Feng Shui Design – using crystals to support your energy in your home

Tips On Using Crystals in Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui Design Crystals to support the energy of your home (photo taken by Dena Shearer)

Crystals are one of natures wonderful gifts of healing. I have used crystals in my home and practise for more than 30 years and I can attest to their transformational healing energy.

In this post, let’s focus on just a few which you may find useful in your own home.

Crystals for particular areas of the bagua

As we know, in terms of the 5 elements we associate crystals with earth energy.

The earth energy areas of our home are:

  • 2 (relationships harmony)
  • 5 (health and unity)
  • 8 (wisdom and spirituality).

Each of these three areas will benefit from the addition of particular healing crystals.

The two metal energy areas will also benefit from the addition of the earth element:

  • 6 (heavens energy/helpful friends)
  • 7(creativity and the future).

Follow the link if you need to know more about locating the areas of the bagua for your home.

Crystals for healing and balance

This year is a “5 energy year”. This means we need to focus a little more on balancing the centre of our spaces. Inviting in the balancing healing energy of “heaven” to the central core of our space will bring some balance to a year when we encounter “a karmic report card”. This is a time to remind ourselves of, and realign ourselves with, our souls purpose.

Selenite is a perfect high vibration crystal for this purpose It is an “angel crystal” and is also called the stone of peace. It is said to bring “a pillar of white light energy into the home where it sits” (quote from Elizabeth de Meester, owner of www.crystalearth.ie)

What a perfect addition to the centre of our homes for this year!

Crystals to draw in heavens energy and angelic support

Selenite would obviously be a perfect addition to area 6. This area is associated with heavens energy, angels and support from above. I have placed a large round coaster sized piece of selenite in area 5 in my home for this year. I have also ordered a round “snowball” selenite candle holder to place in area 6. My intention being to draw in the energy of helpful friends for the coming year.

Crystals to support relationships harmony

Area 2 (relationships harmony) will benefit from rose quartz.  

This is the stone of unconditional love, teaching us the true essence of love.

Crystals to support inner wisdom and connection to spirit

Area 8 (wisdom and connecting to spirit) will also benefit from selenite. It is said to open up our crown chakra and allow us to access wisdom and guidance from above. I also recommend Amethyst for this area. It is an expremely powerful and protective stone which enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation. This area is also associated with transformation and the conception of all things. Therefore, black labradorite a stone of transformation would also be approprate.

Crystals to support creativity and open us up to the energy of joy and possibility

Finally, are 7 (creativity and opening up to the future) will benefit from citrine.  This is a joyful, abundant crystal. Sunstone is uplifting,  brings in the energy of the sun and is a stone of joy. Elizabeth at Crystal Earth also introduced me to a wonderful crystal called “lilac spirit quartz”.  She says this crystal is full of “sparkly, giggly fun”. Sounds perfect to awaken our inner child and support our creative energy!

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