Feng Shui for Peace and Harmony- time to be still and go deep


Taking Time to Be Still

The new moon is what we call the space between the waning and waxing moons, when the moon is in full darkness and there appears to be no moon in the sky.

This pause between the exhale and the inhale allows us to pause, go deep and touch on the deeper mysteries in our lives.

Focus on going inward – being rather than doing

This month we are focusing on going inward, taking time in. Sitting in the stillness the no-thing-ness can be difficult. In a world which values productivity and busyness over all else, the impulse we have learned to respond to is that we must always be doing or becoming or striving in some way.

The true wisdom of our intuition is accessed through stillness, allowing ourselves to be quiet, still and to do nothing even for a short time each day. Listening, meditating and being ok in the silence of the in-between. Then take a moment to write down anything that comes to you in that stillness. Set your intentions, write them down, these are the key to powerful transformation.

Begin today and each day this month, spend some time in stillness and silence. Allow your souls whispers to rise above the noise of your everyday life. Allow yourself to simply be present, listening to your breath, listening closely in the gap between breaths.

Feng Shui – Mountain Energy – Connecting to the stillness and silence that rests within

Rest, wait, allow yourself to stop for a while. In feng shui we call this “mountain” energy, when we go into our cave, this is the space which houses connection to spirit. Turning inward, going into silence creates the space for transformation to occur.



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