Essential oils and creating an atmosphere for restful sleep



Use a cold air aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse essential oils for 20 mts before going to sleep. This scent then becomes a trigger to encourage an atmosphere of calm, conducive to drifting off to sleep.
                                                                          Lavender – creates a sense of peace and harmony, balances the chakras and activates the crown chakra and the connection with spirit. Said to release negativity and calms and stabilises the chi of the heart.
                                                                     Chamomile which is soothing, calming and particularly helpful where anxiety is inclined to make a person fretful.  It smoothes the flow of the bodies Chi energy and regulates the movement of vital energy helps to relax the nervous system. Its warm apple-like fragrance imparts a well known calmative effect.                                                       ALWAYS ENSURE YOU USE PURE AROMATHERAPY OILS RATHER THAN SYNTHETIC PERFUME OILS.

















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