Feng Shui and Creativity Spotlight Course September 2021

Feng Shui Design Spotlight Class On Creativity

The beginning of autumn is traditionally a time when we become more organised tidying away anything that has become chaotic and cluttered and settle in to a new period of learning.

On Monday 6th we have a new moon in Virgo, a time for positive change, self awareness and an ideal time to trust your intuition. This is a perfect opportunity to tap into our creativity. So many of us decided at some point that we weren’t creative, but this was generally because of comparison and competition at some point which led us to believe that if we weren’t the best at something then there was no point in trying! Comparison, conformity and competition all dampen the joy we innately found as children in creativity. What is the best childhood memory you have around creativity? What did you love to do, just for the fun of it? Let go of comparison to anyone else, as Teddy Roosevelt put it “comparison is the thief of joy”.

Creativity is where we find meaning

Creativity is where we find meaning, the only unique contribution we can ever make in this world comes from our creativity and can never truly be compared to anyone else.

What better way to express our creativity than in our own homes, adding a splash of colour, arranging some flowers, introducing some new cushions or a throw for instance. Perhaps you don’t know where to begin? Then do something creative just for the sake of it, take out some colouring pencils, do an art project, take some photographs and arrange them into a collage. Make it easy and fun, lighthearted, without any deadline or any particular goal in mind. Allow yourself the freedom to create, sing your favourite songs, get up and dance to some music that moves you, have a look at taking a workshop or a class to inspire yourself this month. As the saying goes “there’s no such thing as creative people and non-creative people, just those who choose to use their creativity and those who do not.

The energy for new possibilities and opportunities

When we tap into this energy in any way it opens us up to new possibilities of all kinds. In feng shui we associate this energy of creativity with the I Ching symbol Tui – Lake or youngest daughter, this energy is associated with cheerfulness and speaking with joy, taking delight in all of the pleasures of life in the same way we instinctively did as children. This energy is about taking the time to breathe in the beauty around us and reflecting this into our lives.

Your challenge for this month is to do something creative, anything at all which you find interesting, easy, fun and joyful. Spark joy into your life and allow it to inspire you!

1 hour online Spotlight course on creativity September18th 2021

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