Happy 2’s day 2/2/22!

Happy 2’s Day!

The symbolism of pairs in Feng Shui for Relationships Harmony

In feng shui we like to symbolise our sense of connection and relationship with pairs of things in decoration and ornamentation. This offers a visual affirmation of our need for connection in order to feel secure and stable in this part of our lives.

Whether we are talking about our relationships with a significant other or with those with whom we are in close daily contact, we all need to feel seen and heard by those around us.

The style or type of design element you chose will relate to the type of energy you wish to generate in that part of your life.

The bagua for our home shows the energetic connection between a particular sector of our home and that part of our lives. By organising pairs of decorative items in this specific area of our home this acts as a physical positive affirmation and reminds us of the importance of connection and relationships in our lives.

You can read more about each feng shui design for every area of your home in my book

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