February 2020 new beginnings

In the northern hemisphere February marks the beginning of the new growth for the new year, the earth begins to awaken from her winter slumber and the growth for the new year begins to stir. 

In the Celtic calendar, this marks Imbolc, the celebration of the divine spark of inspiration, the festival of earth awakening and the potential for manifestation. 

In Ireland we celebrate Brighid’s day on the first day of February. It is said that on the night of the 31st of January Brighid rises again from her winter resting place and brings with her all of the potential for new growth for the year.  The symbolism of the Brighid’s cross represents the four cardinal directions and the four elements with Brighid spiralling at its centre being the unifying force. She is a symbol of compassion and healing. The “cross” is, in fact, a spiral, symbolising dynamic balance, and is traditionally placed above the front door of the home as a symbol of protection, unity and balance.

In feng shui, February 4th marks the beginning of the solar new year in feng shui. (The Chinese new year is based on the lunar calendar and is a “moveable feast” which was celebrated on January 25th this year.) Within the solar calendar, each year over a cycle of 9 years the energy subtly changes and shifts allowing us to experience different types of energy within our own lives. Depending on our own energy (ki) we will experience this shift in energy in subtly different ways. 

While the overall energy for the year impacts on a global level, individually we will experience the year somewhat differently. Those of you who joined us on February 1st for our feng shui and 9 star ki workshop will have learned how to calculate your own energy signature and therefore work out the essence of your energy for the coming year. 

On a more general level, we know that February 4th marks the beginning stage of our potential growth for this year. It is therefore a wonderful time to set our intentions for the year ahead. Taking some quiet time now, to reflect on what has led us to this point in our lives and how we would like to progress throughout the coming year will reap great rewards as we move throughout the seasons ahead. In essence, taking time to map out our journey will save us a lot of unnecessary detours on the road ahead. 

Set out your stall, write down what you wish to draw into your life this coming year. List the blessings in your life that you are most grateful for. Acknowledging and focusing on our blessings sets up the polarity to attract more of this energy into our lives. Create a vision board, if you feel so inclined, to really put a visual on what you would like to have more of in every aspect of your life. 

Often when we sit and reflect like this, we discover that it is not so much that we want more “stuff” but that we want more time to relax and enjoy what we already have; more time to spend with family and friends, to relax in nature and to enjoy the blessings in our lives. Whatever that is for you; take time to write it down and literally “spell” it into being. There is real magic in doing this, it makes our wishes much more focused and tangible and gives us greater clarity on what is important to us.

When you have finished writing your wish list, put it in a red envelope and set it on your desk or home altar, somewhere with special significance. The red envelope is said to give added energy to the information inside. 

This time of year is also an opportunity to clear the decks, shedding whatever we no longer wish to carry forward into the future.

Space clearing is also very useful to shift the atmosphere within the home as we make room for new growth. In the same way as we would prepare the garden, for this years growth, clearing out the dead wood and leaves to make space for the new buds and shoots to push their heads up into the sunlight.

Keeping the energy of the entrance clear

A very helpful practice is to place a bowl of sea salt near the front door. Salt is crystalline and a humectant (it draws moisture to it) used in this way, it is said to act as a “magnet” for negative chi, absorbing it and keeping the energy of the entrance to our home crystal clear. To further enhance this placement you can add a couple of drops essential oils and/or some juniper berries and black pepper corns, interspersed with the salt:-

Juniper berry (juniperus communis) cleanses and protects, releases worry and negative thinking, clears the way forward, and is said to be useful when feeling burdened and overwhelmed; 

Black pepper (piper nigrum)is said to offer protection from negative energy, reduce fear and motivate change. The essential oil helps to release blocked energy and reduce fatigue and low energy. 

NB The salt is disposed of (into the compost bin) regularly and replaced with fresh salt and oils of your choice. 

Be careful not to spill essential oils onto polished surfaces as they will damage them. It is best to mix a couple of drops of your chosen oils with the salt first, and then place in the bowl to be displayed. Use a bowl which will not tarnish from the salt and oils, glass is best.


Feng shui recommendations for 2020

The energy of 5 earth moves into the East for this year from February 4th 2020 to February 4th 2021. 5 Earth sits naturally at the centre for this form of feng shui astrology and is therefore thought to have an unsettling influence on other areas as it moves position year on year.  5 earth is associated with health and balance, therefore, disturbing the East for this year (undertaking building works etc), is said to be unsettling for our health and well being. 

The feng shui recommendation to balance for this, is to keep the East sector of our homes quiet for this year and add a 6 or 7 flute metal wind chime to this sector of our home to disperse any negative chi.

Placing 6 metal coins in this area of the home is also considered auspicious as is “moving metal” in the form of a chiming metal clock or a metal clock with a pendulum, for example.  The rhythmic movement of the pendulum /chiming of the clock is said to calm the influence of this energy. 

In short, the feng shui recommendation for 2020 is to keep the Eastern sector of our homes quiet and peaceful for this year.


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