Feng Shui for Childrens Bedrooms September 2017

Childrens bedroom in soft muted pastel colours.


Bunk beds and beds elevated over desks are not ideal as they restrict the energy above the bed. Which is said to restrict your potential.


For best effect do not have mirrors in childrens bedrooms. Restrict mirrors to just one if possible. This should not be visible from the bed.
Childrens bedrooms should not resemble playrooms with primary colours and stimulating imagery.

If they are used as playrooms during the day, have adequate      storage so that toys can be tidied away at night and the space given a more restful atmosphere


Think restful, calm and peaceful energy when decorating bedrooms – this is your space to relax, unwind, heal and regenerate.

Have a feng shui consultant calculate your best direction to position the bed while sleeping. We all have 3 better directions to position the bed to optimise our energy while we sleep. If there is only one position for the bed due to built in furnishings etc, and this is not utilising one of your better directions, there is always a balancing element that can be added.

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