Feng Shui Design – tapping into the dynamic balance found in nature

Uplifting and resetting the energy of your home at the winter solstice

Feng shui is a system which shows us how to tap into the dynamic balance found in nature. This differs from Static balance or perfection. It is a balance that is constantly changing, growing, evolving, coming to fruition- just like the cycle of the seasons. The major tipping points of the year like the winter solsticies allows us to pause and take stock. Assessing our energy before we set out on the next phase in our journey.

The Winter solstice is a great time to reassess how things are going for us. It is the darkest and shortest day in the northern hemisphere. However, it also marks “the return of the light” as the earth turns on its axis and the days slowly but surely begin to get brighter and longer.

This weekend, just before the winter Solstice on the 21st, we have the full moon (early on Sunday morning 19th December at 04.31, Irish time). This is called “the cold moon” and is a time when we can access clarity around what we are ready to release internally and externally and set our course as we journey back toward the light over the next six months.

Feng shui and setting our trajectory – planning ahead.

Setting intentions; a solstice ceremony

Solstice means “standing of the sun” (Glennie kindred Sacred Celebrations). When the sun reaches the peak of its journey, stops and then begins the return journey toward the light. From the winter solstice the sun is waxing or growing towards its peak at the summer solstice in June.

For the next six months we are moving into the light, expanding into our fullest expression. This is a great time to set our intentions for the coming year. Spending some time focusing on what we wish to let go of, and what you wish to draw in for every area of our lives resets our energy as we journey back into the light.

Even in the depths of Winter new roots are growing, bringing stability and nutrients to the plants and trees. Deeply buried bulbs are beginning to send up the first hardy shoots. Nature has slowed down waiting for the energy to change at the solstice and for the warmth to slowly but surely return. The solstice is the suns birthday, a celebration of its rebirth. This is the time for us to bring our inner journeys out into the world, birthing our visions for the way ahead. 

Feng shui and aromatherapy – Scent can change atmospheres and impact our mood

Set aside some time over the next few days to physically clean your home, perhaps with some salt water, holding the intention that you are now releasing whatever is ready to be released. Disperse some uplifting scents: incense, pure essential oils such as pine (pinus sylvestris) Promotes strong self-image and identity, is emotionally revitalising, invites forgiveness and self-acceptance, increases positive, calm energy and “clears the air”. It is no accident that we bring a Christmas tree into our homes at this time of year  – pine or fir was honoured by the Celts for its ability to offer insights and see far beyond the present. 

Light a candle and sit and review the past six months, pause and reset your energy. Now is the time to stop and take stock of what the last 6 months have brought to you and look forward to the direction in which you would like to travel and grow into in the next six months.

Spending more time at home and for many of us, working from home has made us reassess and repurpose our surroundings. The impact of the colours, textures and layout of our homes came sharply into focus. Feng shui design offers an energetic perspective on all of these aspects of our homes and provides a framework to layer onto the interior design which makes it deeply personal and as a result much more supportive. Truly A place to call home. If you wish to delve deeper …read more

Wishing you every blessing at the Winter Solstice and for Christmas and a happy, healthy and joyful new year ahead!


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