Feng shui – Gardening for the Soul – August 20th 2016

In this workshop we will cover all of the basic building blocks of feng shui, yin yang, the five elements, the use of colour, pattern, artwork etc. to improve the energy of your home so that it supports your own energy and allows you to draw in your hearts’ desire for abundance, blessings and harmony.
We then delve a little more deeply into our connection to Mother Earth, exploring, and mitigating for, stressors such as geopathic stress, cutting chi, effects of neighbouring buildings etc. Taking in the landscape surrounding our homes, their orientation, feng shui for the garden (or container garden). Whether you are an avid gardener or simply like to potter with a few containers, either way, you are deepening your connection to mother earth, to the cycle of the seasons.
Feng Shui is about creating dynamic balance i.e. moving, evolving, emerging balance in our lives. Connecting in with the cycle of the seasons, by working with mother earth will deepen your sense of “belonging” – being in the right place, at the right time, heading in the right direction, for you, in your life, at this time.
Join us for a day packed with information, ideas and inspiration for creating a deeper connection between your energy and that of your homeplace.
DATE:- August 20th 2016
TIME:- 10am to 6pm
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Pay in full by August 5th:- €81



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