Feng Shui Design for the Garden part 6 – abundance and blessings

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Area 4 of the Bagua is associated with abundance and blessings of all kinds. This is the South-east sector of your garden (if using compass school feng shui) or the rear left hand sector as you look in from the street (if taking the 3 door gate approach).

The I ching symbol associated with this energy is:- SUN

SUN – connected with the vibration of wind which is by its very nature etheric. It represents the discipline to sow the seeds of success in orer to grow and create a self-renewing crop of abundance. The gentle warm breeze or winds of change bring with them untold blessings.

Abundance and Blessings

This part of the bagua is associated with having and being conscious of our good fortune in every area of our lives.

 A bamboo plant can be a welcome addition here, black bamboo brings in the dual aspect of wood in terms of its vertical emphasis and water in terms of its stem colour. 

Willow holds the same type of upward and outward growth and associated with the festival of Bealtaine and the blossoming of new growth.

Water sustains the wood element and is therefore a significantly  beneficial element to add here too. Trailing plants around the base of the bamboo shown here, symbolise the flowing, moving essence of the water element. 

Water features are also a supportive addition to add energy and vitality and to enhance and nourish the wood element here. 


Wooden wind chimes and wind ornaments will add energy and vitality in all seasons. 

Wind ornaments which move in the breeze will encourage movement and so chi or energy into this part of the garden.

Bird baths and bird feeders will encourage wildlife to invigorate the energy in this part of the garden keeping the energy here fresh and vital throughout the year. 

If placing a birdbath in this part of the garden, keep the birdbath clean and the water clear and replenish it with fresh water regularly to ensure that the energy here is not allowed to stagnate.

True balance is always evolving, growing, receding and beginning again. Create some seasonal interest with planting in this area of the garden so that the colours and foliage change with the seasons, reminding you to go with the flow.

Do’s and Don’ts for this area of the garden


  • Keep this area free from clutter i.e do not allow it to become a dumping ground or use this area as a compost heap
  • Leave some open space for air circulation and to invite in fresh vibrant chi
  • Plant vibrant plants and trees with a vertical emphasis
  • Add a succession of seasonal plants which will keep the energy here vibrant and renewed throughout the year.
  • Add some wind ornaments to move/circulate the chi here
  • Add a water feature here as water feeds or nourishes the growth of the wood element and will support future growth and abundance. If the water feature has a directional flow, ensure the water is flowing toward your home and not draining away from it. This represents abundant blessings flowing into your life.


  • Allow the energy in this part of the garden to become stagnant or heavy
  • Introduce the metal element which curbs the growth of wood or tree energy
  • overemphasise the fire element which drains the energy of wood or tree.

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