentum and focus on how to release blockages and go with the flow, easily and effortlessly.


Online via zoom from 9am to 10am Workshops will be online via zoom, class fee in each case €15


Previously run spotlight classes

January 15th 2022

This spotlight class focuses on the energy of abundance for the year ahead. Inviting in blessings of all kinds into every area of our lives.

Saturday February 12th 2022

spotlight class on relationships harmony, connecting to the loving nurturing energy of mother earth.

Connecting to the energy of loving support, nurturing and our sense of belonging. In this spotlight class we will look at the energy of relationships harmony, creating balance, stability and adding a spark of joy and excitement to this area of our homes associated with loving connection.

Our class will focus on creating stable, balanced and joyful relationships in our lives. 

Saturday March 26th 2022 Spring equinox 

SPOTLIGHT on Helpful friends, mentors and connecting to our sources of support.

Focusing on the area associated with heavens energy, mentors, guides and travel. Remembering we are always supported, learning how to lean into that support and enhance this energy in our homes.

I think we can all agree that in the current times when we can feel helpless and unsure how to support those around us. Now more than ever we need to tap into this energy of helpful friends, support and guidance. Leaning in to all sources of support and allowing ourselves to be supported and held at the same time. 

We are a global community – there is only one of us here!

The energy of helpful friends reminds us that we are all connected, we are a global community. Reaching out to others in their time of need and being truly grateful for the blessings we have in our lives allows us to connect to our univeral sources of infinite support and guidance.

Leaning in to sources of support

The energy of Heaven/Helpful friends reminds us that we are not helpless. We are always held and supported, we simply need to lean into those sources of support and in so doing, we can offer support to others.  

We will include a meditation to send supportive energy and guidance to everyone who needs  it at this time, including ourselves. 

Saturday April 16th 2022 Feng Shui and Space clearing


Feng Shui Design Space ClearingIn this spotlight class we will explore a variety of space clearing methods to cleanse and uplift the energy of your home.

Space clearing is a method of clearing and uplifting the atmosphere or vibrational energy of our homes and workspaces in a subtle yet deeply profound way. Over the years I have found this to be a remarkably effective way to facilitate change. Having released what we are ready to let go of, space clearing allows us to fill the space with fresh new energy like opening a window and allowing a soft breeze to fill the space with fresh energy and vitality. This supports and uplifts us on every level, boosting our energy to begin something new.

In this one hour spotlight class we will explore the use of:

  • Sound vibration
  • Incense
  • Aromatherapy oils
  • Salt 
  • Blessed water
  • Focused intention

to cleanse and uplift the energy of our homes. 

9am to 10am ONLINE VIA ZOOM   class fee €15