Feng shui design – energetic changes for 2022 – tapping into the patterns of change.

balancing the energy of your home with feng shui design

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Feng shui design for 2022

Change is the only true constant. Each year the elemental energy subtley changes. Our ancestors discovered that there is a predictable pattern to these changes, they go in cycles. By tapping into these patterns and learning to understand how these affect each of us in a subtly different way we can go with the flow rather than swimming against the tide.


We each have our own elemental signature or Ki energy. The Tibetans call it our MEWA or birthmark – our constitutional energy beased on when we were born. This is why we may act or react in a particular way to a situation and the person next to us (whether that is a family member, friend or work colleague) will act or react quite differently. Understanding the reasoning behind this allows us to communicate and work together in a more compassionate, constructive and productive way.

feng shui design 5 element flow

Feng shui design, dynamic flow of the elements


There is also an energetic change each year over a cycle of 9 years which impacts each of us differently. Some years our energy will be very energetic, active and terrific for new beginnings, and others will feel quieter and more introverted when we are drawn to study or reinvent ourselves. Learning where we are in this cycle we can support ourselves through these subtle changes easily and effortlessly and thrive on every level as we do so.

Supporting your energy for 2022

Understanding the energy for 2022 is important as it allows us to forsee any obstacles or difficulties and sidestep or mitigate for them but it also allows us to see opportunities and benefit from them as they arise.Mapping these into the feng shui design of your home integrates your personal energy with that of your home, supporting you as we navigate our way into the new year.

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