Abundance at Bealtaine May 2017

Blessings at Bealtaine,
Nature is bursting with potential at this time of year. This is the time of year when everything is blossoming and growing with tremendous energy. In feng shui this energy is associated with area 4 of the bagua – Abundance/fortunate blessings.
So how do you tap into this energy in your space and uplift this energy in your life? Read more here…

In classical/compass school feng shui this refers to the sector of the bagua oriented SOUTHEAST, warm breezes from the south east, in agriculture you need this breeze to grow a good crop and so to generate wealth. In western black hat sect bagua this refers to the rear left hand sector as you stand at the front door looking in to the space.

Also known as fortunate blessings, representing all forms of blessing, wealth, opportunity, invitations etc. This area represents the activity which supports you financially or sustains your influence or position. The element is wind/wood and colours used here may be green for growth or a small amount of purple or red to stimulate chi in this area.

Not only, the area of receiving money, but also, about having, and being conscious of,  good luck in every area of our lives i.e. good omens, harmony and health as well as prosperity. Being acknowledged by others in the form of gratitude, promotion or honours through trade associations are all associated with this energy.

Ensure that the chi/energy in this area is bright and light and free-flowing. Never allow the energy to become overly yin or to stagnate. Clear out any clutter, ensure that it is freshly cleaned and open the windows in this part of your home to allow a breath of fresh air to enter into this space for abundance in your life.

You can further uplift the energy by dispersing some essential oils either in a cold air infuser or spray bottle. Essential oils which may benefit this area of the bagua include:-

Vetivert – has a warm, rich and earthy fragrance with a slightly woody, almost lemony scent with a molasses like undertone.  This oil is very grounding, and is said to manifest money by bringing energy into grounded-ness, magnetising money. A great oil to use in times of overwhelm.

Melissa – Also known as Balm or Lemon Balm and cultivated as a “bee plant”, its abundant nectar helps to produce some of the very best honey. Its  local name in southern Europe is hearts delight and it has often been called the Elixir of life. It is said to unstop blockages in the energy between the solar plexus (our manifestation chakra) and heart chakra – allowing us to manifest our hearts desire, and to use money in a way that benefits everyone.

Basil also known as “the royal herb”, it has many popular names such as  joy of the mountains. It is associated with good luck and harmony. The leaves are heart shaped and a symbol of love in Italy. Basil stimulates the brain and is excellent to refresh your mental powers during a busy working or studying or for anyone needing to concentrate over long periods who then suffers from mental fatigue.

Ginger a pale amber liquid Aroma is pungent, warm and spicy. This is a very warming and stimulating, promotes self confidence, self acceptance and self awareness – key word is digestion. It is said to activate vibrancy and encourages blessings. It is excellent for procrastination, where you have very clear plans but lack the energy, drive and optimism to move on them. It is associated with long life and vitality.

WORKSHOP ON  The ESSENCE OF HOME – Feng shui, space clearing and the use of essential oils to cleanse and enliven your home is on July 1st.


Key Points for this area of the bagua:- 

  • Represents all forms of blessings, wealth, opportunity, invitations etc This area represents the activity that supports you financially or sustains your influence or position.
  • The wood or tree element (tall rectangular shapes, the colour green, tall leafy green plants, stripes, columns in architecture) is associated with this area of the bagua as is the element of wind (things that move in the breeze, wind ornaments etc) bringing with it the breath of new blessings into your life.
  • Not just the area for receiving money, but more about having, and being conscious of, blessings and good fortune in every area of our lives. Good omens, harmony and health as well as prosperity are all associated with this energy.
  • Wind ornaments, chimes, fans and mobiles can be used to enhance this energy.
  • Woodland imagery, tall leafy green plants, are useful in this area. Four leaf clover, has particular significance for blessings in this part of the world.
  • The water element supports this energy with the addition of water features, fish tanks, fish ponds, water imagery etc (think vibrant flowing water rather than stagnant ponds!)

Crystals which are useful in this area of the bagua include: Citrine and Jade.

En-joy this time of new growth and vitality!


Bealtaine – Celtic May festival – Festival of expectation.
Honoring the festivals of our ancestors connects us to this combined wisdom. Our ancestors knew that we are not separate from our environment. We are deeply connected to Mother Earth and her seasons and cycles. In connecting in with the cycles of the seasons we remind ourselves of the natural ebb and flow of energy that we are deeply rooted in. This turning point festival reminds us to take time to connect with what we wish to manifest in the new growth of this year.


Bealtaine Blessings,

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