dynamic balance involves change

Change; dynamic balance

In applying feng shui to our living and working spaces we are mirroring the dynamic balance found in nature. The natural ebb and flow of energy as the sun changes and  moves throughout the day, the seasons, the year etc. Dynamic Balance means changing, growing, flowing balance, not a static state of perfection.

True balance is always evolving, growing, receding and beginning again – in harmony with our needs as we move through the different stages of our lives.

Isn’t it interesting then, that as human beings, all too often, we are reluctant to leave behind the apparent security of the status quo. Even if the situation we are currently in is uncomfortable, we can, at times, have a somewhat “better the devil you know” attitude toward moving on.

At this time of year mother nature gifts us with a magnificent display of the beauty of change and transformation. As we move into Spring, plants that have been dormant all winter, begin to spread their wings and blossom. This is a wonderful mirror for us, showing the magnificent opportunity we have, when we choose to let go, and allow change to transform our energy, bringing us to the next level in our development.

In the incorporation of feng shui design into to our spaces, it is crucial to remember to regularly review what is working for us and what requires movement and transformation.  Simply moving around artwork, ornaments etc. clearing out/tidying into storage what we are not currently using, will have a profound effect on how we perceive our surroundings and subsequently on how we feel energetically.

This month ask yourself – What project have you been putting off until the time was right? Is there a creative process that you would love to begin? A class that you have wanted to take? or perhaps there is a space in your home waiting to be transformed or re-purposed for another use?

Change is the one true constant in our lives – The wind will blow and change will come. Take time at this re-birthing time of the year to En-Joy this turning point in your journey!

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In this feng shui design course we will cover; the importance of location, chi vs sha, form school feng shui, the bagua, furniture placement, personal best directions, the importance of entrances and bedrooms, colour, pattern, shape and material finishes and the flow of the five elements, space clearing, healthy homes and much more.
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Spring-forward Blessings!

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