Feng Shui for the Garden

With the beautiful weather we are experiencing here at the moment, we are spending a lot more time outdoors. This month take a closer look at what is happening in the garden and ways we can enhance the energy of our “outdoor rooms”. 

Feng Shui may be applied to the built environment and also to the plot that our home sits on. 

You can apply the Bagua to the outline of the plot in the same way that you can apply it to the floor plan itself. This will give you a view of how the energy is flowing on the land your home is settled on. For more information on how to align the bagua click here. Essentially you will choose to use the compass orientation or the entrance to your property to set the bagua.

The shape of the plot your home sits on is significant, as is the position of your home in the landscape. I have gone into more detail on this in chapter 2 of “A Place to Call Home” 

Plot shape

In general, it is considered best if the plot is symmetrical or  widens somewhat at the rear of the property. This allows energy and abundance to be held and enjoyed(often referred to as moneybags) before flowing away from the back of the property.

Where the plot is asymmetrical or cut off at the rear this is considered less auspicious. Enhancements may be put in place to rectify this.

First you analyse the shape of the plot and align the bagua to it, noticing which areas of the bagua are enhanced or may be diminished or even missing in your case. this will give you your starting point.

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