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Triangular Plot – Remedied with Garden Mirrors

Triangular plots can constrict chi impacting on gathering in and holding on to abundance

Garden Mirrors

Mirrors are a useful inclusion in spaces where the chi is constricted. For example, if you have a triangular plot which narrows to the rear of the property. 

In this instance there is ample open space in the front of the property to invite in passing chi; however there is no room at the rear to hold on to or maintain and enjoy the chi/abundance. Triangles represent fire energy which is extreemly yang and ungrounded/unstable – think of a firework; here one minute, gone the next.  

In this the case the occupants reported that while they are busy and in demand, with money coming in, they cannot seem to hold onto it. As a result they never feel they have sufficient to their needs. They reported that they felt constantly overwhelmed and unsupported. In this instance, a very helpful solution is to balance the shape of the plot by creating a  sense of space at the rear by making it appear wider with the use of clever planting, lighting and mirrors. Lush planting can then appear doubled. Illuminating the space at night will allow light to be reflected into an otherwise narrow and constricted space. 

In the image above  it appears as though there is a “secret garden” beyond the fence, this draws interest and chi to this part of the garden, opening the space up and giving it a greater sense of vitality. A corresponding sense of balance, space and abundant growth is then reflected into the lives of the occupants.

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