March 2018 Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is 

Connecting Heart and Home

When endeavouring to describe the essence of feng shui, and what it means for me, I have come to the core truth that it is about creating a deep and supportive connection between who we are and the space that we call home.

The HOME we talk about when we discuss “feeling at home” or “making ourselves at home” or when we discuss “home truths” or “home being where the heart is” is a concept, a feeling, a sense, an essence, if you will; etheric and intangible, yet very REAL.

Home is essentially a place deep within our soul memory, it may not even exist in this reality…
However, there are some places, some atmospheres, some experiences, which can instantly reconnect us, strike that familiar cord deep within. That feeling that grabs us and enfolds us in a bear hug of comfort and love. Like a warm bath, it makes us exhale, relax and release doubt, fear and tension. This, I believe, is the elusive “HOME” that we all seek.

So let’s pull on that thread and look at how we can deepen that connection in the spaces we currently call home…


SIGHT: spaces that are visually beautiful, inspire connection, beauty is of course, in the eye of the beholder, but often we do not truly connect to what brings us joy and what is simply there because “thats where the hook was when we moved in”. Colours can evoke emotion, a sense of wellbeing. Colour connects with us on every level, physically colour can impact on our energy levels, but emotionally and spiritually, we also have a connection, or a reaction, to colour.


Artwork which connects to our sense of belonging is truly important, but often we become unconscious of what we are interacting with on a daily basis. Whether we are conscious of it or not, it is impacting on our energy field and so every aspect of our lives.

HEARING: sound has a huge impact on our energy. Creating soothing sounds, emphasising natural sounds of flowing water, for example, introducing melodious music, songs and singers which connect to us deeply, has an enormous impact. Sounds which remind us of ancestral and familial links, of friends, and mentors, again bring a sense of connection and peace to our homes.

Reducing stressful sounds

Reducing stressful sounds of man-made technology and machinery, traffic etc reduces stress to our nervous systems and allows us to relax. Very often it is the sound of silence which we crave most. I find that gifting myself 20 minutes of absolute silence, in meditation, every morning brings me a sense of peace and perspective that is invaluable.

TOUCH: Including tactile materials, which are warm and inviting, and contrasting smooth and sleek textures, immediately bring us into the present moment when we encounter them in our environment. Variety in texture, evoking different sensations, brings a sense of feathering our own nest.

SMELL: scent, evoking memory, a sense of wellbeing, joy, romance, uplift or calm has an immediate impact. Naturally healing essential oils which work on body, mind and spirit are hugely impactful. Scent, like colour and sound has the effect of bringing us right back into our memories. Ensuring that the scents we surround ourselves with have positive connections and reactions within us, is a very visceral way to shift the energy within a space and connect us to it on a very subtle yet meaningful way.

TASTE: taking the time to nourish your body, obvious though it may seem, is essential. we have largely disconnected from how we feel with regard to what we eat, how we eat and how nourished we feel as a result. We all have to eat, but many of us do so “on the run” or while watching TV or playing with our phones or other devices. This creates a disconnect, and also disrespects the area of self-nourishment. Its the difference between eating for fuel Vs nourishment. Traditionally meals were eaten as a family, around the dinner table – “breaking bread” with those we love.

Create a ceremony around mealtimes

Whether we live alone or with a family or friends, I suggest creating a ceremony around mealtimes. Set the table, as you would for an honoured guest, experiencing, enjoying and savouring your food will give you nourishment on an energetic and emotional level even before you take into account the quality or substance of the food you choose to eat. Always have a centre-piece on your dining table, a candle, a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers etc. to give the table added visual weight and acknowledge its importance as the space where you receive nourishment.

BONUS 6th SENSE: a sense of spirit, of belonging and deep inner connection between our outer and inner worlds. Including a space for connection to spirit, is the truest way to create a home for our soul within our environment. Life can be so busy and hectic for most of us, always “on” and available through smartphones etc taking time to remember to swithc off all outside distractions and sit in peace and quiet, listening to your own inner knowledge and connecting to spirit will realign you to what is truly important and enriching in your life. By being truly mindful of making space for spirit we deeply root this connection, creating a home for body, mind and spirit. Our inner skin (our body/mind/spirit) and our outer skin (our home environment) are deeply connected. Our home environment is simply a reflection of what is going on inside us.


In the first decade of my career, I followed in my mother’s footsteps, into the healing arts of reflexology, massage, aromatherapy, touch for health etc. Then, over 20 years ago, I transitioned into working with the outer skin (interior design and feng shui, healthy homes, earth energy work etc.) The arc has taken me full circle. Both avenues of exploration, are inevitably the same, a search for balance and belonging or deep inner connection between ourselves and where we find ourselves at any given time; a primal need to “feel at HOME”.

Our sense of belonging

Feng shui mirrors the harmony and dynamic, ever-changing, balance, found in nature, back into our built environment. Allowing us to feel connected to the changes in the seasons, the gentle ebb and flow rhythm of the natural world. Considering all of our 6 senses in our environment, we engage fully with our sense of connection and belonging to the rhythm of life within our homes.

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