Feng Shui for Relationships and Partnerships

Feng Shui For Relationships and Partnerships – February Spotlight

Feng Shui Relationships Harmony Ornamentation and Crystals for balance

Feng Shui Design Focus on Relationships

February is the month when we begin to focus our attention on relationships and partnerships.

In Feng Shui we associate this energy with Mother Earth or Divine Femine energy. The essence of relationships and partnerships in our lives is one of nurturing support which feels protective, enfolding and nourishing at its core.

Think of planting a vulnerable seed into the earth, folding the earth over it so that it can grow and flourish. This is the quality we associate with loving relationships and partnerships in Feng Shui.

We use an energy template called a Bagua to show the energetic relationship between the different areas of our lives with the various sectors of our built environment.

This outlines our opportunity to make adjustments or changes in our physical environment with the intention of creating a corresponding shift in the energy in that area of our lives.

The Bagua – an energy template we overlay onto the floorplan of our homes/workspaces

There are a couple of ways of aligning this bagua to the floorplan of our homes. There is no right or wrong way to approach this.

We are simply acknowledging that we are not separate from our homes.

Our energy and that of our living spaces is interconnected.

Incorporating the bagua template in either form allows us to create a flow of energy from one sector of our homes and therefore our lives to another.

To align the bagua to the compass directions in which case the SW sector is associated with Relationships harmony.

The more Western interpretation aligns the bagua to the position of the front door. In this system the rear right hand sector of the home is associated with Relationships harmony.

Once we have established which approach we are going to take we can take a closer look at what is happening in that area of our homes.

First establish how this energy is in your life right now and what adustments you wish to make or goals you have for your relationships going forward.

What is it you want to have happen as a result of applying feng shui to the relationships area of your space?

Do you want to..

  • Refresh the energy in your close relationships/partnerships?
  • Add more stability?
  • Invite in a new relationship/partnership?

It is part of our human conditioning to need companionship.

Most of the joy we experience in life is through sharing experiences and feelings.  For this reason we like to add pairs of decorative items to this part of the home. E.G. a pair of candles, imagery depicting pairs or couples, of people in relationship to one another.

The atmosphere is created by artwork by virtue of the “story” we tell ourselves around it.

Now take a look at the relationships area of your home and ask yourself how it feels.

Does it feel

  • A little tired in terms of the decor?
  • Cluttered or crowded?
  • Cold or rigid in its energy?

Where to begin?

  • First do a clear out.
  • Then get clear and focused on what type of energy you would most enjoy more of in this aspect of your life.
  • Get really granular about how that would feel to you.
  • Make some feng shui changes and additions accordingly. You can do this using imagery, colour, ornamentation and even scent to focus your intention and enhance this energy in your life.


We will be focusing on this aspect of feng shui for our homes in our spotlight class on Saturday 12th February from 9am to 10am. 

You will also find full details of how to enhance this energy in your home in my new book A Place to Call Home.


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