Feng Shui and Relationships Harmony continuing the conversation

Continuing our conversation on the area of

relationships harmony on the bagua.


Feng Shui Design Bagua 5 elements and I Ching - Relationships Harmony KUN

KUN Mother Earth
Harmony and Stability in Relationships

The energy of loving support

Each area of the bagua has an associated I Ching symbol.

These symbols offer further insight into the subtle layers of energy associated with this part of our lives.

The earth element of Kun is the essence of “mother earth” also known as “the receptive” – being both open to and accepting of, loving support.


The Nature of KUN is elegance, surrender, service, devotion, nurturing, maturity, softness, security, adaptablity, loyalty and kindness.


This is the overall atmosphere we are invited to include in this part of our homes to encourage this energy of unconditional loving connection in our lives.

Being open and receptive is the essence of Mother Earth


Soft earthy and enfolding energy with cushions and throws

soft enfolding energy of mother earth

Colours and shapes

The element we associate with this energy is Mother Earth, this may be represented with:

  • Earthy colours such as yellows, browns, ochres and earthy tones.
  • Square shapes, patterns and designs in decor
  • Low, soft yielding and enveloping furnishings and textures,
  • Soft textures and deeply cushioned seating

These elements have a gently enfolding nature reminiscent of the relationship we have with the earth as we plant seeds into the soil entrusting her to gently nurture them into being.



Introduce softer decorative elements into this part of your home to encourage a corresponding sense of gentle support in your relationships.

Take a look at this part of your home to see if you can include more of:

  • the soft, yielding and nurturing essence of this energy in the form of material finishes,
  • colour or imagery which holds the essence of this loving caring and supportive energy.





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