Happy New Year – 2021 the year of the metal OX

Happy New year! The year of the white metal ox begins

According to Theodora Lau * in the year of the ox no success can be achieved without effort. It is a good year to “put your house in order” and settle domestic affairs. Set routines and stick to them. If we put in the effort this year it will yield results. This year favours discipline, duty and responsibility. The ox symbolises prosperity through hard

 2021 The year of the white metal ox


Communication may be difficult, therefore take special care to communicate clearly, be patient and you will be rewarded for your efforts. The ox prefers convention to far out methods, so stick to what you have found to be tried and tested, don’t stray too far outside the lines and things will stay on course. This is not a year to try to take shortcuts. Do things in their proper order to yield results. Slow and steady wins the race!

Don’t be disheartened by the down to earth, steady and conventional energy of the Ox, as Theodora puts it  “a lot of wonderful things can come wrapped in plain brown paper, the Ox is one of them. Don’t ever belittle the packaging. he is worth his weight in gold”. As we all know, hard work yields rewards and this year will be no exception.

Feng shui enhancements for 2021

This year it is advised not to disturb the South east sector of our property with major building works. Keep this area quiet and undisturbed if possible. Place a 6 metal flute wind chime or six metal coins in this area of the home to disperse or drain any dissonant energy from this portent for this year.

In the north place 6 metal coins to ensure that the energy remains balanced and contained.

Welcome in new positive energy for the year ahead

Physically wash down the front door and clean the area in front of the entrance. Use a few drops of orange essential oil (citrus sinensis) in the cleaning water. Orange represents good fortune. This essential oil  is wonderfully uplifting,  antimicrobial and immune supportive.

“It has a warm and joyful scent carries with it some of the sunshine needed to ripen its fruit. It promotes joy and creativity and uninhibited communication”. Salvatore Battaglia (The AromaTree).

  “When we have a build-up of stress this results in stagnant chi, sweet orange has the ability to ease tension and frustration and allows us to relax and let go” Gabriel Mojay (Aromatherapy for healing the spirit)

A perfect ally when letting go of the energy of the past year and inviting in fresh, positive vibrant energy for the new year to come!

If you would like to learn more about how to use the of essential oils to balance and uplift your home, join us for our 3 hour online workshop (via zoom) Fragrant chi – the essence of home on the 20th of February.

Next, clear away any clutter in the form of dead leaves etc that may have gathered around the entrance and replace the doormat with a new one and add some vibrant chi in the form of some fresh plants at either side of the door to encourage vibrant chi to enter your home. Inside the front door, ensure that the space feels fresh and welcoming, again you can diffuse some orange essential oil in this area so that the first scent you encounter on arriving home is one of refreshing, light-hearted energy. A welcome change from the anxiety we have all experienced in 2o2o.

Our next foundation level introduction to feng shui is commencing on March 6th and will be run over four consecutive Saturday mornings, allowing you to learn about clutter clearing, feng shui, healthy homes, feng shui astrology and space clearing. Each week cover another layer of this information so that at the end of the course you will have had the opportunity to make changes and additions to your home and feel the results!

In the meantime, I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021!

New year blessings!


*Theodora Lau “The handbook of Chinese horoscopes” Harper Collins Publishers 1996

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