Feng Shui Design; Being in Balance at the Summer Solstice

The summer Solstice represents the mid-point of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere this brings the longest day of the year and the shortest night. At this, the most yang and expanded point of the year, it is very important to remain grounded, centered and balanced.

The central core of our living space is crucial to radiating balance and light into every area of our home. (See tips to enhance this area of your space below)

The Summer Solstice offers an important reminder for us to stop and take stock. Release what is no longer needed so that we can coast into the second half of 2022 open to all new possibilities and opportunities as they arise.

Tapping into the energy of 2022

As previously discussed, 2022 is a 5-energy year which marks the beginning and end of a cycle globally and encourages us to take stock. Like a “karmic report card” this year invites us to look at the consequences of our actions to date. Assess what we are happy with and what we can now change or let go of in favour of a new way of being.

Feng Shui for the centre of our home which represents health and unity:

  • This space offers us an opportunity to create focus and eliminate confusion.
  • Like the open palm of a hand ready to give and receive, this space is best kept as clear as possible.
  • Bring in light, bright elements (think of drawing in the sunshine) such as flowers and uplifting artwork.
  • Eliminate clutter which creates stagnation.
  • Create a bright and open space which will allow you to breath in new opportunities.
  • Physically, clean and clear this space often,  keeping the energy here “crystal clear”.
  • Eliminate stressors of any kind here, keep the energy healthy and vibrant.
  • Diffuse some immune supportive essential oils here (See some examples below)
  • Add some crystals to keep the energy clear and supportive (see examples below)

Essential oils to enhance the central core of your space at the Summer Solstice:-

Feng Shui Design essential oils for health and balance

German Chamomile: Associated with the sun and our solar plexus. Sweet and dry, its apple like scent is both calming and warming, offering support in times of difficulty.

Lemon: Fresh and crisp it clear out any sense of being stuck in a rut, stimulating our immune system, sharpening our focus and uplifting our mood. It opens us up to new possibilites.

Frankincense: Purifying and freeing, this oil encourages healing on all levels. It is both grounding and restorative and calming for our immune system .

Crystals to enhance the centre of our home

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Shungite (Black)Shungite Cube Polished CUB812

This crystal is only found in Karelia, norther Russia and at least 2 billion years old and is thought to have come from a meteorite hit which created the crater in which Lake Onega and the shungite formed. It contains virtually all the minerals in the periodic table and is a rare carbon mineral, composed of fullerenes (buckyballs or buckytubes). Shungite absirbs whatever is hazardoues to health, be that pesticides, free radicals, bacteria, EMF, Microwave and other vibrational emissions. It boosts physical wellbeing and has a pwerful effect on the immune system. It is a powerful grounding stone that shields from environmental toxins and is believed to be a catalyst for positive change and growth. (Judy Hall)

The stone of Life/Elixir of Life, it is associated with longevity. Excellent for Electro Magnetic protection (wifi, mobile phones and so on). Shungite is a purifier stone and it also aligns the chakras. (Crystalearth.ie)

Tigers Eye

Amazing for detoxing and strengthening the solar plexus and the immune system. Combines earth and sun energies, raising our vibration while keeping us grounded. It is said to show us how to use our power correctly with integrity. It helps to clarify our intentions and assists in achieving goals.

Tigers eye helps to gather scattered information to make a coherent whole. It heals issues around self worth and blocked creativity, helping us to overcome our faults and recognise our talents. It is a yin-yang balancer and mood elevator. (Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible)

Tiger’s Eye is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. It can help to summon our inner strength and is both grounding and energising. In Crystal Healing, placing a Tiger’s Eye Point at the naval with the point facing away can help to expel feelings of insecurity and doubt. Facing the point towards the body can help to reinstate depleted reserves of energy (Crystalearth.ie)

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