A happy and healthy new year 2021

Happy New Year 2021 from www.fengshuidesign.ie

 Feng shui to support our health  and wellbeing

Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year as we  begin 2021 with renewed hope that life will come back into balance and that we can reconnect with each other fully as the year progresses.

From a feng shui perspective the central core of our home represents balance, unity, health and wellbeing. Health is indeed central to our enjoyment of every area of our lives and ultimately essential to our sense of success and abundance. We pay special attention to the use of colour, imagery, furnishings, decorative elements and to the scents which create the mood in this part of our home.

How to improve the health and unity area of your home
As an earth energy area, this part of our home benefits from an infusion of fire to boost our health. For this reason we like to leave the central core of our space open light and bright, with a splash of some bright fiery colour, some lighting and some elements which lift our spirit. In the image I have placed a Himalayan salt lamp alongside a spiral of tranquility on a brightly coloured cloth to illuminate and balance the energy in the central core of my home.

Gather together some items which represent health and well being for you and set them in the central core of your space, wherever you have room. You might choose a lamp, a candle, some incense or an aromatherapy diffuser, for example. As you set them out, set the intention to make time and space for your own health and wellbeing this year.

Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Joyful new year, 2021!

Stay well, take time to breathe, relax and remember the only constant in life is change. Welcoming in all of the positive changes that this new year will bring.

kindest regards,

Feng Shui online training and workshops

For those of you who wish to delve deeper into our connection with our homes through feng shui design, we are starting an online four week foundation level workshop on Saturday 9th of January from10am to 1pm  and continuing each Saturday until the 30th. Each week we will layer in all aspects of feng shui, space clearing, healthy homes and understanding our own personal energy signatures. Balancing our personal energy with that of our homes.
Spaces are limited to just 8 participants in order to ensure everyone has individual attention. Participants will need to send me their floor-plan when booking so that I can guide everyone through the application of feng shui design to their individual spaces.

Virtual feng shui design consultations are currently available send me an email for full details.

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