Feng shui design for the garden – relationships harmony

Feng Shui Design for the Garden - Jasmin





The relationships harmony area

(South West if using compass school/rear right hand side of plot if using Western approach)

This is the area associated with KUN mother earth energy. It is associated with the divine feminine whose energy may be described as elegant, devoted, loyal, kind and supportive.

Earth Energy

Earth energy is stabilising, nurturing, grounding and connecting in its energy. The earth element may be introduced in the form of stone, marble, terracotta, crystals and low square shapes in design. The colour yellow is also associated with this element. Pinks and some reds and purples (fire) can be added here to stimulate the energy if you feel it needs revitalising.

feng shui design relationships harmony statue

Ornaments, Planting and Flowers

  • Stone ornamentation which symbolises loving connection will work perfectly to enhance this part of the garden.
  • A good addition here would be a pair of stone pots with some yellow or pink flowers. Roses for example, are often associated with companionship, love and devotion.
  • A bench or garden seating with some scented planting will provide an inviting nook for you to sit and enjoy the garden with your partner. The addition of some soft cushions and throws will enhance the nurturing, gently enfolding nature of this energy. 
  • Jasmin would be a wonderful addition here providing a wonderful scent in the evening – its scent is said to warm the heart and balance our energy. 
  • Thinks soft, loving energy in this part of the garden.

Things to avoid

  • Avoid spiky plants which can create prickly energy.
  • Avoid overuse of the wood & water element – strong vertical emphasis/water features
  • Introduce a small amount of fire energy to infuse the space with warmth and passion – don’t overdo it, remember a small amount goes a long way! EG the colour red, orange, pink or actual fire in the form of a firepit, for example.
  • If there is already too much heat and not enough light in your relationship, i.e.if things tend to get overheated as it is, then simply use the earth element and some gentle ambient lighting for gentle fire.


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