The importance of clearing clutter

In order to have good feng shui (energy flow) through our homes it is vital to first clear our clutter. 

This can be challenging. Clutter is emotional, representing the past and often old, stuck patterns and ways of being. 

Be gentle with yourself through this process. Take some time and weed through your belongings. Start by asking yourself “does this lift my energy or drag it down”  or worse yet, “does it have no resonance whatsoever?” 

Unless it is something which lifts your energy or which you find useful or beautiful then you can reclassify it as clutter. 

“Do not have anything in your home that you do not know to be useful or find to be beautiful” William Morris

Begin with the easy layers – FLAT SURFACES ARE NOT FOR STORAGE! Clear off worktops, table tops and dresser tops. The clarity this creates will give your energy a boost to keep going.  

flat surfaces are not for storage

de-clutter countertops for clarity

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