Feng Shui Bagua – energy template

The Bagua our Feng Shui Energy Template

In feng shui we overlay the floor plan of our homes and workspaces with an energy template called a bagua. This allows us to have an overview of the energetic between each part of our home and a corresponding part of our lives.

To overlay the bagua first we must look at how symmetrical our floorplan is. If there are extensions or bay windows they may create “negative space” or “projections” . See blue dotted lines

Once we have ascertained these then we can create a very simple bagua by creating 9 proportionate sectors on our floorplan. See green dotted lines

You can continue on and make this into an octagon. See red lines

Each sector of the home can now be related to a particular energy in our lives.

There are two main ways to align the bagua

There are a couple of ways of aligning this bagua to the floorplan of our homes, there is no right or wrong way to approach this, we are simply acknowledging that we are not separate from our homes, our energy and that of our living spaces is interconnected. Incorporating the bagua template in either form allows us to create a flow of energy from one sector of our homes and therefore our lives to another.

  • The first is to align each area according its compass orientation I.E. LIFE PATH is oriented to compass NORTH and REPUTATION to compass SOUTH and so on.
  • The second, more Western approach is to align the bagua to the orientation of the front door I.E. the front central sector of the home is in this case LIFE PATH and the rear central sectore of the home is REPUTATION.

Both systems work equally well to create a flow of the 5 elements throughout the home. You simply choose one system or the other and continue on with that.

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To learn more about how to apply this information to your particular floor plan and location you can


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Feng Shui Design Bagua overly showing life areas

Feng Shui Design energy template – the Bagua Illustrating the energetic connection between each area of our lives and the various sectors of our living spaces.




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