August 2021 time to cultivate rest and play

Time for less work and more rest and play

This is a great time of year to cultivate play and rest. Often we are so busy being busy with “to do” lists that the summer can slip by without us having taken time to enjoy it fully.

I am currently re-reading “The gifts of imperfection” by Brené Brown. In it she discusses the critically important part of wholehearted living is play!

She quotes Dr Stuart Browns book titled “play: how it shapes the brain, opens the imagination and invigorates the soul”  – Just that title makes you stop and think, when was the last time I did something just for the fun of it? Remember sitting in the grass as a child making daisy chains, just for the fun of it, not a care in the world? Thats play. Sitting colouring in or dancing to your favourite tunes, think back to what you did as a child that was fun and relaxing – why not do more of that?

In his book Brown explains that play is at the core of creativity and innovation. Play is as essential to our health and functioning as rest. We tend to associate being productive and on-purpose with being worthy, this gets in the way of doing something as seemingly purposeless as play. But Dr Brown tells us that the opposite of play is not work, it is depression. He tells us that true play can actually give us more lasting joy and satisfaction in our work.

A good place to start, according to Brené Brown is to sit down and write a list of the things which bring joy and meaning to your life. A list of the specific conditions that need to be in place for things to feel good, then check this against your to-do list. Just for today, take one thing off your to-do list and do something fun or put your feet up, read your favourite book or take a nap!

In September we will resume in-person classes with a foundation level course at River Holistic on the 11th and 12th of September. If you prefer to take this course on-line, we will begin the four week online program on October 16th, the curriculum is the same as the weekend course, but takes place over four consecutive Saturday mornings.

We will continue our spotlight classes each month from September to March, each month focusing on one area of our lives and how to use feng shui, colour and essential oils in our homes to enhance that energy. These are one hour spotlight classes a Saturday morning once per month, a way to keep the energy and focus moving as we cycle through the seasons. On September 18th we will focus on Cultivating joy, expanding our creativity and inspiring ourselves to open up and invite in more fun and positive energy. Tapping into the tipping point of the Autumn equinox. On October 30th, the day before we celebrate Samhain, we will delve into the importance our ancestral links, and connecting to our roots as a source of grounding and support. We can only grow in direct relationship to how securely rooted we feel. Check out the courses page on the website for further details.

In the meantime, I invite you to use this month of August to introduce more rest and play into your daily routine and watch the exponential amount of energy and vitality you feel as a result. Don’t forget to join us on the feng shui design facebook page and private facebook group feng shui design enthusiasts (exclusively for feng shui design course participants) to share your feng shui experiences.

Have a lovely rest of Summer!


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