Feng Shui -Gardening for the Soul  – Deepening our connection to

Mother Earth – 20th August 2016

make some time in your busy schedule to grow

make some time in your busy schedule to grow

Our August  workshop will concentrate on exploring our deep connection to the spaces in which we live and to the energy of the landscape we occupy.

Whether you have a large garden or you simply have a few pots and containers in which to plant, either way, you are deepening your connection to mother earth and to the cycle of the seasons. Planting, growing and “harvesting”, flowers, food, herbs etc. connects us with the cycle of the seasons, reminding us that change is the only constant in our world.

There is a time for planting, nurturing, growing, maturing and also, for shedding and dying back to begin the cycle again. Building on the foundations of feng shui, we will cover all of the basics of applying this wisdom to our homes and how this impacts on our individual energy. We then take a closer look at the feng shui of place, our position in the landscape, the shape and orientation of the plot we live on, the planting we add to our gardens, creating a natural flow in our gardens and interiors etc. and how this can create a more balanced flow of energy in our lives.

We look at the energy shape, colour and proportion to create a natural support for our energy as we go about our lives. Allowing our homes and gardens to support our energy fully. We look at the impact of geopathic stress, the energy that comes from the earth itself when it has become stressed. This can distort our own personal energy and can greatly affect growth and health of the plant and animal life in our environs. We explore the importance of first making space, opening up a portal, for what you wish to draw in.

Feng Shui provides us the tools to create dynamic balance in our homes and environment to encourage stability, flow and blessings in our living and working spaces and therefore our lives.

Allow yourself this time to connect on a much deeper level with your home and its surroundings.

In this class we will-
Learn about feng shui and how it is relevant to our modern lives
Learn about the building blocks of feng shui – yin and yang, five elements, energy/chi flow folding this information into the decoration and layout of our homes creating a dynamic balance of energy which supports every area of our lives.
Learn how to apply feng shui to your individual floorplan –each area of our homes has an energetic connection to every area of our lives – life-path, relationships, creativity, abundance etc. working from the outside-in to create balance.
Learn how to use mirrors, sound, lighting, water and symbolic objects to optimise the energy of our homes and gardens.
Learn about the energy of earth itself, how it affects us mentally, emotionally and physically.
How to design and plant your garden to enhance the feng shui of your life, creating an even deeper connection to Mother Earth.
Optimise both the energy of your living space and consequently your own personal energy. Gift yourself this time and space to view your home and life from a whole new perspective!
Venue:- River Holistic Centre, Main Street Raheny
Date:- Saturday August 20th
Participation fee:- €90 (early bird book and pay before July 23rd – €81)
Time: 10am – 6pm
Contact:- edel@fengshuidesign.ie / 086-2719292

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