Aligning Heaven and Earth -Drawing the support of helpful friends

Continuing our conversation on Ch’ien Heaven


The energy of helpful friends and travel in feng shui design


The essence of this energy is Aligning Heaven and Earth; Drawing on all of our sources of support.

The I ching symbol associated with this energy is Ch’ien “heaven” – the creative

The three solid lines symbolise the divine energy which brings everything into being and good fortune. 

This is  full yang energy and represents primal father energy, our divine source of protection and support.

Bagua I Ching Ch'ien

Feng shui design Ch’ien Helpful friends, sources of support

If you are unsure which part of your home this refers to take a look at how to align the bagua to your home.

Harvest and reaping what we sow

This energy has an associationwith our sense of duty and responsibility towards each other. Associated with Harvest and reaping what we sow. This  trigram has a polarity with SUN in that it requires us to use our good fortune, for our own good and the good of all. In essence being altruistic, considering others and our environment.


The energy of helpful friends is associated with reciprocal support and  altruism; considering the well being of others and gratitude for all of the blessings we have been afforded in our lives. Finding the joy in all of the little things in our daily lives allows us to access the energy of gratitude. Set out to find at least one joyful thing each day to note in your journal, one thing which was a source of joy in your life, big or small. Focusing our attention on these joyful moments allows us to feel less stressed and a lot more grateful and open to even more joy.

Guidance and support

Ch’ien is the energy we associate with guidance, intuition and also with travel and movement. Reaching out into the world around us, learning about others, being supportive and also allowing ourselves to lean into sources of support. We are always held and supported, we just need to remind ourselves of this. Leaning in to helpful friends both physical and spiritual allows us to feel connected and supported. This in turn feeds our energy allowing us to be supportive of others. 

Compassion for ourselves as well as others

In our compassion for others we can often forget to be compassionate toward ourselves. In order to be of any use to those around us we first need to lean in to our own sources of support and guidance. Part of this is leaning into our joy, noticing all of the little things which bring us joy in our day. Where intention goes, energy flows. Otherwise we can feel overwhelmed, worn out and often immobilised by the enormity of world events.

Finding Connection and Accessing Joy

In a recent “unlocking us” interview with Brene Brown and Karen Walrond (author of The Lightmakers Manifesto), Karen suggested that we take a few minutes each day to journal and ask ourselves:

How can I stay: connected, healthy and purposeful today?

Just writing a little note to remind ourselves to schedule in the small ways to do each of these things will allow us to have the energy to Access our Joy and Maintain our Connection to spirit and to each other.

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