Essential oils and crystals for Helpful friends area of the bagua

Many oils are useful to disperse in the helpful friends area of the bagua, such as …..

Lavender – clearing and balancing for all of the chakras. Associated with Love, tenderness and generosity, lending support, consolation and spiritual nourishment. Instills PEACE.

Oak Moss –  a lichen usually found growing on oak trees. A dark green and viscous liquid with an extremely tenacious aroma reminiscent of a damp forest floor.  The scent is uplifting, cooling, and calming.  Said to attract nature spirits and support from the earth elementals.

Linden Blossom- a sweet, floral, light green aroma. It is said to have the energy of flowing water, as though the angels have touched it. It is calming, protective and healing in nature, it is said to represent “love in action”compassion and caring.

Crystals which have a special affinity with this energy include:-

Hematite, which is particularly grounding and protective. This stone has a strong YANG energy and balances the body. (Judy Hall)


Topaz,  an “empathetic stone” which is said to bring joy and abundance. An extremely supportive crystal, topaz is said to help you discover your own riches, make you feel confident and philanthropic wanting to share your good fortune and spread sunshine all around). This stone has the capacity to see the big picture and the minute detail, recognising how the two interrelate. (Judy Hall)

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