Helpful friends – feng shui design, leaning into our sources of support and guidance

Feng Shui Design and the Energy of Helpful Friends – Heavens Energy

Excerpt from A Place to Call home; feng shui design guidebook for design connection and support

Feng Shui Design and the energy of helpful friends – excerpt from A PLACE TO CALL HOME

We are always held and supported by our circle of friends, mentors, guides and guardian spirits.

Leaning into this circle of support allows us to feel a greater sense of connection and belonging.

The key to this energy in our homes and in our lives is gratitude. If you are unfamiliar with how to identify where this part of your home refers to on the bagua click on this link to locate it. 

The I Ching symbol we associate with this area of our homes with C’hien, “the creative” or heavens energy. Indeed when we find ourselves in a time of need we often look upward to ask for guidance and support.

Seeking and accepting support

This area of our lives is associated with both visible and invisible means of support, mentoring, guidance and philanthropy.

Many of us are very good at rushing in to support others when we see their need. However we can find it difficult to ask for and accept help and support from others. This is a two way street.

It is not a sign of weakness to need or to ask for help, it is a sign of our shared humanity.

We need to accept help, guidance and mentorship in order to feel strong enough to continue to offer support to others.

Gathering “Round” – the metal element

As discussed in my last post, the element associated with this Metal.

The shape associated with this element is round, spherical. Its essence is contracting and containing in nature.

A great reminder of this reciprocal energy of mutual support is to have a small bowl in this part of our home to collect our loose change. When it is full, we can donate it to our favourite local charity and begin again. In this small way we remind ourselves that we have this ability to reach out to support and be supported by those around us.

Feng shui Design round bowl with loose change, helpful friends, support and guidance

Money is round to keep it rolling. Helpful friends the essence of gratitude and reciprocal support

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