Feng Shui for Bedrooms September 2017

Feng Shui and Bedrooms


“The Bedroom is where we retreat to for the most private aspects of our lives therefore it is crucial that we feel completely safe and at ease in this space. For many people it is the room in which they feel most secure; it is their earthly womb. “ – Bob Longacre


Obvious though it may seem it is worth mentioning that bedrooms should be uncluttered, well maintained, well ventilated and well lit.

Pay attention to your first impression upon entering this room. Does it feel private, safe, inviting, light, joyful? If not what elements can your remove/reduce and what might you add in, in terms of imagery, colour etc?

In general, soft neutral colours and muted accent tones work best in bedrooms. Avoid busy patterns and full chroma / primary colours as they are stimulating and do not allow the eyes to rest.

While we sleep our physical body rests and rejuvenates and our spiritual body expands into the vast spiritual realm that is our true home. Therefore this is when we can feel at our most vulnerable.

Therefore it is vitally important to pay close attention to the siting of the bedroom within the home, the positioning of the furnishings, EMF’s, geopathic stress, colour and materials in order to maximize the restful and regenerative function of this very important space.

Ideally the head of the bed needs to be backed up by a solid wall and not placed with the bed-head to the window which is stimulating and counterproductive to restful sleep. Having a solid wall behind the bed, a headboard and equal space on either side of the bed creates a sense of stability and balance.

The bed should be positioned with a commanding view of the door but not in line with it which can stimulate the occupants chi/energy leading to poor sleep and disharmony.

The bed should not be under a slanted wall which is said to bring slanted unforeseen outcomes and causes compressed, oppressive energy.

Have a feng shui consultant calculate your best direction to position the bed while sleeping. We all have 3 better directions to position the bed to optimise our energy while we sleep. If there is only one position for the bed due to built in furnishings etc, and this is not utilising one of your better directions, there is always a balancing element that can be added.

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