Feng Shui Journey- Flowing Forward

January Flowing Forward into 2018

                                                                                                                              This is the time of year when life has receded deep within the earth, and it appears on the surface as if nothing is happening. This is the primal state that precedes all growth. There is always subtle movement deep within. This is a space of deep thinking and knowing, of facilitating gentle flow on our journey through life.

The Element we associate with this time of year is Water. Water never stops flowing, the ocean never stops its movement and the river moves forward. It is soft and yielding, fluid on its surface but has great strength within.

In Feng Shui this energy represents our movement through life as well as our career or profession. It represents the way in which chi or energy ideally moves like flowing water – so that when things are going smoothly we can say we are going with the flow or conversely swimming against the tide. Water represents the freedom to do what we want to do – for life to flow easily and effortlessly with clarity and ease, on our journey/life-path.

If you are using the compass directions to place your Bagua (energy template which indicates the direct energetic connection between different areas of our living space with different areas of our lives) this refers to the northern sector of your living space. If you choose to follow the more western approach to feng shui using front door to set your Bagua, this refers to the area front and centre to your living space.

Allow this space to be light and airy so that this energy of your journey /life-path will reflect a corresponding lightness in your life.

Imagery in this area should represent your mission statement for where you are journeying in this life and how you see that journey – flowing easily is obviously preferable to swimming against the tide!

Reducing stressors like traffic noises, creating soothing sounds, flowing water for example introduces our natural affinity with going with the flow.

Drinking plenty of fresh, clear water will create and similar sense of flow both inside and out.

Blessing with water – In our homes in Ireland there was always a holy water font at the front door with which to bless yourself coming and going and in every church porch to do the same. Water was used to bless and initiate journeys or rights of passage. Keeping a bowl of fresh water on your home altar is a symbol of this same purity and nourishment that we all require on a daily basis. Deepening our sense of spirit, of belonging and deep connection between you and your outer skin – your home.
Keep this area as clear from clutter as possible to avoid any stagnation in the energy of this area. Space clearing will be very important to keep this energy vital, open the windows and let some fresh air into this room daily.

Essential oils which are particularly beneficial to this area of the bagua include:-

Melissa – which is said to “unstop blockages”

Black pepper which is said to energetically help to remove obstacles and stimulate us into action.
Patchouli which is said to have dynamic energy for releasing anxiety(associated with a kidney imbalance – our water organs), and realise what you need to release in order to move forward.
Peppermint – which clears the mind and the flow of thought.

Crystals which are particularly attuned to this energy include:-

Hematite -said to remove self-limitations and aid expansion.

Blue Topaz – said to
help shed light on your path and highlight goals , tapping into inner resources.

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