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In feng shui we observe that there is an energetic correlation between the central core of our space and our health and wellbeing.

Move (physically or in your minds eye) to the central core of your space, in feng shui this is called the Tai Chi and is associated with our sense of stability and well being. Take a look at the colours, imagery and interior design. How does it feel to occupy this space? Does it feel uplifting or cramped and unappealing?

Keeping this space as bright and fresh as possible is ideal. Like a shaft of sunlight illuminating the central core of your being; your solar plexus. In the chakra system this  is associated with a radiating plexus of nerve endings, often depicted as a yellow spinning wheel of light; our solar plexus.

Our Solar Plexus; is associated with the colour yellow, our transformation centre. The energy here is concerned with our focus, will power and follow-through.

Affirmation: “I honour the power within me, I know my purpose, I carry it out easily and effortlessly and I transform into the best expression of myself

 The colour yellow is an excellent addition in this central area or our homes. After white, yellow reflects the most light into a space. Think of the daffodils when they appear at this time of year and the boost of energy we get when they remind us that spring is here and new growth and fresh starts are on their way.

If you do not wish to paint this area bright yellow, you might add some imagery which has the same sense of uplift and cheer. A sunflower for example has the radiant energy of the sun and also often encompasses the golden mean spiral at its centre. Meditating on this spiral which is found in many places in the natural world is said to bring us into balance with nature. 

Another welcome addition to this central core of your space would be a bunch of fresh spring flowers, reminding us that the seasons are turning, spring has arrived and with it the promise of new growth.

The most important thing here is not to clutter the space, to give it a sense of openness, a space to breathe.

Scent is a real trigger for emotion, as it directly affects our limbic system which controls our memory centre. Diffusing aromatherapy oils in the central core of your space is an excellent way to lift your energy. Oils which you find bright and uplifting will infuse your space with joy and supportive energy.

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) has been described as the “rescue remedy” of essential oils. Calming, soothing and nurturing, it has a wonderful ability to bring us into balance. It is calming and gentle and incredibly healing on many levels. Lavender is a tonic to both the mind and the body and is said to strengthen and restore vitality.

Aromatherapy for health and wellbeing.

Lemon (citrus limon) is another essential oil which is uplifting (pretty much all of the citrus oils are cheerful and bright in their energy). Lemon is cleansing and a noted immune stimulant.

It is said to expand our energy and promote a sense of “opening”. It reduces stress and tension and invites in happy and expansive energy.

What a great oil to diffuse in this central core of your space to open yourself up to a sense of joyful wellbeing.

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