2021 a new beginning

Moving forward into 2021

None of us could have anticipated the year that was 2020, bringing with it all kinds of social and political unrest along with a worldwide pandemic which radically altered our behaviours and curtailed the parameters of our individual worlds in ways we could not have imagined.

With so many people now working from home and remaining at home for longer periods than they would have ever done, many people have looked at their homes with fresh eyes. Even from a practical level of having to accommodate multiple functions such as creating a home office/home offices due to one or more of the family now working from home, home schooling and simply having everyone being at home together for much longer periods of time.

Feng shui design offers a wonderful prism through which to view our homes from multiple levels; practical functionality, energetic support, health and well being as well as making room for all aspects of our life. Not allowing our work to become overwhelming, is a big part of this. Many of my clients and workshop participants have noted that they are constantly reminded of work when trying to relax and unwind and therefore feel a lot more stressed than they previously would have, unable to switch off at the end of the day. Feng shui design provides us with a new way to view each area of our homes and their energetic connection to the different areas of our lives. This allows us to make better choices and to support every area of our lives: work, rest and play. All are necessary for balance.

Yearly energies

Each year over a cycle of 9 years our individual energy shifts and changes, in some years our energy will be very much inwardly focused and in others it will feel much more active and outgoing. Learning how to map these changes allows us to go with the flow rather than swimming against the tide. The energy is the same, in both cases, life changes and moves forward, however our perspective and our focus shifts allowing us to enjoy the journey more.

The energy of the new year begins to rise and proceed at the beginning of February, when new shoots begin to pop their heads through the earth, promising new growth and vitality as we enter a new cycle of the seasons.

As we begin 2021, having been in lockdown for almost a year, on and off, we are truly ready to open ourselves up to the possibility of a new dawn, a fresh and vibrant new year.

In Ireland February 1st marks St Brighids day, the traditional beginning of the new year, when Brighid is said to rise from her winter slumber in the underworld and bring with her all of the fresh new growth for the year ahead.

9 Star ki

In 9 star ki astrology, a companion to feng shui, we recognise February 4th as the beginning of the new year when we enter a new phase in our lives. Each year over a cycle of 9 years our individual energy cycles through 9 phases, some years our energy is full of vibrant yang energy and others it is more introverted, yin and withdrawn. Understanding where we are in this spiral of energy in any given year can give us huge insight into how best we may support ourselves through the current and coming year. Join us on 6th February for an online workshop and discover how to go with the flow and “be in your element” in 2021.

The Chinese new year, the beginning of the year of the Metal Ox falls on February 12th in 2021. This is a moveable feast as it follows a lunar cycle.

Whichever system you follow, this is the time to look forward, to make plans, set things in motion for whatever form we would like our own growth to take in the coming year.

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