Feng shui design deepening our relationship with the heart of home

Our homes are a mirror or metaphor for what is going on inside us.

We are not separate from our homes. We are constantly in relationship with our surroundings, whether we are conscious of this interaction or not.

The rhyme we learned as children about the little crooked house, illustrates this beautifully. But which was crooked first, the house or the man and everything in his life?

We are in constant symbiotic relationship with our homes. When we envelop ourselves with beautiful, comfortable, peaceful surroundings, that same sense of beauty, comfort and peace begins to pervade our lives. Conversely when our spaces are chaotic, cluttered or uncared for, we begin to feel enveloped by a corresponding sense of chaos, lethargy and disconnect.

Exploring this deep sense of connection between heart and home (our need to belong and to have a sense of rootedness) can lead to a much deeper sense of the great importance of looking at what we surround ourselves with, and why.

With feng shui we view this through the prism of the 5 elements, looking at location, proportion, shape, colour etc from an energetic perspective.

We can also layer in healthy homes, surrounding ourselves with natural materials and providing ourselves with a healthier environment etc.

Clearing clutter is important because it allows us to reduce the distraction of “visual noise”, so that we have a clearer view of what we truly want for our lives and consequently what we want to surround ourselves with in our homes.

“Space clearing” the atmosphere is equally important to keep the energy of our homes fresh and vibrant.

To learn more, join us on May 11th and 12th for a two day immersion into feng shui, space clearing, healthy homes, our own personal energy signature and how to integrate all of this information in order to deeply connect heart and home. 

Take some time today to walk around your home, really look at your surroundings and everything you have accumulated in your environment and ask yourself; what is your home is reflecting back to you today? Reconnecting on a deep level to your relationship with your home can be a truly profound experience.



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