Feng Shui Design; Helpful Friends, connection and belonging

The Energy of Helpful Friends in Feng Shui

Circle of friends, gathering to offer support

Focusing on this energy in our lives enables us to establish our connections, our support system and our sense of belonging.

In Feng Shui we use an energy template called the bagua to establish the energetic connection between the various areas of our lives and specific sectors in our built environment. If you are unsure about how this applies to your home click on the link above before reading further.

Support and guidance

The area of Helpful friends is associated with full yang energy and represents primal father energy, the divine energy which brings everything into being.

This energy in our lives symbolises our deep connection with one another as a means of support and guidance. As such it has an association with duty and responsibility towards others.

The energy of helpful friends has an affinity with the idea of harvest and reaping what we sow. This  trigram has a polarity with the energy of abundance in our lives; it requires us to use our good fortune, for the good of all. Being Altruistic, considering others and our environment.


Altruism and gratitude

The essence of this energy is reciprocal support,  altruism, considering the well being of others and gratitude. 

This is the energy associated with guidance, intuition and travel – reaching our energy out into the world around us. 

Clearing clutter to make space

By first clearing out anything we are ready to release, we can make room for new sources of guidance and support in our lives.

Enhancing this part of our living and working spaces invites in the wisdom of elders, people in authority in our lives, those with great wisdom to impart, who command both our respect and attention.

This part of our home is also associated with our friends and our support system, those we turn to in times of need and for whom we provide support in return.

Deepening our sense of belonging and our connection to the environment

The element here is metal, round and spherical shapes, arches and domes. The colours white, silver and metallics may be used to enhance this energy of “gathering round” and pooling our energy. Thus deepening our sense of being supported, of being connection and ultimately to our sense of groundedness and belonging.

The addition of the earth element here (in the form of crystals, earthy tones or ceramic or stone sculture, for example) will ground and stabilise this sense of support in our lives. Indeed this energy is also associated with global support and looking after the environment as a way of deepening our connection to each other and to our home. 

We are interdependant with our ecosystem and our home planet. Mother earth offers us support, the atmosphere wraps itself around the planet, encircling and protecting us. This area of the bagua reminds us of this connection to each other and to Mother Earth; reminding us that we are all one. We are deeply connected and reliant on support from one another in order to thrive.

Drawing in support from the earth elementals and from spirit

This part of our home also invites us to connect to invisible means of support in the form of earth elemental, spirit guides, guardians, angels and those in our lives who we connect to in this way.


A Place to Call Home

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