December 2017

As the winter solstice approaches we are again at another tipping point in the year, when we reach the shortest day on December 21st, the sun begins its journey back to us again and each day from then on brings us just a little more light.

This month take a look at area 8 of your bagua (the northeast if using compass directions/the area to the front and left of your property if using western three door gate feng shui).

This area is associated with knowledge, spirituality and inner knowingness.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. It is vital to still the mind in order to connect back to this truth. We have so many distractions in our modern lives to keep us occupied and activating our minds, making it even more important to be conscious and make the decision to reconnect daily. Where you focus your attention, your energy will flow, creating an outcome, offering a solution.

Lao Tsu asked :-

“Do you have the patience, to wait until your mud settles, and the water is clear, 

Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?”

Meditation is the easiest way to access this part of our being.

In this quiet space we get to reconnect with what is real, what brings us true joy – connection to our soul-self and to spirit. We all have various avenues for connection, some religious, some more new age etc. The avenue in, is not the point here, the point is that we go deep and connect, regularly. If we can start every day with, first connecting to self and to source, our journey will feel more grounded and directed.

Its easy in our modern lives to be “busy being busy”, but in the end, this feels hollow and unsatisfying.

When we feel that sense of connection, we truly know we belong – we feel at home! There it is! in a nutshell. Because … In the end we need to be at home with ourselves.

Essential oils / incense which help us with this sense of connection include:-

Sage, – it can be difficult to obtain sage essential oil unless you are an aromatherapist, but sage leaves are readily available to burn as an incense. It is cleansing and purifying with a calming and soothing effect. 

(used by the tibetans in place of sage),whose aroma is fresh and woody with a pleasant peppery overtone.
ATTRIBUTES it is uplifting to the spirits yet, warming and calming. It was traditionally used in France as a tonic especially in convalescence. It is considered cleansing on a mental and emotional plane and to be psychically purifying. It is excellent when feeling emotionally exhausted by the constant demands of other people.

Frankincense, which has a balsamic aroma with a hint of camphor and lemon. This oil played a role in religious and domestic life in many ancient civilisations. Its name is derived from the french word Franc meaning pure and the latin incensium “to smoke”. This oil relaxes and revitalises the nervous system. It is smoothes the flow of stagnant chi. calms and centres the mind, is gently tranquillising, yet deeply clarifying.
Cedarwood which is said to restore a sense of spiritual certainty.   and help to transform negative situations into opportunities to build derive strength and wisdom.

Our ancestors looked to the hours of darkness, the shortest days, the turning points of the year – like the winter solstice, as a time to allow the blanket of darkness to enfold us and remind us of our true selves, connecting to each other and to source, remembering that we are not separate or alone on our journey, we are connected to the light within the darkness.

Colours and shapes associated with this energy are earth colours, yellow, brown, earthy tones, square shapes, comforting and enfolding furnishings and fabrics and low square shapes in architecture.   Supportive or nourishing colours for this energy are red, red-orange and purple. Candles feed the flame and set the tone for this homing in, re-connecting, center-ing and stabilising energy.


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